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parkway drive mutiny

  • Mutiny - Parkway Drive
    "Fuck the memories. Were dead at every turn. So spin your fucking shit and well die with every twist of tongue. Your hollow gaze has shifted past my eyes. Another dead face fades away. Now whats left to"
  • Mutiny - Anders Manga
    "Mutiny, Like Disease Laughing Loud Again Mutiny, Sadly Breathes Turn and Dance and Spin What's that Boy You're Getting Tired, that's not in the plan What's that girl you're making way for the garbage"
  • Mutiny - Prince
    "Get off! Baby, when U went away U stayed away 2 long Baby, what can I say? No one does me wrong (And gets away with it) Mutiny! I said I'm takin' over U gotta give up the ship U gotta take a little trip I'm"
  • Mutiny - Crosby & Nash
    "Words & music by Graham Nash 1976 Thin Ice Music (ASCAP) Used by permission. All rights reserved. And the Blue bird over my head is waiting for the sea to dry And the farmer standing on the bridge is"
  • Mutiny - River City Rebels
    "stick to your guns we're not the fortunate ones good thing come to those who wait rotten stalemates till we're done general discontent is given general discontent is slowly livin' mutiny on the bound lost"
  • Mutiny - Running Wild
    "Pain of hunger's growing stronger The wages are gone, can't wait no longer I have to sign on under every flag If I want to live, I have to fag Engaged, I hit the sea Never thought of mutiny The work is"
  • Mutiny! - Set Your Goals
    "mutiny! this is a full blown assault. a cannon blast to mark your fall. take back your discipline now. this is a genuine revolt. superior, you are inferior. we've risen like we've never risen above"
  • Mutiny - Eloy
    "Your father told me I can stay But he mistrusts my unfamiliar ways: He wants to use the things I've learnt Six hundred years of knowledge sorely earned But if we can stay together, I don't mind the things"
  • Mutiny - Sage Francis
    "Friends....How man does Sage have now? Let me count 'em down with one hand Thought we'd atleast keep peace we've been growing change together Instead I'm Strange forever Who's Sage he ain't too clever Perverted"
  • Mutiny - Pendulum
    "1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 Why are you using a broken mic? In through the maze through your reflection, We enter from a terminal connection. In through the maze through your reflection, We enter from a terminal"
  • Mutiny - Neuraxis
    "Brighten one falls unto ego temptations, then it corrupts his wisdom and splendor. Opposition against the will of the Greats. Premium treachery manifesto - "The declaration of liberty". Existence of the"
  • Saturn Parkway - Brazil
    "blue water runs deep blue water brings sleep in the valley sleep comes easy in the valley there is no fear of sharks and since the battles end the river flows red with blood the shark has swam"
  • Mutiny Below - Ludo
    "Here I am at home again This rainy avenue Put me in my proper place I'm not the one for you But you're here now Can you come in It's freezing I found a way to burn your face And sear the words you said You"
  • Storms & Mutiny - Magellan
    "Crossing the line of demarcation They took a passage to the west Dead reckoning they doubled back Into the north they anchored for bad weather San martin and magellan almost lost sight of the flagship The"
  • Red Blooded Mutiny - Virus Nine
    "You thought you kept us down You thought you fucked us up You thought you held us back After all you never one It's an international cover up we wanna see some proof Red Blooded American Youth Blame it"
  • Mutiny in Heaven - Nick Cave
    "Cave Nick Miscellaneous Mutiny in Heaven Well ah jumpt! and fled this fucken heap on doctored wings Mah flailin pinions, with splints and rags and crutches! (Damn things nearly hardly flap) Canker upon"
  • Mutiny In Heaven - Nick Cave
    "Well ah jumpt! and fled this fucken heap on doctored wings Mah flailin pinions, with splints and rags and crutches! (Damn things nearly hardly flap) Canker upon canker upon one million tiny punctures That"
  • The Kane Mutiny - Project 86
    "Verse 1 Enter emergency You were once an ally to me Now your cold war sinks with mutiny Undermine, secure your eyes I can see the plans in your eyes You want the helm For a mission of suicide Pre Chorus So"
  • The Lifeboat Mutiny - Cherry Poppin' Daddies
    "The death mask of Judas Is hanging on her wall She's going to let everyone down She's with her friends in the lifeboat But she is the mutineer She's got an urge to die (But her friends sing tra-la-la) She"
  • S. O. U. T. H. Parkway - Gangsta Blac
    "S-O-U-T-H yeah Parkway, don't play damn damn day Get your shit straight test us and we test you shit All us, all y'all too, it's on shit (repeat 2X) S if for shootin bitches who constantly talkin shit O"

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