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  • Nurse! Nurse! (I'm Losing My Patients) - Sparks The Rescue
    "So I never said thank you, for your hospitality. When conversations were lacking context, you were the hospital for me. So now I sit here with depression, and our cut up tongues flirt with disaster. We've"
  • Shouldn't Have Bothered - Prong
    "It is a reason why I got control It's the treason, better off alone Got an answer; individual creed Got advantage, don't really need 'em Shouldn't have bothered Reaching out to fools They're the patients,"
  • Welcome To The Dust Ward (live 1986) - Fear
    "welcome to the dust ward brain damaged but it's only permanent and i hang out in the day room with a strait jacket set with a strait jacket set i'm in the dust ward all in-patients report to the pharmacy"
  • Welcome To The Dust Ward - Fear
    "welcome to the dust ward brain damaged but it's only permanent and i hang out in the day room with a strait jacket set with a strait jacket set i'm in the dust ward all in-patients report to the pharmacy"
  • Malpractice - Testament
    "We all will go and stay sometime Soon to be a victim of a crime Loss of blood and death is near Take a number, can you you wait right here Check in-to the place Reduce your life into disgrace Isn't there"
  • On A Wedding Anniversary - John Cale
    "Words: Dylan Thomas The sky is torn across This ragged anniversary of two Who moved for three years in tune Down the long walks of their vows. Now their love lies a loss And Love and his patients roar"
  • Zombie Ward - Abscess
    "Legs split, flesh is torn Skin is ripped, the Dead unborn Nurses Scream, Doctors Gasp As Child gnaws on mothers gash Infants aisle mothers doom Put child in the Plastic Womb Mother dead now awakes Takes"
  • Patiently Philadelphia - Luti-Kriss
    "Hearing ears. Words that persevere. The whole world in an hour. Take me away... I will hold what's in my hands. Your name is forever. Take me away... These voices telling me my destiny... God hurry, this"
  • Dogmatize - Blood
    "I'm right, you're wrong - you're weak, I'm strong Your words are dotage, My mouth tells the wisdom These are the men in the white jackets In hospital DOGMATIZE - shut up, and be quiet The doctors life"
  • Switch Opens - Soundgarden
    "Hey you slaves go hang your owners Draw your names among their ashes Put your children on their thrones Gather 'round and fall right down Here at sundown nothing is when Everything all right Switch opens Opening"
  • The Tattooed Dentist In The Sky - Dolly Parton
    "Oh, there's a tattooed dentist in Ft. Collins City His lies are bigger even than my titty. He drives his patients into a rage, When he claims to be "New Age." He drills and drills and then he drills But"
  • Bankrupt Vibration - Superdrag
    "I couldn't help turning on But I never tuned in Now I want to drop out You'll swallow any little pill Taking everything in Sucking every nerve out And your alternative station Is such a bankrupt vibration"
  • Design Error - Steve Kilbey
    "Human design error Ain't a life for stress Somthing broke the weather Got us in this mess But I'm gonna squeeze the blood out of this town And then I'll be gone before it all falls down I will be around Bobby"
  • Pneumo-ingurgitation consequent to the embolism of a peripherial branch of the pulmonary arteries - Lymphatic Phlegm
    "This is a complication which comes after some surgical interventions.The pulmonary artery irrigated by the obstructed aterial branch becomes liable to necrosis and hemorrhages.The blood gets into the pulmonary"
  • Blue Flowers - Dr. Octagon
    ""Let me show you somethin" (2X) Dr. Octagon, paramedic fetus of the East with priests, I'm from the Church of the Operating Room with the strike support, scalpels since the holocaust I do indeed in greed,"
  • Eli's song - Shane West
    "Put your ear close to the ground Do you hear a fading sound? If it's lost for getting found--- it's me Vagabond with no address Fire in the wilderness The patients losing conciousness--- rapidly Torn between"
  • Flood Corps - Rasputina
    "Spoken: The volunteer citizen navy had been given instructions to tie the numberless, nightmarish corpses to streetpoles to be collected later. I saw bodies appear from the water. The full extent of the"
  • Edible autopsy - Mobb Deep
    "Wheeled in on a cart, lying dormant not deadHospital of immortality, butcher their patients bloody redTaken to a dark room, fear of impeding doomthe doctor staps you down, with an evilgrinGrabs his rusty"
  • Like A Surgeon - Weird Al Yankovich
    "I finally made it through med school Somehow I made it through I'm just an intern I still make A mistake or two I was last in my class Barely passsed at the institute Now I'm trying to avoid, yah I'm trying"
  • Electric Music & The Summer People - Beck
    "Out on the highway, I'm doing it my way Zig-zag patients, Vibrating the ancients Handin' out money, The flies makin' honey Beaches aplenty, The pigs on the levee... Lets don't be, like everyone else With"

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