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peja back in the days feat krolik underwood

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peja back in the days feat krolik underwood

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peja back in the days feat krolik underwood
  • RPS/WHR Back In the Days (ft. Kroolik Underwood)
    "Prawie najmniejszy w klasie Ale byłem asem w chuj Rozwalałem większość lekcji Notorycznie siałem gnój Cwany .. idzie w bój W starych lumpach i bez kapci Bez kanapek czy rozterek Bez napoju czy w szatni Ktoś"
    "Lubie Limahla - Never Ending Story Horrory, książki, w filmach potwory Pizzę, spaghetti I ostre kebaby Chciałbym mieć w chacie ze złota sztaby Tak aby nigdy w domu nie zabrakło kasy W rękawie mieć asy,"
  • Carrie Underwood Carrie Underwood
    "Verse 1 It was two weeks after the day she turned 18 all dressed in white, going to the church that night She had his box of letters in the passenger seat, six pence in her shoe something borrowed something"
  • Fionn Regan The Underwood Typewriter
    "The roots too deep below the ground, I like to walk with you in the evening, Up the hill and back down, I watch the mailboat from the clearing My mind is so confused, I climb back on top of you, And"
  • White House Records Firewall (ft. Peja, Śliwa, Kroolik Underwood)
    "Peja: Wjebany w te bębny i brudne sample jak ćpun Potrzebuje tych pętli, znów White House, SLU To nieśmiertelne crew i jego 5 elementów Jest L.A, Magiera, Underwood i SLW Poczęstuj się klimatem to ten"
  • Fun Factory Back in the days
    "You and I remember the time when we had some fun and together as one you and me in the sun and now it's all over we went different ways remember the time it was back in the days It was back in the days"
  • Royce Da 5'9 Back In The Days
    "Woman: Jerome!, Jerome! Put on that Bobby Womack Man: Naw, Girl I Wanna go way back Check This Out (Teddy Pendergrass' "Turn off the lights" starts) Chorus: Back In the days when I was young Im not"
  • Shaggy Back In The Days
    "Straight outta Flatbush, always tek it back (Whoa oh) Fi yuh peeps (Whoa whoa whoa oh) Don't worry about it, it's been brought up Cause you never know what your gonna turn out to be (No oh oooh oooh)"
  • Psychopunch Back in the Days
    "I got a sixpack baby & I'm ready to go Are you coming with me I wanna know I suffer hard but that's ok Tomorrow brings a brand new day I check the time & man I know I'm late The future is a pile of shit"
  • Trick Daddy Back In The Days
    "Back in the days It wasn't no AIDS It wasn't no AK's More afros than braids Wasn't nuttin for a boy to get a straight fade But not no mo Niggaz done twist up the fro Let it lock and grow Quick to go"
  • Paris Back In The Days
    "On the scene back again with the mothafuckin' grip 93 was the year P Dog came rippin' shit Bouncin' out the belly of the beast And still the same nigga That was hollerin': "Fuck peace!" But check"
  • Kroolik Underwood Fabryka hitów (feat. Peja, RPS)
    "Chciałbyś mieć swój najlepszy song, Żeby przy nim ruszać w takt głową, bujać tak nią Chciałbyś mieć swój najlepszy hit, który zabrzmi tobie w uszach, Kiedy nastanie świt Na raz ( raz, dwa, trzy), na"
  • Band Ahmad Back In That Days
    "Back in the days when i was young im no a kid anymore but somedays i sit and whish i was a kid again (2xs) Back in the days ... when i was just a little niggga I looked up to my biga bro. begged if i"
  • Don Williams Back In My Younger Days
    "Back in my younger days, I used to go all night Now I just stay at home, and everything is all right Back when I first met you, I used to live in a haze That was so long ago, back in my younger days I"
    "I wish somebody would have told me that some day these will be the good old days all the love you won’t forget and all these reckless nights you won’t regret someday soon, your whole life’s gonna change you’ll"
  • Screaming Trees Days
    "Do you remember old dead eyes in the sun Days last forever through somewhere we run Doesn't look so bad with a voice beyond your head With some experience we'll go Anything here that you see is in the"
  • Machine Men Back From The Days
    "Do we ever give any thoughts for the heroes of our days Who fought for freedom and future Prayed in the dark - and rain at night washed their tears away Saved a wounded man, turned towards the bullet rain And"
  • CeCe Winans Bring Back The Days
    "A time of innocence and love Could we go back to how it was? I remember when life was so simple You did or you didn't You would or you wouldn't But it ain't like that anymore I remember when life was so"
  • Avicii THE DAYS (feat. Robbie Williams)
    "Under the tree where the grass don't grow We made a promise to never get old You had a chance and you took it on me And I made a promise that I couldn't keep Heart ache, heart break All over town But"
  • Avicii The Days (feat. Brandon Flowers)
    "Under the tree where the grass don't grow We made a promise to never get old You had a chance and you took it on me And I made a promise that I couldn't keep Heart ache, heart break All over town But"

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