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pennywise revolution

  • Pennywise - Pennywise
    "clear your mind hide your fear don't look around don't turn around pennywise is here evil lurks in his eyes the clown they call pennywise he's a monster he's not human he's more than just a figment"
  • Pennywise - Rhubarb
    "Call me Pennywise and see What it means to me The things that set you free Don't mean as much to me Call me anything you please Things you may believe For all your perfect plans I'm not a lesser man So"
  • Pennywise - Land Down Under.Mp3 - Pennywise
    "Travelling in a fried-out combie On a hippie trail, head full of zombie I met a strange lady, she made me nervous Took me in and gave me breakfast And she said, "Do you come from a land down under? Where"
  • Revolution - The Cult
    "Pictures of never ending dreams I can't see what these images mean Locked inside me Can't set the rainbows free Like perishing flowers They sag and twist and die There's a revolution There's a revolution,"
  • Revolution - Brides Of Destruction
    "Revolution, revolution Proceed mission bride injection Operation mass destruction Disengage governed protection Nation damnation World domination Revolution institution coming to ya Smells of revolution Revolution"
  • Revolution - Jean Michel Jarre
    "Revolution! Human; Not Human Freedom; No Freedom Change; No Change Revolution! Employment; No Employment Choice; No Choice Memory; No Memory Revolution! Revolution! Sex; No Sex TV; No TV Furture; No Future Revolution! Computer;"
  • Revolution - Klubbingman
    "I remember the place I remember the days we start from heaven to earth we call it revolution. Remember the days we call it revolution wonderful days we call it revolution magical love we call it revolution"
  • Revolution - Die Prinzen
    "Revolution, Revolution Revolution 365 Tage Sonnenschein In den Straen werden Palmen sein Managergehlter werden Mindestlohn Jeder kriegt nen BMW zur Kommunion Wir haben keine Korruption in der Politik Im"
  • Revolution - Built To Spill
    "I'm killing time want it all the time want it to go away I'm stealin' time want time all the time or want it to go away revolution revolution revolution revolution how come people don't fuck it up it's"
  • Revolution - Yngwie Malmsteen
    "And now the end begins. The world is dying from within. But the game is still the same. Just different players. To fuel the flames. Now is the time to shed our skin. And we must repent our sins. It's"
  • Revolution - Judas Priest
    "If you think it's over Better think again There'll be no compromise Turning up the power Feel adrenaline Move into overdrive Here comes the revolution Time for retribution If you think I'd back down Or"
  • Revolution - R3hab & NERVO & Ummet Ozcan
    "I got a love that keeps on fighting It keeps on I got a heart that keeps on trying It keeps on We got this planet it keeps evolving It keeps on Even when our hope is broken We keep on Keep on There?s"
  • Revolution - Robbie Williams
    "Don't fight the feeling, relax Oh child the knot's in your back 'Cause you've been holding on I feel you when you're reaching out I'll talk you through memories Just keep breathing with me It's time to"
  • Revolution - Crematory
    "They'll never stop our will to live free from pain and fear they cannot bring us down all your gird go out and justify the revolution The beginning of the age - to start revolution now break and leave"
  • Revolution - Bergfeuer
    "1. Blaue Flecken in der Seele, aber glcklich wie noch nie, denn nach langen, weiten Wegen bin ich endlich doch am Ziel. Ich will leben, ich will lieben, durch das Tor der Freiheit geh'n, und ich"
  • Revolution - Rivermaya
    "I could be a dreamer I could be insane But we don't need no Superman To paint a brighter day We only need to gather A million little flames And if you sing along I'm / Were gonna find a way "
  • Revolution - Dennis Brown
    "Do you know what it means to have a revolution? And what it takes to make a solution? Fighting against oppression Bettering down depression Are you ready to stand up and fight the right revolution? Are"
  • Revolution - Kamelot
    "I stand before you blood of mine A simple man of simple words I expect no songs of praise when I am dead Let my lament of endless gray Light a fire in your hands To forge a future we can call our own So"
  • Revolution - R.E.M.
    "Your revolution is a silly idea, yeah All your friends are feeling had It's like you need a reason to be feeling bad You sport an armband when your good and mad la la la la revolution (the future never"
  • Revolution - Arrested Development
    "This is Headliner from Arrested Development, and I come here tonight To give thanks to ithe rain, so brothers and sisters please put down your Umbrellas, you won't be needing those today Look to the clouds"

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