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out ever

  • Ever - Flipper
    "Ever live a life that's real Full of zest, but no appeal Ever want to cry so much You want to die Ever feel that you've been had Had so much that you turn mad Ever been depressed that (to) those you turn"
  • Ever - Bananafishbones
    "we're robbing Peter to pay Paul miles and miles yet to go and the pouring rain that hurts me so I'm tired of the rain and I'm tired of all all of the sudden out of the rain you're standing there hitchhiking when"
  • Ever - Emilie Autumn
    "I've been racing for you honey But you take your love From under my feet The very moment I arrive I hold the invitation in my hand You smile and I don't understand When you tell me the writing ain't yours You"
  • Forever & Ever - R. Kelly
    "Baby I have somethin' that I wanna ask you So sit back and listen Hey Mr. Lovin', we are gathered here To join each other hand in hand No more playin' house now 'Cause I wanna make it real, do you understand To"
  • Never Ever - Sylver
    "Verse 1: Crawling through life's jungle lived alone and lost in time I need to lose my shadow I want you to be my guy fleeding from desire out of reach and out of sight my road is long and darkened our"
  • Ever Free - Hide
    "Let me, let me free. Let me out. SUNNY DAYS ever free Dream ever free free ever free ever free Free ever free free ever free FU FU ever free In your sight. "
  • Ever Dream - Nightwish
    "Ever felt away with me Just once that all I need Entwined in finding you one day Ever felt away without me My love, it lies so deep Ever dream of me Would you do it with me Heal the scars and change"
  • Forever & Ever - Luna Sea
    "Saa me wo tojite Kokoro no koe to Kasukana toiki Kanji tsudzukete How long Dorekurai Kizutsukeba ii? Dream on Yurusu nara Aishite hoshii Kodokuna yoru wa Boku wa yowaku suru Mayaku no you ni Iyashite"
  • Don't Ever - Missy Higgins
    "Let's take the train to anywhere I wanna feel the wind in my hair with you. Let's tell them all, that soon they'll know How very wrong they were to think we'd never go, And if you tell me yours I'll"
  • Ever Again - Robyn
    "come on, let’s have it out go ahead and try a little crazy on me you don’t have to worry about the pulling and pushing away we never used to get it right so baby, you’re right for getting startled but"
  • Ever together - Emmanuelle Seigner
    "I wanna a little space I turn around and I Why are you giving me such a hard time tonight can’t relax cause I see you in my dreams Wonder what you’ve become You were so young and mean You left me oh"
  • Never Ever - All Saints
    "A few questions that I need to know how you could ever hurt me so I need to know what I've done wrong and how long it's been going on Was it that I never paid enough attention? Or did I not give enough"
  • Ever After - The Chameleons UK
    "I don't believe in fascists or flashing females or factory floors I don't believe in speeding, I don't believe in spreading spores I don't believe in Cupid or his laden arrows out of the blue All of that"
  • Ever Present - Admiral Freebee
    "You know Norm de Palma? A local grocery clerk With an opinion About this town You've got to be a self-righteous Man or a clown With an ordeal That you'll be a bigger man in a bigger town There are few"
  • Ever-Frost - Sentenced
    "The accusations and the blame... True or false, they seem the same Filthy fingers rise in rows And out of shit a flower grows I'm amazed how damn low people can go only by being themselves Those with"
  • Never Ever - Faydee
    "Intro: If I dont, if I dont tell u I love u That ,that, that dont, that dont mean I dont care Drop that bass! Bout to get it started now wit your boy! Its da F da A da Y D double E, Go! Verse I: Baby,"
  • Ever Changing - Kultiration
    "Over the hills and across Jah valley Looking for this holy cause Roots so deep and faith so grounded Stand strong and know were you are The day has come to wake up children We need to go deep within, To"
  • 4 Ever - Method Man
    "(feat. Megan Rochell) We both know, that our love will grow And forever, will be you and me... Give me a woman that get down for me, my one and only That don't fuss or fuck around on me, or leave"
  • Ever Enhancing - Teramaze
    "Fatal memories They come and they go A life of letdowns They feed my foe You came, you saw You stopped me from falling You came, you saw You reached out your hand Oh... My sorrow, my blunder I cast into"
  • If Ever - Gratitude
    "It's good to hear your voice It's good to hear your breathing You're running out of hours Im running out reasons Every time i turn around you're gone But tonight i won't tell anyone I should call"

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