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paver paly
  • VAE VISTIC Miękkie pały
    "podogrywanych mam ludzi i nie to że chodzi o featy co jest tu grane że miękkie pały chcą mieć twarde ekipy nie mają siły i nigdy nie byli tu dla mnie za mocni tak bardzo jestem obsrany że kur* mi zrobią"
  • Piersi Do Warszawy Jada Pany
    "(slowa: Kukiz; muzyka: Piersi) Siedza w "Lancii" nawaleni Zdzisio, Olek, Genio, Wies Z przodu paly na motorach, z tylu po cywilu pies Modry z wody opuchniete, swinskie oczka juz za mgla Tluste dupy wypoczete"
  • Breathe Carolina & Bassjackers Can't Take It (feat. CADE)
    "no, no, no! I just can’t take it anymore I just can’t take it anymore I should have listened to my friends When they said, you’re trouble no, no, no! Then I never were wasted all this time on you No,"
  • Blackburn Fiona Gartan Mother's Lullaby
    "Sleep, O babe, for the red bee hums the silent twilight's fall; Eeval from the grey rock comes to wrap the world in thrall. A lyan van o, my child, my joy, my love and heart's desire. The crickets sing"
  • Fair Sex Outraged And Moved
    "Taste that silence and starve Heartache, taste heartache And paly the game of Bite - release - bite O! Surprise! Injured! Torrents and torments Blade of hate, blade of love (That is) "Splendid!" "Important!" It's"
  • Nicki Minaj Click Clack
    "Alot of rap niggas be trynna paly hard I was tought [? ] When I lift da shirt dats da end of discussion Click Clcak mutha fuckaz, I ain't trynna hear dat They call me Nicholas, style defined as ridiculous I"
  • Missy Elliott All'n My Grill (European Version)
    "Don't explain, you never change Same old thing, same old game Say ya want, to be wit' me But show me my ring Baby, let me think I been, in the cold The story untold, about to unfold How do you expect me To"
  • Mc Solaar All n my grill
    "Don't explain, you never change Same old thing, same old game Say ya want, to be wit' me But show me my ring Baby, let me think I been, in the cold The story untold, about to unfold How do you expect me"
  • Missy Elliott All'n my grill
    "Don't explain, you never changeSame old thing, same old gameSay ya want, to be wit' meBut show me my ringBaby, let me thinkI been, in the coldThe story untold, about to unfoldHow do you expect meTo ever"
  • Daniel Landa Krysa
    "Hodiny na rohu ukazovaly est a v centru byl vlastn klid. Zrovna pichzel jednou z nkolika cest do msta, kde u nechtli lidi t. Tak piel, aby hrl, aby na chvli as stl. Prstem pohlad dry mal paly a ta se"
  • Fitzgerald Patrik (Ready To Shake The Scheme Of Things?)
    "The black & white racial disharmony Is just a cover story Conducted to hide the fact That working class people Are still being kicked All over the place WORK is nothing but a diversion Something you are"
  • The Arrogant Worms Teenage Angst
    "Teenagers sure look sad today Like, whatever, ramdom is all they say When I was a teen, everything was super okay I wore pants that fit, Mom tied my sweater When the cat fell down the well, I volunteered"
  • Mechanical Poet Hermetical Orchard
    "A sleepy loft attired in haze Subsiding in the maze Within a weedy bog Nocturnal flies knock on a pane A scintillating stain Embossed in lardy fog Behind an aluminic hatch Inside a shell Below a tumbledown"
  • Amos Tori Spark
    "Amos Tori From The Choirgirl Hotel Spark She's addicted to nicotine patches She's addicted to nicotine patches She's afraid of the light in the dark 6:58 are you sure where my spark is Here Here Here She's"
  • Skyclad Vintage Whine
    "I'll paly Bacchus for the evening, pray, be seated, take your places Should my manna seem displeasing, offend your airs and graces, I've a list long as your arm, (The connoisseur's selection) such bitter"
  • UB40 Don't let it pass you by
    "There's no-one coming with that freedom train. There's nowhere you can go where you feel no pain. Take the blinkers off you eye's, The power is in your hand. Stop waiting for your ticket to the promised"
  • Austin Mahone Lady (ft. Pitbull)
    "Lady Hear me tonight 'Cos my feeling Is just so right As we dance By the moonlight Can't you see You're my delight Lady I just feel like I won't get you Out of my mind I feel loved For the first time And"
  • Mark Morrison Return Of The Mack (Beatminerz Remix)
    "(feat. Shadez of Brooklyn) Oh, come on, oh yeah Well I tried to tell ya so (yes, I did) But I guess ya didn't know, as I said the story go Baby, now I got the flow Cause I know it from the start, baby"
  • 3LW I can't take it (No more remix)
    "(3lw intro) i'm getting little tired of your broken promises promises lookin at your pager seeing different numbers(fade out) (nas rap 1) for all my underground DJ's make 'em,make 'em clap to this thank"
  • Da Nappy Headz Robbery
    ""Robbery" Ay Gee Smelt, hit this shit, it off tha chain This one here for the thugs All my thugs cock your nines like this (chik-chik boom) Shoot a bitch and don't you miss All my thugs cock your nines"

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