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pasztetowa, og��rek i ��led��

  • Pani Pasztetowa - Kasia Nosowska
    "Obraziłam się na świat nie mieszkam tam gdzie dawniej od miesiąca mym domem jest lodówka lubię jeść więc mało jest miejsc gdzie mogłabym czuć się szczęśliwsza na białyc drzwiac wywieszka czarna a na niej"
  • Led Clones - Gary Moore
    "The time has come to talk about tomorrow. You should be more careful what you borrow. I heard them on the radio. I saw them on the video. I don't think I can take much more. Led clones Led clones You've"
  • Getting Led - Adam Green
    "I was a nation Bound to my station Getting Led x3 You saw beyond me Pounding down on me Getting led x3 A man fills his quotient It changed his notions Now you see of glimpse of liberty But fame could"
  • Easily Led - Smog
    "I am not easily led Despite the head I was just trying to cross the street with you I was just a step devoted But I am not easily led I'm suggestible at times, it's true But only by you I lay open jelly-limbed To"
  • Led Astray - Friction
    "We didn`t last long, Cause I did it, so the time it takes So why wrote that last song? Cause I have a lot of words to say This is a sad song, Cause I never have the heart to stay I`m walking away, The"
  • Led Astray - Sirenia
    "I go through the pages of my own life, day by day Like a dream on the horizon, they seem so lost all led astray I see them passing away These feelings inside me keep bringing me further and further down Been"
  • Led Astray - Protest The Hero
    "So much time slipped away as if it meant nothing at all - I remember that night, we didn't know it would be our last. But now as I look back, an awkward tension hung in the air. Now everything is different."
  • Vatra I Led - Colonia
    "Nocas ljubi mi lice dlanovima, usnama slusaj kako drhte tiha glazbala u nasim tijelima Nek' stanu satovi i ovaj tren sacuvaj zauvjek dok nas smrt ne rastavi nek traje ova noc zauvjek Ti si vatra i"
  • I Can't Quit You Baby (LED ZEPPELIN I) - Led Zeppelin
    "I can't quit you babe Woman I think I'm gonna put you down for a little while I can't quit you babe I... think I'm gonna put you down for a while I said you messed up my happy home Made me mistreat"
  • You led me - Barlow Girl
    "Good morningThe night is over and goneI thought onceThis dark would last for so longFeel the sunlightOn my faceYou have brought meThrough this placeJesus, Jesus You found meThrough the long night You led"
  • You Led Me - BarlowGirl
    "Good Morning the night is over and gone I thought once this dark would last for so long Feel the sunlight on my face You have brought me through this place Jesus, Jesus You found me Through the long"
  • Led By Bison - Seafood
    "So where you been for so long Did you ever stop to ask what's wrong So hold on tight cos life speeds by What's done is done ahead the answers lie No sense in confrontation Takes time to heal this tension Just"
  • I Hate Led Zeppelin - Screeching Weasel
    "Robert Plant is a slimy fuck John Bonham man, he really sucked Those greedy fuckers, those phoney shits They made their money off idiots I hate Led Zeppelin (x2) 12 dollar concerts were all the rage They"
  • Led To One - Heart
    "You and me always be I down need ~ deep I bleed for love Wise ones say seize the day Waste not time make your mind for love We'll ride that rollercoaster up and down No promise that we'll never crash"
  • Until The Led - Vic Chesnutt
    "knowing what I know now I should've had a cow I didn't realize you were to be despised I must have been one of history's stupidest men 'cause everything was perfect in my head until the lead started hitting"
  • Until The Led - Chesnutt Vic
    "(Vic Chesnutt) knowing what I know now I should've had a cow I didn't realize you were to be despised I must have been one of history's stupidest men 'cause everything was perfect in my head until the"
  • I Will Not Be Led - Nazareth
    "(copyright Nazareth, Tiflis Tunes, inc.-ascap) You have your rules and regulations, You say his love is my salvation, Then talk of faith and segregation. You say that I must wait, He will communicate, I"
  • You Were Led On - Vanessa Amorosi
    "Face the fact, Can't you tell she don't feel the same. And I know, you're just a fool that hopes to find. That she loves you like you love her, In your dreams. To stay together and feel the same, That's"
  • You Were Led On - Amorosi Vanessa
    "Amorosi Vanessa The Power You Were Led On Face the fact.. cant you tell she don't feel the same And I know you're just a fool that hopes to find That she loves you like you love her .. in your dreams To"
  • Taylor Led a Chorus - Outsmarting Simon
    "i watched you dance i watched your hair hang low and separate your eyes i watched you raise i watched your face light up and (you were) staring up at the sky looking through me looking through to everything"

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