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paluuch biohazard

  • Biohazard - Paluch
    "Ja... BOR Gasze camela w kawie i wbijam tą zwrotkę na raz I to ci wjeżdża na banię jak Denny Schuller na garach I choć w kasynach nie bywam bo nie szukam szczęścia w kartach Wersy jak pukiel sławy"
  • Triad (Biohazard remix) - Pitchshifter
    "Drag it down if I want to, drag it down if I want to, cut it up if I want to, cut it up if I please. Like never, like no, can't stand it, can't know. It shouldn't have to be like this - like no. It"
  • Victory (Reprise) - Biohazard
    "Life, a losing battle Existence I abhor Lives, condemned by sins of those who lived before Chorus: Distraught, depressed World of confusion Victory of death The only solution Every day is agony My thoughts"
  • After Forever - Biohazard
    "yo this is biohazard from brooklyn new york dropping some respect for almighty Black Sabbath 1994 Motha Fuckas Have you ever thought about your soul, can it be saved? Or perhaps you think that when you're"
  • Judgement Night - Biohazard
    "The illinest Killin em with adrenalin, Blast past the minimum Look to the winter's ugliness, ruggedness Under the rug, front to this, money strikes confidence Chopped in the days and the blazin smell then"
  • Lack There Of - Biohazard
    "Lack of trust, all alone Lookin' down at the bottom of a hole I've no trust, bare my soul Are we alone or do we have friends Or are we just searchin' for a means to an end What up, peace out, my boys and"
  • Human Animal - Biohazard
    "I am an animal! The human animal! A human animal! I am an animal! The human animal! A human animal! The monster of hate overcomes rational thought Fast fuse burning the lessons I've been taught It's"
  • Cornered - Biohazard
    "Sometimes I feel it's a waste of time To listen to your shouting a wordless pantomime Can't you see it falls on deaf ears Filling me up with your point of view Your opinions are your own, I got mine too What"
  • Authority - Biohazard
    "Monday yawning school's so boring, Or go to work like a jerk and end up snoring, Tuesday's mail never fails, Collection agency wants me in jail, Wednesday's rules got me ignoring deploring, my tensions"
  • These Eyes (Have Seen) - Biohazard
    "So many things these eyes have seen, People I've met and places I've been, Inconceivable how one maintains, In the game with the pain and the strain on the brain, How reality's plane can wear you down, And"
  • Stigmatized - Biohazard
    "Emptiness slips into my mind, Emotion so fucking hard to find, I center myself in this universe, With peace amongst all the pains and hurts, I think of all the things that would've been, And the time I"
  • Control - Biohazard
    "On your knees before the mighty them, receive communion once again, Obey and follow strict laws to the letter, Do as you're told and life will be better, Go with the flow, avoid the strife, let unknown"
  • Cleansing - Biohazard
    "The dirt's so thick it won't come clean, All around a haze like a smoke screen, I can't see you but you see me, But I might be gone before you count to three. The waters are totally polluted, The armies"
  • Competition - Biohazard
    "We used to be part of the same thing, But now you make strides for the gold ring, You make our sacred ground into a slaughterhouse, You used to look me in the eye but now you look me up and down. Competition"
  • Modern Democracy - Biohazard
    "As I look up at the sky, I wonder why my momma always cried, Was it for how fast we lived and died? Or because we never got our piece of the pie? Busting at the seams, The American Dream, Like Meth said"
  • Better Days - Biohazard
    "Times are changing, things come and go, Things are getting worse the earth, a black hole, I say to myself: Will this shit ever change? Will it ever improve or will it stay the same? It's plain to me"
  • Gravity - Biohazard
    "I feel a weight that's pulling me down, But my reflex is to try to break out, Nature gives fight or flight syndrome, But my feet stay on the ground that's how I've grown, Bred to resist the gravity of"
  • A Lot To Learn - Biohazard
    "You walk around, always screaming about How you're trying to get your way, But you should just keep your fucking fat mouth shut, If you got nothing important to say. Because you...you got a lot to learn. All"
  • Waiting To Die - Biohazard
    "Drug infested, narcotic, electric, schizophrenic, Murderer arrested, a child molested, a race detested, A building burnt down, insurance invested, Homelessness lingers all around, rape, death, sickness, Homeward"
  • True Strengths - Biohazard
    "The pain creeps in every day, And you're trying your best not to feel this way, Some days up and some days down, Swimming in misery, you're starting to drown Looking for answers to impossible questions, Searching"

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