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pace pac pace

  • Pace - Sophia
    "We sleep all day And wonder where our lives have gone Sneak into the night And hope the lack of light will hide our flaws Well we can bitch and we can moan And we can curse the days we're born Or we"
  • Pace - Stereomud
    "start the count and assume the pace its all about reality and once you give you what you seem can you bring it, can u bring it, CAN YOU BRING IT staint anytime where PACE i'll take back to the place"
  • In Pace - Sarah Brightman
    "Diligite justitiam, o judices terrae, o judices terrae. Justorum animae in manu Dei sunt, et non tanget illos tormentum mortis. Visi sunt oculis insapientium mori, et aestimata est afflictio exi tus"
  • My Pace - Bleach
    "Hitotsu kazoete susumeba ii Futatsu kazoeteyasumeba ii Mitsu kazoete kangaereba ii My pace de susumereba ii Toki no nagare Tori nokosare Aseru kimochi wo wasureru nakare Mobou na chousen shosen muda to Warete"
  • My Pace - SunSet Swish
    "hitotsu kazoete susumeba ii futatsu kazoete yasumeba ii mitsu kazoete kangaerya ii MY PACE de susumereba ii toki no nagare tori no kosare aseru kimochi wo wasureru nakare mubou na chousen shosen muda"
  • Medium pace - Adam Sandler
    "Put your arms around me babe, Can't you see I need you so? Hold me close against your skin, 'Cause I'm about to begin Lovin' you. Spit on your hand and stroke my cock at a medium pace. Play with my balls"
  • La Pace - Jovanotti
    "E' un'alba cos bella che sembra il primo giorno del mondo davanti a questa luce che illumina anche il buio pi profondo non so parlare e non so niente di quello che c' intorno a me ma niente mi impaurisce"
  • Pace It - Magic Dirt
    "Can't everything be like before When it overcomes me Can't see it, Can't feed it Can't steal it, Can't keep it Oh can you feel it Something comin' closer to you're body Oh can you see it Someone's taken"
  • Chaotic Pace! - Virus Nine
    "Well Armageddon's come and gone Been one year to the day The cities bare, the planets dead How will we make our way? The last war is coming The battle of the best We see the fear We feel the pain We die"
  • Pace Yourself - The Higher
    "You can't write the same song over again, It's in the same key, Over again, yeah, Because we're doing so good, Making up for miles just a little while like you would, Underestimating, you know you think"
  • Pace It - Jebediah
    "Can't everything be like before When it overcomes me Can't everything be like before When it overcomes me Can't see it, Can't feed it Can't steal it, Can't keep it Can't everything be like before When"
  • Pace Yourself - Higher
    "you cant write the same song over again its in the same key over again...ya because were doing so good makin up for miles just a little while like you would under estimating you know you think were doin so"
  • PAC-MAN - pit
    "pracuje non stop w głowie zaczyna się robić gorąco wjeżdżam tu mocno po co mi love song? słyszę już gong robię kroki jak King Kong wyostrzaj wzrok wpadaj w szok wstaje dopiero gdy zapada zmrok robię numery! i"
  • Pac-Trees - Polopop
    "I'm standing in water up to my knees I'd get my wellingtons but I left them inside There'd be no problem if my house was still here But it's floated away with the tide Oh dear When it's hot we'll make"
  • PAC-MAN - Kony
    "od małolata w ulicznych klimatach Nie ma bata że to wyjdzie ze mnie Cała klatówa kur* miała katar Albo śniegiem sypało na pół piętrze W takich jaskiniach ty nie znajdziesz boga Matka z dzieciakiem czeka"
  • Plameczka Pac - Koty
    "Jest kotka - ciotka pośród nas Nazywa się Plameczka Pac Futerko jak tygrysek ma Lamparcich cętek u niej moc Przesypia cicho cały dzień Na oknie albo wchodzi w kosz I nic, i nic, i nic, i nic Bo koty w"
  • Pac Man - Trial Kennedy
    "You're more to me than anyone Our kisses aren't for everyone We're solid although we are young Our growing old has just begun I follow everything you want and know That everything I want you want"
  • Dear Pac - Pastor Troy
    "Verse 1 Pastor Troy: Dear Pac I know you dont know me but its yo boi Pastor Troy Georgia Boi Im writen you today cause Im sick of dis dis mutherf**kin rap game wit dat bullshit I mean these muthaf**kin"
  • Pac Bell - Hed PE
    "If you like to make a call please hang up and try try try again If you like to make a call please hang up and try again We used to drive all night We'd get high all the time She used to call me all the"
  • Change Of Pace - Albert King
    "Hey, I went 'cross town to see my woman I knocked upon her door She said, "Baby I'm glad ya stopped by, I just can't see ya no more" Honey you've been replaced Honey you've been replaced I need a change"

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