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  • Paula - Zoe
    "Yo s que ment, yo s que fall, que te traicion y que me alej de ti vagando en el denso mar de la falsedad de espalda al infinito. Me puedes chingar, me puedes dejar, pero nunca tendrs que te deje de amar. T"
  • Paula - Sergio Godinho
    "Paula, vem c, os teus olhos verdes Guarda-os na viola com quem vou partir Rugas a mais te percorrem quando Pes a memória no que est para vir Sentas-te e volta as laranjas abrem Portas que do para a tua"
  • Paula - Pulp
    "Hey hey Paula, I never thought we'd last this long. Your voice annoys me and your hair's all wrong, so wrong. Oh and Paula, I don't like any of your friends. Yes, and horoscopes just send me fast asleep. Oh"
  • Ach Paula - Unbekannt
    "Ach Paula mach die Bluse zu du bist doch sonst so nett. Man sieht ja deinen zarten Teint sogar was vom Korsett. Ach Paula mach die Bluse zu bleib sitzen wo du sitzt. Drum steh nicht auf oh Paula du denn"
  • Paula Sz. - Zdobywcy Pewnych Oskar
    "W poniedziałek to zdarzyło się . Bardzo się wzburzyła moja krew. Gdzieś daleko wędrowały ręce Nie wiedziałem co się zdarzy więcej. I zmieniłem całe swoje życie I dla ciebie porzuciłem picie (na chwilę)"
  • Dear Paula - Raper Pawlak i Walbrzych Eskadra
    "Yeah! It's my cd man, listen to my cd... *I waited, i waited, time went by. All I did was cry, silly(eco)!* WOO!!! *silly* If I was your best friend, I want you 'round all the time (I want you 'round"
  • Paula E Bebeto - Nascimento Milton
    "(Milton Nascimento/Caetano Veloso) vida vida que amor brincadeira, vera Eles amaram de qualquer maneira, vera Qualquer maneira de amor vale a pena Qualquer maneira de amor vale amar Pena que pena que"
  • Paula E Bebeto - Milton Nascimento
    "vida, vida, que amor brincadeira, vera Eles se amaram de qualquer maneira, vera Qualquer maneira de amor vale a pena Qualquer maneira de amor vale amar Pena, que pena, que coisa bonita, diga Qual a"
  • All About Paula - Limp
    "Thought she was nice 'cause she was kind to animals thought she was fair 'cause she's a vegetarian And now I think twice she seems a little vacant upstairs I know that's not nice but neither am I I"
  • Palabras Para Paula - La Oreja De Van Gogh
    "Es pronto para comprender... que pueda mirarte y verme a la vez que escuches hoy mi voz que tanto te cantó los meses que t fuiste yo. Es pronto para comprender... La vida es tan bella como t la quieras"
  • Paula Abdul Medley - American Idol
    "Lost in a dream. I don't know which way to go Now let me see If you are all what you seem Then baby i'm movin' (movin') Way too slow I've been a fool before Wouldn't like to get my love caught In the"
  • Make Up Your Mind, Paula - Dalbello
    "when he walked in the apartment She was hungry... she was cold When I overheard the argument It was half a minute old With his finger on the trigger And an aim as true as Capone "You better love me like"
  • Be That As It May - Paula Nelson - Willie Nelson
    "Be That As It May Oh, oh it's cold outside And the hardest part Is I Can't take away the chill in the night And I've been pining on and on How everything is wrong As if to throw away everything I own And"
  • Paul - Die Arzte
    "Paul, Paul, Paul, Paul, Paul ist toll! Paule heit er, ist Bademeister im Schwimmbad an der Ecke Paule heit er, ist Bademeister Und er bringt kleine Mdchen zur Strecke Wenn im Sommer die Sonne scheint Dann"
  • Paul - Bobby Bare
    "Well he rode through the woods on a big blue ox He had fists as hard as choppin' blocks Five hundred pounds and nine feet tall that's Paul Talk about working when he swung his ax you could hear it ring"
  • Paul - Smoking Popes
    "With all the simple times behind me I can fail without regret If I have to try then I will never Be able to forget Bottoms down And out of reasons to hang around And when the sun is over Hong Kong I can"
  • Paul - Xzibit
    "Operator: Check unheard messages: press 1,1. First message: Paul: Humph X its Paul. Uh, listen, the manager of the 'Crazy Horse' just called me and I didn't even know where the fuck you are. Iguess your"
  • Paul - Endeavor
    "No respect for life with an underqualified input into an issue that does not even apply to you. What gives you the right to judge from safe suburbia, unable to comprehend a dead end situation. This"
  • Paul - Feel
    "Jest noc, która nagle wszystko zmienia, całe miasto śpi. Jest dzień, który w życie się zamienia, robisz pierwszy życia łyk. Mam sen - nie pamiętam nawet jaki, tyle dzieje się. A ten dzień, bardzo wiele"
  • My one and only love (feat. Paula Cole) - Chris Botti
    "the very thought of you makes my heart sing like an april breeze on the wings of spring and you appear in all your splendour my one and only love. the shadows fall and spread their mystic charms in the"

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