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paint the picture

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paint the picture

  • Paint The Picture - Enchant
    "(Music & lyrics: D. Ott) So you think you've got me figured out Studied every detail now you know me inside and out But do you see me as I am or as you want me to be Do you Color me - change the black"
  • Paint A Picture - Rez Band
    "Oh, the hours of agony in that darkened room, silhouetted by an ache to be desired by someone, Hating who you are and what you've made of yourself, not forgiving yourself for you, What was I trying to"
  • Paint A Picture - Anacrusis
    "Colors diluted by the lies And painted thick across the sky Have seen all life whither and die I gaze up at this forgery Up at this dark grim tapestry And mourn the world once promised me Beneath this"
  • Paint A Vulgar Picture - The Smiths
    "At the record company meeting On their hands - a dead star And oh, the plans they weave And oh, the sickening greed At the record company party On their hands - a dead star The sycophantic slags all say: "I"
  • Let The Picture Paint Itself - Rodney Crowell
    "We try so hard to make it all work out Sometimes sittin' on the top of the world Sometimes very deep in doubt And if the only thing that tomorrow brings Is the sunrise on the top of that hill I'm gonna"
  • Paint Me A Picture - Aereogramme
    "Paint me a picture A picture of hope A snow-coated valley To watch from the window And how long to go I will return I have never forgotten Your face My heart nearly broke When I left you that day I'm"
  • Paint Them A Picture Jane - Bob Seger
    "Paint them a picture Jane And you can hang it on the wall Tell them it's me they see Don't tell them why I'm small If they ask you why I'm crying Just tell them someone is dying And that he was just a"
  • Paint Me A Pretty Picture - A Thousand Falling Skies
    "A Thousand Falling Skies Miscellaneous Paint Me A Pretty Picture I wish these times would never end today so many hearts will be broken when happiness and sadness pull at every heart string pull"
  • You Only Paint The Picture Once - Alabama
    "Alabama When It All Goes South You Only Paint The Picture Once (Teddy Gentry/Randy Owen/Ronnie Rogers/Greg Fowler) Look at those evening shadows Casting a peaceful light The sun is disappearing It's a"
  • Paint A Picture Of Yourself (Michael) - Harry Chapin
    "Well, I hear you are a painter now Though you're almost halfway through You pulled a pallet knife, you cut away a wife And you started something new But it was not the strife of married life That ordained"
  • Paint Your Pretty Picture With A Song - Bill Withers
    "I will lay around sometimes and show some sadness, For people whom I've known that now are gone, And, I will cry to show you, try to show you, when I'm happy And, when things are going wrong. I will try"
  • War Paint - Nuno Bettencourt
    "My people - it's like a motion picture Ya push it and push it You're pushed into believing My people - were pushed into extinction Push over move over Your place in time is over Liar liar Learning from"
  • Paint - Skillet
    "We take a walk in the garden We share the fruits of life We live beneath this canopy Why did we take that bite? We cover up our shame We walk in black and white We turn this ground for hunger Why"
  • Paint - Roxette
    "I've got a hot chilly feeling I don't understand. I've got to run through this minute like a hurricane. I've got to tighten my wire from the sense to the soul. I find my back to the wall when it's time"
  • You Don't Have To Paint Me A Picture - Alan Jackson
    "The kiss was colder than I remember When we first said hello I guess the flame's now a little lower I can feel you letting go You know the pain drops a little darker Then when you first put it on I guess"
  • Every Picture I Paint - Teenage Fanclub
    "See her lying in my bed My pillow stuffed beneath her head Her hair is like a sea of gold I'd love to say it her Kiss her lips, they're wet with spit It's more a flavor, taste like wine Sticking something"
  • Picture Perfect - Chamillionaire
    "My life is real baby, you peeping me take a picture You peeping me take a picture, (you should take a photograph) - 2x (*Bun B*) Catch me today, with a Canon or a Kodak Cause by tomorrow, yesterday gon"
  • Picture Perfect - Yung Joc
    "Uhhhhhyeeaaah Everything that glitters ain't gold baby I hear ya Daddy I'm choppin 24's Blowin good dro Yeah, I got plenty Hoes Life ain't picture perfect Yeah ya see the ice And I dress nice Make"
  • Picture - Ball In The House
    "(No, no, no, no, no) Filling in the gaps Filling in the spaces All those pretty people In all the perfect places Don't move an inch Just keep it right there Hold it hold it for a moment Hold it"
  • Picture - Mute Math
    "I see our fate, I see our past And all the things that could not last It's heavy on this eyes, frozen as I hold this photograph It's all we're left that's of any worth And it's so much more than a thousand"

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