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peace by peace

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peace by peace

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peace by peace
  • Rebecca St. James Peace
    "Alone in the valley I cry for you To fill me with your peace So when the lightening strikes The thunder roars around me Still I live in peace You ask that I Be still and know you are God Be still and know"
  • Running Wild War & Peace
    "The rifles are firing, the cracking of guns break the still The march of the soldiers, no mercy, no thoughts and no will They fall one by one, their blood is shed without sense Trapped in the spell of"
  • Vert Burning Peace
    "Burning peace like wilted flowers blowing winds turn the hours DEATH by BREATH you smell the flames smoke dark shadows pass over It's all burning away away peace it falls away away today love turns to"
  • Culcha Candela More Peace
    "War! So much injustice and so many lies now people get together for love and unity is our only way Everybody sing more peace Inna die world and all around every nation all human sing more peace People"
  • Indigo Girls Peace Tonight
    "Honey pick the red corner shoes The ones that hardly ever get used I knelt in front of my whole collection I'm picking you a special selection On a no news is good news middle of mid-year day I feel no"
  • Onslaught Killing Peace
    "Spitting blood in the face of God Suicide or homicide Violent retribution is the aim Atomizing Cyanide Administer direct into the brain Inhalation - vaccination Orchestrated genocide Sedation from the"
  • Stevie Wonder Conversation peace
    "Staring right at 2000 AD As if mankind's atrocities to man has no history But just a glance at life in 2000 BC We find traces of man's inhumanity to man There's no mystery All for one, one for all There's"
  • South Park Peace Pipe
    "Whas really goin on? My people we onna rise If we jus open our eyes Killin each otha for a color Right now as i speak Can u see wha makes us weak? Understand tha cowardz act fools But tha bravest of"
  • South Park Mexican Peace Pipe
    "(feat. Lil' Russ) What's really going on? My people we gonna rise If we just open our eyes Can you see who makes us weak? Killing each other for a color Right now as I speak Understand the cowards act"
  • Anathema Temporary Peace
    "Deep inside the silence staring out upon the sea the waves are washing over half forgotten memory Deep within the moment laughter floats upon the breeze rising and falling dying down within me and"
  • Camper Van Beethoven Peace & Love
    "Restless, and three days without sleep, his mind wrapped in a barely perceptible haze, he continues east, shaking, the sputtering convulsions and near death throes of his endearing 1962 Chevrolet. The"
  • Chumbawamba Declaring peace
    "Whisper the words of wisdom no moreSpeak the words of wisdom no moreShout the words of wisdom no moreThe governments of the world agreeThat people need bombs and banks and barriersHarriers, tanks, and"
  • Kool & The Gang Peace Maker
    "Ooh la la la let's go dancin' Ooh la la la reggae dancin'. Ooh la la la let's go dancin' Ooh la la la reggae dancin'. I went down to the park - everything was dark oh yeah. All of a sudden on came the"
  • R.Kelly Peace
    "(Peace) it's what I prayer for (Peace) oh my (Peace) (Peace) all around the world (Peace) it's what I prayer for (Peace) oh my (Peace) (Peace) hurry Come on in this house children The war has started Light"
  • Depeche Mode Peace
    "Peace will come to me Peace will come to me I'm leaving bitterness behind This time I'm cleaning up my mind There is no space for the regrets I will remember to forget Just look at me I am walking of"
  • Rich Mullins Peace
    "Though we're strangers, still I love you I love you more than your mask And you know you have to trust this to be true And I know that's much to ask But lay down your fears, come and join this feast"
  • Weezer Peace
    "More and more i can't say no so afraid of letting go if there's something i can grab you can bet i'll pay the tab counting all the flowers waste the precious hours i need to find some peace all these problems"
  • Prince Peace
    "Artist - somebody didn't hear me (What'd he say?) Artist - formerly known as Prince You gotta get your peace on Peace, whoa oh Peace That's what we're here for And not to war When the war upon"
  • Los Lobos Peace
    "(David Hidalgo/Louie Perez) Yeah, yeah, yeah Yeah, yeah, yeah Yeah, yeah, yeah Peace to the world I see a baby in a crib Reaching up for Mama's arms Love is rising in their hearts - oh yeah There is"
  • Spragga Benz Peace
    "Intro: Can imagine bad man gun a run under discipline, Man from TIvoli, Matches Lane, Dunkirk, SOuthside, Man from Grants Pen all bout dun with war, Is all about peace and love and unity. Verse1:"

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