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  • Pandora - Madina Lake
    "the way you dance it turns me on but you know that i'm spoken for the way your sweat drips off your chest you know that i'm wanting more the lust the sex to heat this sweat and nothing else matters you"
  • Pandora - Roisin Murphy
    "Wanton play, she's so vague and vogue Another beauty beyond compare Though I remain to be remade and remote Don't ... or disown me, babe You let 'em see you naked, girl You let 'em look inside You"
  • Pandora - Roisin Murph
    "Wanton play, shes so vague and vogue Another beauty beyond compare Though I remain to be remade and remote Dont renege or disown me, babe You let em see you naked, girl You let em look inside You never"
  • Pandora - Al Stewart
    "Pandora comes today As she dazzles and she dances You find hope and lose yourself again She never stays the same She changes moods like summer thunder Still you look for sunlight through the rain. And"
  • Pandora - Sons Of Maxwell
    "Oh no Pandora! Look what you've done, You've unleashed misfortune On Everyone An error in judgement, I've borrowed from theives, And repayment is well beyond My needs (Chorus) I'm leaving tomorrow to"
  • Pandora - Shawn Mullins
    "Pandora Words by Shawn and John L. Mullins We opened Pandora's box just to see if she was home She had an apple pie a jaundiced eye and a big red telephone She said "boy's I know why you are here, you"
  • Pandora - Splashdown
    "A lavender tide Breaks almond green Exploding in nightfall's garden Where lovers play unforseen Suggestive in movement, sight, and sound A gentle advancement would be so much more profound I do, I do,"
  • Skrzynia Ikarusa - Kana
    "Halo..halo..halo...halo..halo..halo..halo halo...halo..halo..halo..halo..halo..halo halo..halo.. Halo, halo, ja dzwonię w takiej sprawie, Że po trawie prawie potrafię Cały schować się w rękawie Biorę udział"
  • Pandora - Parkway Drive
    "The day lights gone The empty streets echo our past and the days that once were so beautiful Before now Before us So save yourself Cause all dreams are gone And all hope has faded And as the sunlight fails"
  • Pandora - Cocteau Twins
    "(I'm in love with hers) Our room, a hot and big and kick and burn our group Attack our tacky home (I'm in the lights with him) I feel I'm cheating when I sing shudder And can I and mourn and tis an arm"
  • Pandora - Rishloo
    "Cedar grains cling to woven skin upon walls I know frail truths feed borrowed dreams grown cold And from here I beg release and hope I hope Breathing through these lines Innocence lost among the torment"
  • Laisand Pandora - Chalice
    "You see me hang my spirits high My dirty linen's out to dry I've sought not freedom nor espy Placating reason in the rhyme A vindication of my crime To ridicule the most sublime Is an art I wish to kill Now"
  • Pandora - Runaway - Melodifestivalen
    "(Mm, yeah) I've been down, I've been hurt I've been lost, I've been weak My emotions have been out of reach When I thought everything was okey I was wrong I have to runaway Bye bye baby, goodbye I'm"
  • Mother Pandora - Lux Occulta
    "White headed wisemen decipher your scars Trying to read between the layers Hold me tight, break my spine Put me back into hell of your womb Let me suck your festering wounds I'll grow strong on pus and"
  • Pandora (feat. Słoń) - Opał
    "Pandora smutek, jak pies śpi ze mną w nogach z głową w chmurach, chociaż chmurą przepalona głowa została mi tylko wiara, dzięki niej mogę rapować i nie straszna MI SAMARA, ALE TO CO SIE W NIEJ CHOWA ludzie"
  • Brush With Pandora - Falling Cycle
    "Your words left a dagger in my heart And left a bitter melody To that you have seen all that I am You have no reason I never told you how I felt Because I, I never felt at all I walked away and didn't"
  • Pandora`s Lullaby - Alphaville
    "So you hugged the globe Now it's whirling too fast I really got no hope to hang on to the past The train has departed, the toxins have started To announce that none will last I cower in the gutter"
  • Pandora no Hako - Baiser
    "Ima sono hako wo ake sasayaku koe wo kikeba Tsumi...kurikaesu yume...enamel ni kagayaku Sora...michi ni mieta sora no ao...akai kioki...zankokuna ai Sou...kimi ga kieta yume wo miru...haiiro ni kawaru"
  • Summer Rain - Andre's/Pandora - Fame Factory
    "I know that we've been going on Like this... before I know this feeling is hard to get back Got no strain Anymore You used me I was to blind to see (Now I see) What you did to me REF: Here comes the"
  • Profoundly in love with Pandora - Ian Dury
    "My mother's heart and soul Have gone halfway up the pole My father's on the dole This is taking its toll My friend Bert is much too old And his dog's beyond control Though it sometimes seems they're droll"

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