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papa chico
  • Jennifer Brown Chico
    "In the middle of the night she struts around A yellow taxi to the heart of downtown Black stockings and a cocktail dress Purple eyeshadow It's so hard for her to meet a man With a secret they won't understand But"
  • Bonnie Raitt Papa come quick
    "Papa come quick, Joy's gone to the city What we gonna do now that Jody's gone She left a note on the TV and Papa it's a pity What we gonna do now that Jody's gone. Mama's been cryin in the kitchen since"
  • Chico It's Chico Time
    "HEY! What time is it? Chi-Chico What time is it? Sometimes it feels so good i cant feel its so bad My inner clock is tickin' And the blackbeat drives me mad It's erotic, exotic, hypnotic thats for sure Put"
  • E-Rotic Chico chaco
    "Come on and chico chaco me Baby by the sea Lovin you is just fantastic Right by the tico taco tree We are fancy free Life is simple and majestic And we do the cha cha cha Baby ooooh and oh la oh la font"
  • Irm?s Galv?o Chico Mineiro
    "Chico Mineiro Fizemos a ltima viajem Foi l pro serto de Gois Fui eu e o Chico Mineiro Tambm foi o capataz Viajamos muitos dias Pra chegar em Ouro Fino Aonde passamos a noite Numa festa do divino A"
  • Paulinho Da Viola Chico Brito
    "L vem o Chico Brito, Descendo o morro nas mos do Peanha, mais um processo! mais uma faanha! Chico Brito fez do baralho seu melhor esporte, valente no morro, Dizem que fuma uma erva do norte. Quando"
  • Pitbull Ay chico
    "Bend Over Girl Show Me What Your Working With Bend Over Girl Show Me What Your Working With Bend Over Girl Show Me What Your Working With Bend Over Girl Show Me What Your Working With Todo El Mundo Con"
  • Martinho Da Vila Chico Rei
    "Vivia no litoral africano Uma rgia tribo ordeira cujo rei era smbolo De uma terra laboriosa e hospitaleira Um dia, essa tranqilidade sucumbiu Quando os portugueses invadiram Capturando homens Para faz-los"
  • Prince Papa
    "There was 1 September day that Papa worked 2 hard First he crucified every dandelion out in the yard Then he screamed at baby twice 4 throwin' rocks at passin' cars Baby didn't listen, so like a priceless"
  • Ann De Winne Papa
    "Papa, kan je luisteren Papa, kan je kijken Papa, is het donker waar je bent Papa, ben je bij me Papa, k wil je naast me Papa, leer me toch niet bang te blijven Ik kijk naar omhoog Tussen de sterren daar"
  • Rainhard Fendrich Papa
    "Wer macht den Himmel blau Papa Und manchmal dunkelgrau Papa Warum kommt aus der Sonne soviel Licht Und wer hat in der Nacht Papa Die Sterne angebracht Papa Warum mu ich jetzt schlafen und du nicht Und"
  • Orange Range Papa
    "Tanjoubi ga kitara neko san biki ageru kara mareeshian jooku nau maji waraeru Tanjoubi ga kitara neko san biki ageru kara mareeshian jooku nau maji waraeru Yangoriyaazu kakatte koi hansamu booi no taranchura"
  • Stef Bos Papa
    "Ik heb dezelfde ogen en ik krijg jouw trekken om mijn mond. Vroeger was ik driftig, vroeger was jij driftig, maar we hebben onze rust gevonden. En we zitten naast elkaar en we zeggen niet zoveel. Voor"
  • Span Papa
    "Papa You think you've become such a man, But you don't impress me. You tell me stories from the can, But you can't arrest me. You thought that I would be your fan But you're just like the rest and, I'm"
  • Vanessa Carlton Papa
    "Look up Look where you wanna be Look left Look where he left me I should've known By the ice in his eye But you warm me up with your so sweet demise And nestled in your calculated moon shine Boy"
  • Bill Anderson Papa
    "(Bill Anderson) Papa was a simple man Papa loved his farming land Guess I didn't understand Please forgive me papa. You can't paint a picture of a man like papa With something as empty as words 'Cause"
  • Paul Anka Papa
    "Everyday my papa would work To try to make ends meet To see that we would eat Keep those shoes upon my feet Every night my papa would take me And tuck me in my bed Kiss me on my head After all my prayers"
  • The Waifs Papa
    "well my papa was a fisher man and he fished the deep blue sea he home made some fine black berry nip and he'd always pass a nip onto me well he smelled like black-tarred fishing nets oh tiger belly growl he"
  • Danko Jones Papa
    "Hello Miss world and all you beautiful girls From New York to Chicago, London to Toronto I think about you every night The time we had felt so right 'Cause it's time for you to now that it's time for me"
  • paXon To Jest PaX (feat. I Grades, Chico, DJ Liquid)
    "To jest funky shit To nie jest żadne przypadek Mega Bamber numer one I grand papa Dziadek My robimy to tak A historia się pisze Oldschoolowe sample jak czarnobiałe klisze Za to kieliszek zawsze z dziadkiem"

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