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  • Overnight - Jim Reeves
    "(Overnight, Overnight, Overnight, Overnight, Overnight) I met you on the Sunday night by that Monday morning Overnight although I wondered Overnight what's wrong with me Overnight love walked right in"
  • Overnight - Bee Gees
    "They say a fool never learns You agree I'm not superstitious You know unlucky as I've been I'm still around And you can tell me to go I've been reading your true confessions But then you don't believe"
  • Overnight - Scarface
    "(feat. Do or Die, Rock Roc & Snypaz) Yo Nod What's up B-lo? Hey man, niggaz tryin' to stir up shit between amongst us and Chicago man, what you think about this shit? Ah, between us and the Snypaz? Man"
  • Overnight - Bouncing Souls
    "We walk the house of life See the things that we wanna see Be what we wanna be wherever I go I search for me Now it's all we have Now it's all we'll ever have To live our life Now is everything And when"
  • Overnight - The Bouncing Souls
    "We walk the house of life See the things that we wanna see Be what we wanna be wherever I go I search for me Now it's all we have Now it's all we'll ever have To live our life Now is everything And when"
  • Overnight Angels - Ian Hunter
    "(Ian Hunter) In the heat of the Indian summer Out along the Appalachian Way You can hear the sound of the Overnight Angels As they pray Charged by the light of some mariners lantern Spitting out a cold"
  • Overnight Observation - Olivia Newton-John
    "(J. Farrar/T. Snow) Looks like I'm the only one here Even the nurse is gone But I guess I should wait cause when she left, she said The doctor won't be long So make yourself at home His office is down"
  • Overnight Celeberty - Twister
    "you didnt think we could do it twista kyane west we can make you an overnight celeberty why dont we play some these hoes i like twista i told you right twister you told them right ill make u a celeberty"
  • Overnight Sensation - Tina Turner
  • Overnight Sensation - Balance Of Power
    "One more time, I'm sitting here thinking, How you rule my world, But still draw the line, Someone said that your here and your gone, And that's all that matters, Someone said that I'm blind to the fact, And"
  • Overnight observation - Olivia Newton John
    "Looks like I'm the only one here, even the nurse is goneBut I guess I should wait, 'cos when she left, she saidThe doctor won't be long, so make yourself at homeHis office is down the hallWhy do I feel"
  • Overnight Success - George Strait
    "If it was in your mind to really cut me down. If it was in your plan to walk me in the ground. You left with him last night and daylight told the rest. And if you planned on hurtin' me, you're an overnight"
  • Train Overnight - The Tragically Hip
    "i loaded the variables like masterpieces from under the germ led advance i saw your compass on a sea of frayed cable and aspects of vision afloat in a glance and outside the train overnight floodlights"
  • Overnight Rider - Lobo
    "(Billy Aerts / David Winter / Don Goodman) I left California crossed through Arizona And the desert of New Mexico Up through Colorado through the mountain shadows With Denver on the radio Out of Kansas"
  • Overnight Sensation - Motorhead
    "I know you're only talking To keep the silence out Maybe you should listen and leave some room for doubt You're just handing out bad reputations Why don't you shut your mouth Overnight sensation, All"
  • Overnight Sensation - David Gates
    "Hollywood sure looked good to me when I first came Made my vow, somehow everyone would know my name Patiently, kept on waiting for my chance to come Prideful me, there's no returning to where I came from But"
  • Overnight Male - George Strait
    "Let me be your mailman and I'll always come through. There's no denyin', come rain or shine, I'll deliver my love to you. I do things by the letter, you can put your stamp on me 'Cause there ain't nobody"
  • Overnight Bag - Rory Gallagher
    "Packed my things in an overnight bag, A toothbrush and guitar, got no tail to drag. Gonna leave, on the next passing breeze. My heart is heavy, as a sky full of rain, Mind full of notions, that I just"
  • Overnight Story - John Hiatt
    "They took enough of my mind To make a calculator Addin' up the figures, they'll find That love's a dumbwaiter Waitin' for the dream to fade Right into you hit parade Maybe I've made that long"
  • Overnight Sensation - Eric Carmen
    "(eric carmen) Well I know it sounds funny But I'm not in it for the money, no I don't need reputation And I'm not in it for the show I just want a hit record Want to hear it on the radio Want a big hit"

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