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paramore in the mourning

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paramore in the mourning

  • Mourning - Tantric
    "Is there something that you are trying to say Don't hold back now It's been a long time since I felt this way So don't hold back now I purposely forgot about Loving anyone Cause I'm the only one who"
  • Mourning - Elysium
    "Wander the path of the night Silence comes so sweet to me clearness beauty of infinity Majestic landscapes of metal misery Passionless without meaning so raven dark, but I find release from my inner pain You"
  • In Mourning - Abominant
    "when we wake in the morning we will see the glorious sun. standing in the rays of life, our day has just begun, the essence of time is ours, precious as every minute goes by. i was a fool to have wasted,"
  • In Mourning - Metal Church
    "Maybe if you'de listen than you'de know what I just said If you think the words I'm singing are why your kids are dead Maybe could it be that no one was there to hear Did you pay attention to their angers"
  • The Mourning - Ashes To Ashes
    "Days of no trust are upon us now The blind leads us all into oblivion Visions are fading and torn apart Memories are all that's left in a bleeding heart Who cries for the mourning Remembering those days"
  • In The Mourning - Fireball Ministry
    "A savior to some, a devil to many Walk the line between only all and any A slave to the soul of here and now Gave up on the myth of why and how Ill be leaving in the morning I wouldnt have said it if"
  • Mourning sun - Fields Of The Nephilim
    "(Wake me up)(Were here)(Shekinah) (Light)(Rise)(You evolve in my time) (From this moment on you are born*) Yeah, We are FallenLike the mourning sunWe are waking upYeah, We are FallenLike the mourning sunIt's"
  • Mourning day - Theatres des Vampires
    "Every year we celebrate the mourning day... Every year we can change our smile in tearsIn this dismal day you can give vent to your hate and pain...The minstrel plays the funeral marchThe dancer without"
  • Mourning Air - Portishead
    "Did I see a moment with you In a half lit world I'm frightened to believe But I must try If I stumble if I fall I'm reaching out in this mourning air, ohh Have I got the strength to ask Beyond the window I"
  • Mourning Star - Kamelot
    "Under fears you restore your beliefs, Like an old man in church on a Sunday. Crawl the dirt on your elbows and knees, Any minute you know you could die. So come save us, turn water to wine, Give me words"
  • Perennial Mourning - Sinister
    "Bodily resignation enter the ancient spheres dimension beyond all dreams where time is forsaken Perennial mourning Eternal benevolent wings solemn moaning flock through chasms of sin falsehood of mankind Perennial"
  • Friday Mourning - Morrissey
    "Friday mourning, I'm dressed in black Douse the house lights, I'm not coming back For years, I warned you Through tears, I told you Friday mourning, there comes a time Before that breaks this very smug"
  • Good Mourning - Macbeth
    "Good mourning Mr. Sleepy My name is Winter Cold Ill freeze the heart youre loving To wound your mortal soul Believe my little friend Youre blind and you dont know Illusions come to an end And you are gone Her"
  • Mourning Grief - Airged L'amh
    "Facing the nightmare in me dreams of emptiness Dark clouds spit fire and ice all across the land Tide of forgotten times in nameless shape arise as I had fallen into shadow Gazing these purple skies I"
  • Mourning Soul - Absurd
    "My days are grey like dirty snow, a fire's burning in my soul. Why should I live - love dying in my pain. My death is reapers gain. In solitude I can not tell just of my deepest sorrow. All time that's"
  • Mourning Tree - Leaves' Eyes
    "So far away, But still so close. So many days I've had to count. The meaning of life Comes true when I'm with you, For in me there's a flower growing. Tell him through the winds I am here, Whisper through"
  • Mourning Palace - Dimmu Borgir
    "Daylight has finally reached it's end As evenfall strikes into the sky Far away in the dark crimson moonlight Sickening souls cry out in pain Whispering voices summoning screams Waiting for Satan to bless"
  • Mourning Morning - Just Jack
    "Just let me wash up on the shore I used to have the strangest dreams But they don't come here anymore My duvet's laid out like an (outless) with stains to mark the borderlines Indentations in my pillow"
  • Mourning Glory - Jack Foster III
    "What's your story, Mourning Glory is your sunshine filtered by the clouds? out of season, for a reason out of luck, and so far out of bounds life is precious, with a nexus life is worthless when it's"
  • Good Mourning - Reflection Eternal
    ""Good morning, Brook-nam" Another stop... on the train (wake up... wake up... wake up...) We come to a stop that everybody got to make... Whether you local or express What's the meanin of ghettofabulous Not"

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