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  • Perfect - One Direction
    "("Perfect" to singel pochodzący z płyty "Made In The AM" grupy One Direction. Premierę piosenki amerykański boysband zaplanował na 16 października 2015 roku. "Perfect" to drugi, po "Drag Me Down", utwór"
  • Perfect One - Lit
    "I'm an ordinary man With an ordinary life Does she know that I'm alive Man she's really something else You're the perfect one And I don't expect a thing from you at all You're the perfect one And I can't"
  • Perfect One - Sneaker Pimps
    "( Ten to Twenty EP ) Place your mark on me now Hang your star on my form Hold your hope to my arm Place your faith on my charm This is how I would This is all our time to tell This is how we spread over"
  • Perfect - Burn Season
    "I can't be held responsible For anything that I say to you tonight And I won't be help responsible For anything that I want to do to you Expect the unexpected Can tell you've been neglected Like you."
  • Perfect - Army Of Me
    "It's time that I got myself a nice suit So that I could look respectable for you And it's time that I built myself a refuge So that I could hide away if I so choose These days it feels that everything"
  • Perfect - Thirteen Senses
    "Clothes to us dressed in ironed shirts The smoke it fills our homes, But its nice to feel it Rise up through my bones, Take it easy as it goes and laughs the most Who ever lights a fire No one sweat"
  • Perfect - Darin Zanyar
    "The way you kinda sing out of tuneAnd how you make me feel when I'm with youYou never edit what you sayYou do your own thing your own wayThe..uh way...ayYour life's such a messColors...they don'tMatch"
  • Perfect - Princess Superstar
    "Woo One, two, three, four Let me hear you scream if you want some more Like uhh, push it, push it Watch me work it, I'm perfect One, two, three, four Let me hear you scream if you want some more Like uhh,"
  • Perfect - Die Happy
    "Sometimes the answer To all of my questions Are to much for me to hear Truth can be painfull And hard to prepare for I'm glad I've got you near If I had a heart of stone I could turn the other cheek But"
  • Perfect - Camouflage
    "Babylon's quiet, Neonlight's telling, Short cuts of night, Asphalt sucked in the sun, Now we're breathing as one. Waves in your smile, Raves when you watch me, I look aside, To take a lift off"
  • Perfect - Jon McLaughlin
    "I used to stare up into the sky,and fill the space around with my whysbut now I've got it all figured out,and I'm embarrassed that it took me till now,The simple answers in her repliesUnlock the universe"
  • Perfect - Living Sacrifice
    "Let it take hold. We have perverted, destroyed the truth Exchanged for a slant or fiction that feeds the part of me That will become the darkest place of all. One thought, one word spoken All of this exists"
  • Perfect - Lifer
    "at one time close now somehow far no more oppression no more scabs to heal or pick open again attention strayed from everything i will never believe you i don't think anything is true is anything"
  • Perfect - Nobodys
    "Blonde hair and brown eyes. She really turns me on. First time that i saw her, she was f**king ron. I don't know what she does but she does it to me, but taylor wayne's the only girl that i will ever need. I"
  • Perfect - Krezip
    "you're flying high high above everybody you are the one the one we all wanna be you never cry no there's just no reason to you're never alone 'cause there's someone to be you are so beautiful it is unbelievable you"
  • One Perfect Something - Edgewater
    "she says she's sick of all the things that fall she makes.. no sense tonight her minds alright but age sets in cuz she's pushing away her flight of life its out reflecting a thousand miles of light Just"
  • One Perfect Lie - Gary Numan
    "One One perfect lie Was it told Too soon and One One perfect life Turned to stone Cold mercy I Kneel Down by Your grave I Kneel Down torn And guilty Did I let you down Say goodbye Too soon and Did You"
  • One Perfect Day - Adrienne Pierce
    "I don't know you, not sure I want to You're far away, so far, so far My resistance, it's the distance I am far away, so far, so far Just one day, it's o-o-over One, one perfect day Let's keep, keep it"
  • One Perfect Moment - Bad Examples
    "Bad Examples Bad Is Beautiful One Perfect Moment Maybe we don't belong together I won't tell if you won't worry There's time enough for time to tell What's going on - i'm in no hurry Don't look now, the"
  • Perfect Survivor - Star One
    "(Captain:) We wake up in our spaceship from a year in hypersleep. On our way back to our system we receive a message from an uncharted planet. We decide to go in. We see a giant spacecraft whose crew has"

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