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pearl harbor tennessee

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pearl harbor tennessee

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pearl harbor tennessee
  • Sailor Pearl harbor
    "Touched down in Hawaii, we fell from the sky A B-17 full of lonesome GI's Inspected by generals with gold on their chests Then a girl she put garlands of lfowers Round my neck Aloha... Aloha... to Pearl"
  • Sunday's Best When Is Pearl Harbor Day?
    "I found the picture of us in the yard; somethings are lost and somethings (I guess) get found. You had that shirt on--you loved the Cars. You always wore it. I never got that sound. You had that cat..."
  • Team America Pearl Harbor Sucked And I Miss You
    "I miss you more then Michael Bay missed the mark When he made Pearl Harbor I miss you more than that movie missed the point And thats an awful lot girl And now, now youve gone away And all Im trying to"
  • Vienna Teng Harbor
    "We're here where the daylight begins The fog on the streetlight slowly thins Water on water's the way The safety of shoreline fading away Sail your sea Meet your storm All I want is to be your harbor The"
  • Matt Nathanson Harbor
    "My idols are cracking and breaking apart piece by pieceI brush their dust off my pedestal and through the cloud I'vekicked up I can just make out your faceIn a world of plastic people, I know You're realI'm"
  • Fame Factory Pearl
    "Tell me I came here to listen to what you are saying and I won't run away I don't know all of lifes misterys, but I know enough to tell you That some were just not ment to be together I won't let you"
  • Shazna Pearl
    "Pearl White Memories "Itsumademo dokomademo sukidakara" White Memories Sou itta kimi no kotoba de FUtto mezameta White Memories Yume de mita kimi wo ima dakishimete White Memories Yuki no furu GRAY na"
  • Babes In Toyland Pearl
    "Little Pearl she was this girl Thoughts and notions in a whirl This girl Pearl she was pretty quick Found a stick filled it thick with Black sugar shit Ole black glasses spoonful molasses Drinking wine"
  • The Mamas & The Papas Pearl
    "First star I see tonight I wish I may, I wish I might Have the wish I wish tonight A banker's daughter or a runaway girl A little lady or a honky-tonk pearl Has to find someplace in this world Where she"
  • Paula Cole Pearl
    "Humility on Bleecker Street Exposed my faults until I'm left defeated It's been three years into this relationship This is longer than I ever could commit But I feel I'm near But I feel my fear I'm standing"
  • Portishead Pearl
    "I want you now as thenDOn't tell meyou want to staytoo much timeNow has passedtoo too soon a thing to doI was only thinking i would do rightNow and then i need a little stingI was only trying not to second"
  • Extol Pearl
    "Hear these words My soft voice speaks only truth I will reveal myself to you I'll see you through You are beautiful My love Walk with me All you'll ever need I am So come stay with me My dear Dwell in"
  • Waylon Jennings Tennessee
    "(Harlan Howard) Tennesee, oh what I'd give to be back there Once again with all the old friends Who were so kind to me oh Tennessee I was happy as could be. Never got too much done But livin' sure was"
  • Bill Monroe & His Bluegrass Boys Tennessee
    "You have heard and read about the state of Tennessee Down in the southern state is where I want to be Where the valleys are so green and the mountains are so tall You will know just what I mean when you"
  • Jimmy Martin Tennessee
    "You have heard and read about the state of Tennessee Down in the southern states is where I want to be Where the valleys are so green and the mountains are so tall You will know just what I mean when you"
  • Bill Monroe Tennessee
    "1. You have heard and read about the state of Tennessee. Down in the southern states is where I want to be. Where the valleys are so green and mountains are so tall. You will know just what"
  • Manic Street Preachers Tennessee
    "Your dream can never earn enough Ultimate nihilistic love Tennessee nights just zip-code love Always believe the comfort of strangers Tennessee eyes graffiti once blue Media sells a trace of hate Media"
  • Shawn Colvin Tennessee
    "S. Colvin - J. Leventhal I got a cool head doin' alright But I been up here so long I was starving For some hot spells, summer lights Shinin' on your back roads Tennessee Somebody hit me hard Right in"
  • Silver Jews Tennessee
    "I saw the river playing in the valley Rushin' 'round the bend and skippin' stones I saw the meadow wobble in the moonlight I've come to get my girl and take her home Her doorbell plays a bar of Stephen"
  • Kevin Rudolf Tennessee
    "(feat. Birdman) I was comin' back from Tennessee, Longest road I ever seen. Part of me wanted to stay, Part of me just had to leave. Comin' back from Tennessee, Six feet up from the grave Who did you"

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