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paper forest emmy the great

  • Beyond The Great Vast Forest - Emperor
    "Beyond the great vast forest, surrounded by majestic mountains, dark rivers float like tears of sorrow. Frost submerge the holy ring of fire. They shall rise again, for they are of Him.... The Dark Lord"
  • 1965 Emmy Awards - Barbra Streisand
    "Announcer: For outsanding individual acheivment in the area of entertainment, (Sunny please may I have the envelope?) In New York, For her outstanding performance in my name is Barbra, and Emmy award"
  • The Forest - Ghostface Killah
    "I see buds that are green, red roses too I see the blunts, for me and you And I say to myself, what a wonderful world.. It's the illest little story for all the girls and boys Wonderland you should"
  • Forest Edge - The Tragically Hip
    "i'm a rock and roller, wary of windfall staying at the get out now hotel and i want it all the forest edge, in the deepest darkest depths on the forest edge, with a blind, benign absentmindedness you"
  • Forest Woods - Rockfour
    "Forest woods, they knew to chop off his right arm They said it did him harm, losing all his charm He stays awake and looks at branches painted green As if he needed peace, counting all the leaves The"
  • Mystical Forest - Dragonheart
    "Deep in the forest Down the trees So dark and so cold We cry the end of our king Hurt and tired Laid down on the field We heard the last breath His spirit dancing in the wind Goodbye my brother King"
  • A Small Spark Vs. A Great Forest - Norma Jean
    "What did you say? Don't speak You nailed down all your words on me It felt like a blind guide Leading me into quicksand Fight fair, fight fair But all you hear is noise Fight fair. Fight fair! I've earthed"
  • Forest - System Of A Down
    "Walk with me my little child, To the forest of denial, Speak with me my only mind, Walk with me until the time, And make the forest turn to wine, You take the legend for a fall, You saw the product. Why"
  • Forest - Robert Wyatt
    "Deep in the forest the omens are bad, a cloud passes over the moon Devil Wind bends the trees, a cloud passes over the moon. And the moon takes a peep when the Gypsy girl sings, and her song rises up from"
  • Forest - Delain
    "Trees of green, all I can see On my way through the forest. I kneel down on my knees, I stare into the face of a little man Showing me his fear, The humans are coming near. Take me home deep into the"
  • Forest - Emily Bindiger
    "Summer rain falls on the apple branches Lights from heaven dancing with the shadows Come take my hand Let me be in your forest Sometimes you think loneliness is better than pain And you sink deeper in"
    "I don't know why I feed on emotion There's a stomach inside my brain I don't wanna be heard, I wanna be listened to Does it bother anyone else that someone else has your name? Oh, does it bother anyone"
  • Forest - Nouvelle Vague
    "The Cure - coverCome closer and seeSee into the treesFind the girlWhile you canCome closer and seeSee into the darkJust follow your eyesJust follow your eyesI hear her voiceCalling my nameThe sound is"
  • Forest - Deine Lakaien
    "Desire of men The illusions of child Passing days Someone's passion In the sea of disguise Borrowed dreamers For your paradise In the arms of the hidden For the sake of the shy Running tears of forbidden As"
  • Forest - Dawid Podsiadło
    "I will wait You will find me In the land Of green gardens To be forgetten is worse than death If everything's a dream, don't wake me I've learned so much but there's so much to be learn You're always"
  • Forest - Dealership
    "Let's go And I'll play all my songs Maybe one will make you strong You never really know... The other day I saved a king Learned to use a sword and gave it a swing In electronic forests Of pixellated"
  • Forest - PFR
    "(Verse 1) Hangin' on a string Walkin' a tightrope I've been relying on myself For far too long Livin' on my own And thinkin' I'd cope Why'd I put you on the shelf Oh I was wrong Livin' on good intentions"
  • The Dark Forest - Behemoth
    "Darkness spread its dark wings Whispers of woods were growing With every moment I felt them paying enormous tributes Powers, which were still alive at night In the battle of light with dark earth Spirits"
  • The Great Divide - Emmy Rossum
    "Reach across the great divide See the war behind your eyes Finally slow, the racing clock Try so hard to make it stop Are you listening Are you listening Are you listening Don't look away Hear me say I"
  • A Forest - Carpathian Forest
    "Come closer and see See into the trees Find the girl If you can Come closer and see See into the dark Just follow your eyes Just follow your eyes I hear her voice Calling my name The sound is deep In the"

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