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perfum genius

  • Genius - LSD
    "Labrinth Do you think I'm stupid? Do you think I'm bat shit crazy, having you on my mind? Do you think I'm helpless? My algebra gon' equal you every time Do you think I'm calling? Do you think I'm calling"
  • Genius - The Exies
    "She's a wonderful wonder And she crashed down like a thunder She arrives at the moment I leave A battle-ground for an eye I love my evil genius I love my evil genius Nothing can come between us I'm in"
  • Genius - Julia Fordham
    "Genio! You would have to be a genius to work out what it is with us And I'm no budding genius so what would I know? You would have to have a first degree to understand the history Or study anthropology,"
  • Genius - Frenzal Rhomb
    "Walking by myself oh how I wish with some one else Oh we could be so strong It didn't have to happen if I bought myself a gun He would've been on the run What fun 'cause he's a Fucking Genius He's"
  • Genius - Murmurs
    "She's got something to say to the world She wants to know if she could tie it up So it can't move, she is feeling inspired She said it's too cool for it's own good She's kinda freaky She's kinda"
  • Genius - Duncan Sheik
    "Clearly I'm a genius If she only knew it But somewhere in her radius I really blew it I know, I know what I said to her And I know what I did What I don't know is how I could ever be So incredibly stupid Chorus: (you"
  • Genius - Warren Zevon
    "(Warren Zevon and Larry Klein) I've got a bitter pot of je ne sais quoi Guess what-I'm stirring it with a monkey's paw Since I saw you coming out of my barber's shop In that skimpy little halter top Did"
  • Genius - Inara George
    "Everybody wants to be a genius You're not the only one With all the things that you might do Which one of them will you get to? Tomorrow when you wake up And you'll... show them... Nobody wants to break"
  • Genius - Dandy Warhols
    "I'll take the blameif I ever want toFor what my little brainhas been throughI know to sayThings I never meant toTo seem a little more saneCause that's what it takesIf I ever could winIf I ever could seeIf"
  • Genius - LSD (Sia, Labrinth & Diplo)
    "do you think I;m stupid do you think I;m bat shit crazy having you on my mind do you think I;m helpless my algebra gone equal you every time do you think I;m calling do you think I;m calling out youe"
  • Genius - The Dandy Warhols
    "I'll take the blame If I ever want to For what my little brain Has been through I know I say Things I never meant to To seem a little more sane 'Cause that's what it takes If I ever could win If I ever"
  • Genius - Kings Of Leon
    "Everybody wants to be a showman Yeah they all got another one Everybody think they got a genius Everybody got me on the run Sometimes I think they come here Just so you can say that you can And I"
  • Genius - Luxx
    "You don't need to be a Genius To get where you want Take a word frome me, philosophy self-designed You just put your fine ass on the line everyday Got to stick it out get a life make your way You can't"
  • Genius - Pitchshifter
    "Control, formation, G.O.D., information. Control, formation, G.O.D., information. Believe me when I tell you we know who you are - information, (in formation), violation. Just do as I say don't question"
  • Genius - Demon
    "If only they knew what we're doing Who knows, we might have a chance If only they'd hear what I'm saying God knows, we might have a chance To make a contribution A standing Institution I remember the dream"
  • Insanity & Genius - Gamma Ray
    "Therefore I'm laying down in laughter Mighty, the mightiest life hereafter The trip we started hasn't finished here And while we think there's not a shade of fear Black points jump in crossing lines "
  • Hey Genius - Rebekah
    "If you'd set the stars in the sky Or if you had won a nobel prize Or if you sent a rocket to the moon I'd respect you I'd accept you If the wheel was your invention Or if a cure for cancer your intention Or"
  • Pretty Genius - No-Man
    "feel the miracle every day, count the numbers fill the cup. every move in every way. every move is built on blood. (chorus 1:) go find your brightest colors, tear all your curtains down. don't hide beneath"
  • Gene Genius - Avalon
    "I don't know What I'm feeling Can't you see What's going on I am Gene I'm a genius But something happened The human touch Tries to corrupt My way too much I am a bit confused United units start A rivalry"
  • Evil genius - Pat Benatar
    "They were so ecstatic when the letter arrived A certified genius at the age of five They planned his future so carefully He was everything they hoped he'd be He was a model child, a devoted son Loved and"

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