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perfwect two

  • Two - Kemopetrol
    "Took the late train heading home again caught the cold during the wait Can the diary capture all I feel? or can my memory keep things real? For my love requires two persons one side is never quite enough my"
  • Two - King's X
    "two words love, hate where are you you know who you are two words love, hate touch me truly where are you you know who you are so i'm asking you so far don't know where to look anymore, i can't find"
  • Two - Ryan Adams
    "If you take me back Back to your place I'll try not to bother you I promise 'Cause it's cold in here And I wish it was hot The sink's broke, it's leaking from the faucet And i'm fractured from the fall And"
  • Two - Ill Nino
    "You think you're so right You think you know that You think you know this You think you know everything You take advantage You take for granted You think we're friends But I can say we're not When will"
  • Two - Motel Connection
    "Album: Give Me A Good Reason To WakeE Up (2002) Dream an answer all day Its gonna keep me from pain Wild heat all around I dont look the same Beat on wood, fly, Ride and dream again An invitation"
  • Two - Psapp
    "I told you now the hairs on your head are numbered no sight no sound nothing to put you under I took an hour I took a day I hoped to hide you away But it was not to be you fell right out of me and who"
  • Two - Sesame Street
    "2 is my favorite number 2 is neat 2 is being together 2 is sweet 2 is you and another someone having fun 2 is simple 2 is easy All 2 is is 1 and 1 2 is all laughing and loving 2 is right! 2 is somebody's"
  • Two - Subsonica
    "Dream an answer all dayIts gonna keep me from painWild heat all aroundI dont look the sameBeat on wood, fly,Ride and dream againAn invitation forI dont know the dayFeel the sun, that shineSo feel that"
  • Two & Two - Talib Kweli
    "They wanna know (All you have to do) know how I do Maybe you don't (All you have to do is call me... call me) Why you playing, why you playing? I be going like two and two With some hot shit ready to spit"
  • Two And Two - Grant Lee Buffalo
    "You crawl up my vine and my soul's unwound Clouds are miles down as the song unwinds I'm conducting nothing anything at all No I know I know If I lose the floor I don't want no twist Want to bite through"
  • Two By Two - Quasi
    "You've left at last, I knew you could, Leaving nothing to remember you by Except how to be happy & how not to care anymore. Two by two - these things weren't meant for you. Your call never came, I wish"
  • Two Days Short Tomorrow - Two Gallants
    "My darling, my darling are you as composed as the space you fill? you know there's little reason to demand what cant be given from the heads you fill and you aim your thoughts homeward as if you had"
  • Two By Two - The Features
    "I will love you till the sun don't shine Hold you in my arms and call you mine United as the states divide We're gonna make it if we try We can work it all out It's not what it seems Holding on to your"
  • Two Plus Two - Backseat Goodbye
    "We skipped town two or so nights ago To see what the deal was With these reoccurring dreams we've been having About night's we never spent outside It was inevitable that we would end up A little bit bored,"
  • Two Zero Two - Northstar
    "What's this odd game that's all over the airwaves? it's their loose lips that laid me so sick with an ear pinned down on your chest and all i heard were sighs from that shotgun that she hides so well,"
  • Two two three - Icicle Works
    "Baby I can't win your favoursI can't gat you highBut I would love to taste your honeyLick it let me tryWanna suck you up insideAnd lubricate your wheelsJump on while my engine's runningSee how good it"
  • One Two, One Two - Ultramagnetic Mcs
    "One two one two, one two one two One two one two, one two one two! One two one two, one two one two! I just step and I rap rap Move and you clap clap Dance and wiggle, and little feets go tap tap Over"
  • One Two, One Two - Ultramagnetic MC's
    "(Kool Keith) One two one two, one two one two One two one two, one two one two! One two one two, one two one two! I just step and I rap rap Move and you clap clap Dance and wiggle, and little feets go"
  • Two hearts, two kisses - Shakin' Stevens
    "One hearts not luck baby, Two hearts make you feel crazy. One kiss make you feel so nice, Two kisses put you in paradise. Two hearts, two kisses makes one love, Two hearts beat as one deep, Two arms baby"
  • One Two One Two - Lumidee
    "(Bruk Up) Yah man! (Lumidee) Lumidee Bruk Up! (Bruk Up) Ay, Bruk Up! (Lumidee) Let's show them how to do this right here (hahahah) How they need to go to the moon for this It so stupid man! (Let's"

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