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  • Outcast - Ektomorf
    "Outcast Outcast Outcast I feel the power of the rage You cannot close me in your Cage You cannot hurt me anymore I'm ready for the war I know I'm not alone Everyday I feel your soul I know you feel"
  • Outcast - Bad Cash Quartet
    "I can take it any time but now So I keep going, going on forever And I look down at everyone Cause I can't stand it anymore I think it's good to be the first one Who knows I am the only one I can take"
  • Outcast - Kreator
    "All alone So unreal Follow illusions Beyond imagination All alone Cannot breathe Feelings isolated All your heaven breeds frustration Outcast All alone Is it real? Killing illusions Beyond imagination All"
  • Outcast - Vanilla Ninja
    "I just couldn't connect there Felt left out, I was scared Totally unplugged from all things around me So I sat down on moon And wached the Earth move Even thought I tried so hard, I still Couldn't"
  • Outcast - Frameshift
    "Inside I know there's two of me Can I conquer this duality I try to fight this demon seed If these walls could talk You'd hear a piercing scream (Dear Classmates) Can I ask what it is like To win"
  • Outcast - Angels
    "(Ian Hunter) Well the times gettin' hard for you little girl I'm a hummin' and a strummin' all over God's world you don't remember when you got your last meal and you forgot just how a woman feels you"
  • Outcast - Front Line Assembly
    ""As the first jolt of electricity was sent through his body" "A ghastly column of smoke that rose from her head" Break with me We, we, we collapse Its, its over Hanging from above You, you, you, wake up"
  • Outcast - Radigost
    "Look at this marvelous garden washed by warm rays of the sun. Once I had roamed here until my power hasn't gone. Formerly I had been free, I had been able to fly like the beautiful swans. But once I have"
  • Outcast - Death Threat
    "I guess you thought you had us figured out You know our kind - you know what we're about But you don't know the shit that we've been through The pain we felt - we're tried and true So quick to judge -"
  • Drop 2 Outcast Youth - Outcast Youth
    "Lets go, Lets go... STOP Dont break the rules! Hi, Pay attention! Dont be too proud to admit when ya hear the sound. God is movin in this place. So forget about sin, clean ya plates wit grace and love. Feast"
  • The Outcast - Dropkick Murphys
    "If they can make a law then I can break a law If I can break the law will the law break me? It comes tumbling down again, I can't comprehend, is it destiny Your nomadic state, are you a refugee, no"
  • The Outcast - Voivod
    "Doorway in sight Not a second too late Into the night Siren, spot light Wailing wolves at the gate Into the night Mad dog patrol Roaming 'round the grounds and All set to go Hiding alone Somewhere from"
  • Outcast of Society - BRAIN'S ALL GONE
    "Lyrics wideo :)"
  • God Help The Outcast - Bette Midler
    "I don't know if you can hear me, or if you're even there. I don't know if you will listen to a humble prayer. They tell me I am just an outcast, I shouldn't speak to you... Still I see your face, and"
  • A Song For The Outcast - Backyard Babies
    "Roses are red The seed has been spread Three can keep a secret if two of them's dead Blood on their hands Cut family bands Not enough life without been given the chance Are we meant to be angels fallin' or"
  • Who Can Change The World? - Outcast Youth
    "We need you Simon, Peter, Becky and Jo, Come on Lucy hurry cuz it's time to go! We need Mike and Billy to join the squad. We're the revolutionaries and we're working for God! There's a job for anyone"
  • Rosa Parks - Outcast
    "HooK Ah ha hush that fuss/Everybody move to the back of the bus/Do you wanna bump and slump with us/ we the type of people make the club get crunk Big Boi Many a day has passed, the night has gone by/"
  • Devotion - Outcast Youth
    "Verse 1 Keep the faith! God works in mysterious ways. Warming many peoples brains with his Biblical heat waves And He says 'Thou Shalt not kill!' Does that mean I cant murder with lyrical skill? Christ"
  • Plastic Girls - Outcast Youth
    "INTRO: Down, down you go, Down, down you go, Down, down. You go down! VERSE 1: Hey Plastic! Why you always laugh at me? Easy target to gain popularity? SERIOUSLY! Why do you target me!? Just 'cause"
  • The Pledge - Outcast Youth
    "(Verse 1) Dear Lord, Show me how to strike a chord, Cause it feels like nobody listens to Paul and ofcourse your message doesnt matter no more, cause the worlds overun with scum-bags. Fiends and addicts"

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