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part six

  • Six Percent - Screeching Weasel
    "don't let anyone tell you you better grow up soon or face the consequences of a life not planned out. that's exactly what you need. i'm here to tell you leave the bullshit you've been taught behind and"
  • Kicks After Six - Scorpions
    "(Francis Buchholz, Jim Vallance, Herman Rarebell, Klaus Meine, Jim Vallance) Another morning, such as ordinary day She's doin' time from nine to five The hours waste away There's no escape, She's a part"
  • The birmingham six - Chumbawamba
    "Birmingham, 1974, there occurred a bloody murderTwenty-one people killed by bombs, Britain reeled in horrorWithin three hours the British State found the first available scapegoats--Five Irish men bound"
  • The six teens - The Sweet
    "Where were you in sixty-eightIn sixty-eight Julie was Johnnie's dateTwo kids growin' togetherLivin' each day as if time was slippin' awayOh, they were just sixteenAnd their love a teenage dreamThey passed"
  • Six Chamber Romance - Wester
    "just give me one last chance to believe in you i beg you from the bottom of my dying heart your poison was bitter, sour like the barrel of this gun if i take my life tonight, i want something to remember"
  • The Six Teens - Sweet
    "Where were you in sixty-eight In sixty-eight Julie was Johnnie's date Two kids growin' together Livin' each day as if time was slippin' away Oh, they were just sixteen And their love a teenage dream They"
  • The Six Eighter - Piebald
    "Thank you for not giving me Anything or not making Me take anything at all Or give me nothing It's just as simple as that You always ask if us primates are sure Conveniently confuse disease with"
  • Scene Six: Home - Dream Theater
    "Shine-lake of fire Lines take me higher My mind drips desire Confined and overtired Living this charade Is getting me nowhere I can't shake this charade The city's cold blood calls me home Home it's what"
  • Six Degrees Of Separation - The Script
    "You've read the books, You've watched the shows, What's the best way no one knows, yeah, Medicated, hypnotized. Anything to take from your mind. But it wont, ohhhh ohhh You're doing all these things out"
  • Six Feet Under Soundtrack - Photek
    "well, well prodigal return, it's what you've been running away from your whole life, buddy-o you thought you could scape, well guess what: nobody scapes. well, well prodigal return, it's what you've been"
  • Six - Yannick Bovy
    "I was done Nearly out Guess I lost my way somehow Now I'm in With a shout Since you turned my whole world upside down It's so easy just to hide away Close your eyes and cross your heart But I've got my"
  • Six Ways From Sunday - Fake Id
    "We never mentioned this part the first time you asked me to call you didn't say you'd stop hanging out so soon and i wish i wasn't such a bore you never said it'd be this tough to forget that you existed so"
  • Six - Number Less ThanLess Than
    "You know patience pushing a dream brings my demons to life Songs are vacations our soul salvation will you Suspend your disbelief I'd like to be the, thief That steals that jaded necklace that you're always"
  • Six - 311
    "You know patience pushing a dream brings my demons to life Songs are vacations our soul salvation will you Suspend your disbelief I'd like to be the, thief That steals that jaded necklace that you're always"
  • Six - Chimaira
    "She has done so many things it's so surreal She has seen so many things it's so unreal She has been almost everywhere and tasted everything She has been a dream since birth who could conquer everything Night"
  • Six - All That Remains
    "I wish I was free of this I see her in my dreams Wish that she wasnt there But she still haunts me and I Still feel her breath on me Still want to taste her skin But I know that would kill me No damn her Still"
  • Six - Staring Back
    "Hes in your dreams He whispers softly Day and night hes talking Talking in your head You cannot eat but you can sleep Sleep the night away or hide away or daydream instead Somewhere down the road hell"
  • Drivetime - Part Six
    "Give me some of that groove now baby drivetime in the city lights give it to me when we're cruisin girl cause music's like a natural high don't matter where we're going honey cause i got you by my"
  • Honesty - Part Six
    "Honesty!!!!!!! (Yeah!) (Ah!) (this part six) (here we go) (Wouhh!) (this what you want) (ah!) (Jessie) Girls so incredible My heart some oh alone I wanna think you mine Just came to let you"
  • Want Ya - Part Six
    "Vers1: Walk into the party I can feel your eyes on me as I walk in Lets get this business started Its time to make my move You only get one shot I push up on your body Now I finally have us standin"

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