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paktofonika cd kinematografi

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paktofonika cd kinematografi

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paktofonika cd kinematografi
  • Paktofonika CD Kinematografii
    "STRAHO::Pamiętasz wyczyny lirycznej mafii (FOKUSMOK: Na na na na) .. kinematografii..x 2FOKUSMOK::Dla każdego prawdziwego respekt mamOtwieram usta miasta KC czasem ze składem a czasem samDbam o wizerunek"
  • Newsboys Adoration(CD)
    "I'm here with the others Who saw the heavens testify Now I hang back in the shadows I want to come close I want to know She sees me shivering here She smiles and with a nod I walk through the mud and straw To"
  • Aquabats CD REPO MAN
    "Aquabats Miscellaneous CD REPO MAN (Chorus) CD Repo Man He can go where I can't go CD Repo Man He'll infiltrate your stereo CD Repo Man He'll sneak up around the back CD Repo Man He'll"
  • Aquabats, The Cd Repo Man
    "Aquabats, The The Return Of The Aquabats Cd Repo Man (chorus) Cd repo man He can go where i can't go Cd repo man He'll infiltrate your stereo Cd repo man He'll sneak up around the back Cd repo man He'll"
  • Amy Studt Misfit (Cd Version)
    "Verse One: So you think you got it all worked out, You got your hotpants on, You got your arse right out, You think that you are something new and special, And me and my drag dress, we won't do at all. I"
  • Lucy Woodward Done (Cd Version)
    "Done I wanna let you know While I'm still standing here I'm not hopeless but I can't forget about it No matter where I go I'm gonna take it You're never gonna see me lost or lonely There are so many"
  • Marilyn Manson Mobscene Cd Version
    "We are the things and shapes to come Your freedom's not free of dumb This depression is great The defamation age They'll know my name Waltz into scum, and base a marriage of the pain Pain- they want"
  • Avril Lavigne Complicated (Cd Version)
    "Chill out, whatcha yelling for? Lay back, it's all been done before And if you could only let it be You will see I like you the way you are When we're driving in your car And you're talking to me one"
    "Dzień jak co dzień Długi, kłamstwa, pasma niepowodzeń Solo rap robię Z większością raperów jest mi sporo nie po drodze Jak ich widzę, nawet kurw* nie podchodzę Chcą opinii – szydzę, nigdy im nie słodzę! Myśląc"
  • Acda En De Munnik Cd Van Jou, Cd Van Mij
    "Ik weet eigenlijk nooit echt waar ik aan toe ben Ze tilt me op en ramt me keihard onderuit 'T is als een schip en we zijn beide kapitein Ben je net een beetje leuk weg van de kade Ben je weg, gaat het"
  • Preshrunk Nie kupuj mojego CD
    "Dużo pierdolisz, a nie znasz mnie myślisz gnoju, że coś wiesz nigdy nic nie powiesz w twarz tyle odwagi w sobie masz Nic nie rozumiesz Bo jak Tutaj coś rozumieć Skup się na tym co najlepiej umiesz wsadź"
  • Lu Maldita Estupidez (Version Cd)
    "Maldita estupidez Sabes bien que te di lo que soy Y tu amor es limosna y dolor Yo de ti fui una amante sin amor Se acabo, y no me pidas perdón Mrate, mira que mal te ves Y mrame, que mi culpa no es Deja"
  • Jump 5 Freeze Frame(New Cd)
    "Freeze Frame 1-2-3-Woo! I could see it was a rough cut tuesday Slow motion weekdays stare me down His perfect picture got me wound Snap shot image froze without a sound Thursday morning was a pop shot"
  • Warrant Chameleon (Cd) Ultraphobic 1995
    "You always change your colors when ya find yourself in a fix and when you get yourself in trouble, you just pack your bags and slipt and your off to find a new love , who doesnt know you like some do put"
  • Propaganda Jewel European Cd Version
    "1-2-3-4!! Eye to eye stand winners and losers hurt by envy, cut by greed face to face with their own disillusion the scars of old romances still on their cheeks and when blow by blow the passion dies"
  • evan and jaron The Distance (Cd Version)
    "the sky has lost its color the sun has turned to grey at least thats how it feels to me whenever you're away i crawl up in the corner to watch the minutes pass each one brings me closer to the time when"
  • Fame Academy Don't Speak (Cd Version)
    "You and me We used to be together Every day together Always I really feel Like I'm losing my best friend I can't believe this could be the end It looks as though You're letting go And if it's real well"
  • Metallica Purify (St. Anger Cd)
    "Tear it down Strip the layers off My turpentine Old paint, old looks Cover up the past White heat, White light Super white bones Bones of you and I Purify if I... Can't you help me? Purify if I... Won't"
  • Destiny's Child Brown Eyes(Cd Actual)
    "Remember the first day when I saw your face, Remember the first day when you smiled at me, You stepped to me and then you said to me I was the woman you dreamed about, Remember the first day when you"
  • Avril Lavigne Miss Independent (Cd Mix)
    "Miss Independent Miss self-sufficient Miss keep your distance, mm Miss unafraid Miss out of my way Miss dont let a man interfere, no Miss on her own Miss almost grown Miss never let a man help her off"

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