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payphone win kahlia

  • Payphone - M2M
    "Just cry You don't have to hide it from me Rely on me Just cry Even if you don't know why Rely on me Chorus That's what you said, but I don't know I'm walking here so all alone I wanna hear your voice"
  • San Francisco Payphone - Catch 22
    "one year ago today i tossed away a quarter that i should have saved i faked a fairwell fantasy and misbehavied i never made an effort my concsience went after all the time a speant dollars that i droped"
  • Bright Neon Payphone - Cut Copy
    "They all stay, But I don't know which way to go, And i've been hanging all the things that I used to know, And that's why it's coming through, I forget I was here with you, now that's all I can do, is"
  • Payphone (feat. Wiz Khalifa) - Maroon 5
    "I'm at a payphone trying to call home All of my change I spent on you Where have the times gone Baby it's all wrong, where are the plans we made for two? Yeah, I, I know it's hard to remember The people"
  • Win - RAMP
    "Can you see it in this way Life is just a long day In the journey of ourselves But there's so much we can do To believe in and make true And all depends on you So you, so you keep on dreaming by yourself Cause: Where"
  • Win - David Bowie
    "Me, I hope that I'm crazy I feel you driving and you're only the wheel Slow down, let someone love you Ohh, I've never touched you since I started to feel If there's nothing to hide me Then you've never"
  • Win - Nasty Cherry
    "I am such a psycho .. by the eyez i make you bring down electric skies I will tell you secrets I will tell you lies you think I am broken only inside I need to I need to I need to breathe in and then"
  • Win - Amine
    "Ma Smana Kalam T'Llah Chal Nass N'Doumni Chal Nass Li Kassrou Khatrri Ou M'Nkoum Ma Fikoum Tika Ghirr L'Ahssd Ou Bla Quima Ghirr Mkatlin Ala Walou Ana N'Kamam li ma A'Ndhoum Li Khalitou Ou Nssitouhoum Mni"
  • Win - Brian McKnight
    "Dark is the night I can weather the storm Never say die I've been down this road before I'll never quit I'll never lay down See I promised myself that I'd never let me down Chorus: So I'll never give"
  • Can't Win - Richard Thompson
    "(Richard Thompson) I started to cry, they put gin in my cup I started to crawl, and they swaddled me up I got up and run, they said "Easy, son, Play up, play the game" They told me to think and forget"
  • Win Her - Good Morning Milo
    "Close up, let me set the scene. Illusions and insanity, exactly what this game needs. Bet's placed on the blonde, 2 to 1 you'll pull it off. But, is this how we find true love? Too good, fed up with guys"
  • I Win - Abra Moore
    "OK I win, you've finally lost me. Your letting me go, I'm walking away. No fight no fight still falling apart I can't get you out of my heart All right all right I lied about loving A man that I love,"
  • Fight & Win - Alastis
    "Alastis Miscellaneous Fight & Win I`ve fled this promised freedom Fled this justice`s parody Fled your unreal heaven Fled your blindest beliefs Here starts the true fight Here starts my"
  • You Win - Cats On Trees
    "The words could never tell how much I’m sorry I can never play again these memories, you see Don’t want to see you leave too far, Can you please stay home You once said, This feelings will never come"
  • We Win - Passion
    "We Win We're gonna Shout loud, Loud until the walls come down Shout loud, Loud until the walls come down Loud until the walls come down We're gonna Shout loud, Loud until the walls come down Shout loud, Loud"
  • Win Fall - Fall
    "Check the recordCheck the recordCheck the guy's track recordAppreciated - guy'sCheck the recordCheck the recordCheck the guy's track recordCheck the recordCheck the guy's rock record William williamWilliam"
  • I Win - Starflyer 59
    "When I try to erase or calculate For a moment could you just decide Which way to go I need advice I've been wrong, it's just close quarters And they have a way to cloud your mind Is my lot in life to just"
  • Win Sen - Full Surrender
    "A child who waits, lost in your eyes. Talking to me; speaking in heartbeats and smiles. When you're here, I'm gone away. When you're here, I'm gone away. Fingertips prick and eyelashes tease. When you're"
  • Hello Win! - Adi Nowak
    "Premiera 31 pażdziernika 2019 roku."
  • PAPA WIN! - Adi Nowak
    "gdyby na świecie nie było wojen i bracia kurdowie wyszliby z okopów mama rzuciła szlugi, albo żeby chociaż przyjęli mnie do sbm wymodlił to jak arboleda piastował urząd rapera demonizował to katecheta żył"

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