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pagan poetry

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pagan poetry

  • Pagan Poetry - Bjork
    "Pedalling through The dark currents I find An accurate copy A blueprint Of the pleasure In me Swirling black lilies totally ripe A secret code carved Swirling black lilies totally ripe A secret code carved He"
  • Pagan - Cruachan
    "A scourge on the world from the earliest days Christ, his church and his sinister ways Starter of wars, Instigator of crimes Despoiler of cultures, Destroyer of minds More people have died in the name"
  • Pagan - Apraxia
    "We bow to you first, Rod, and sing your great glory. We praise you, the father of all human generations, mighty Svarog. You are eternal and never freezing source, and he, who drinks your water, lives until"
  • Poetry - Tamia
    "He said, It's like the grass that grows between the cracks of ghetto streets, relentless inspite of the neverlasting, I said baby dam you got lyrics, make it like poetry! (Verse) The thugged out pimped"
  • Poetry - Esham
    "Heh, see, it's a conspiracy, see y'all, y'all killed my man and now they tryin' to kill me. They think I can't see that. You think I can't see that. I know you heard of me never but I murder forever Impatient"
  • Poetry - Pat Green
    "Some things I've done make my conscience burn My very spine shutter and squirm I only hope that I've learned from my sins I heard a voice when I was thirteen Got baptized and washed up clean The world"
  • Poetry - Boogie Down Productions
    "Verse One: KRS-One Well now you're forced to listen to the teacher and the lesson Class is in session so you can stop guessin If this is a tape or a written down memo See I am a professional, this is"
  • Poetry - Q-Tip
    "QTip Can you picture how a melody can stir into existance? Rhythm section hits it and upholds it with persistanceyou start to see the colours Filling in with intricate splashes by all the brothers Michelle"
  • Poetry - Aberfeldy
    "I've got a bone to pick with you I've got a bone to pick with you Why do you do these things that you do? I've got a bonnet with a bee inside I've got a bonnet with a bee inside why do you run when you"
  • Poetry - Danity Kane
    "When i standIn a crowded roomI feel aloneLike nobody's thereAnd when uTalk cold to meI can seeUr breath in the airIt's takingIt's toll on meIn the bathroomTaking showersSo u don't see me cryBabyIt's such"
  • Pagan Baby - Creedence Clearwater Revival
    "Pagan baby, Won't you walk with me? Pagan baby, Come on home with me. Pagan baby, Take me for a ride. Roll me, baby; Roll your big, brown eyes. Yeah! Ooh! Ooh! Pagan baby, Let me make your name. Drive"
  • Pagan Holiday - Real Mckenzies
    "Now get the torches burnin' 'Cos the season is returnin' We'll breathe the air of a thousand years In the fog and the moon and the wind and the rain It's a pagan holiday It's a pagan holiday It's"
  • Pagan Fears - Mayhem
    "The bloody history from the past deceased humans now forgotten. An age of legends and fear a time now so discant. Less numbered as they were their lives so primitive and pagan superstitions were a part"
  • Pagan Sons - Brimstone
    "Our ancestors saw this holy man Golden cross around his neck He was promising eternal life 9th century christian missionary: "I promise to take your sins away And if you don't believe what I say My knights"
  • Pagan born - Inkubus Sukkubus
    "A rhythm stirs within the earthThat tells all nature of a birthA return to light, return to lifeAnd lead us from this darkest nightGod of the Sun, now have you comeYour reign of light has just begunThough"
  • Pagan Streams - Van Morrison
    "And we walked the pagan streams And searched for white horses on surrounding hills We lived where dusk had meaning And repaired to quiet sleep, where noise abated In touch with the silence On Honey Street,"
  • Pagan streams - The Exies
    "And we walked the pagan streamsAnd searched for white horses on surrounding hillsWe lived where dusk had meaningAnd repaired to quiet sleep, where noise abatedIn touch with the silenceOn Honey Street,"
  • Pagan Prayer - Damnation
    "(lyrics: Varien) I look at the abyss On the altars of blasphemy Hate, pain... Fruits of reality My tears fill the soul's emptiness Demon in my mind Pagan prayer... Sinful whispers... Sinful face I surrender"
  • Pagan Uprise - Cryhavoc
    "I am standing in the wilderness of woods listening the chant of my soul I feel the northern blow and I hear it, how it sings When I'm in my wooden sanctuary I feel my mortality I realize how weak I am when"
  • Pagan Purity - Elvenking
    "One with the earth, pave my way through the green From above I stare down at (the) crowds There by the oaks, I'll honour the roots and the clouds With trembling hands I feel my pure life deep within "

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