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  • No Fure Os Olhos Da Verdade - Charlie Brown Jr.
    "Tiro de traante No circuito da noite maurcios e patrcias Seguidores da onda iludidos da vida Eu estava cansado procurei uma sada Porque a noite no muda, ela s se recicla Ser punk no isso, muito mais"
  • Fury - Yngwie Malmsteen
    ""I now will tell you all a story, That no one ever heard before. It is the tale about the fury, Remember wisdom is your strength. It said you're such a fool Just let my evil rule *Chorus* No, it's burning"
  • Fury - Prince
    "U must have heard it on the news this morning Congratulations! New star is born Sun 2 his shadow, rose 2 a thorn There ain't no fury like a woman scorned Y'all must have dug it, when u did your thang It's"
  • Fury - Machinae Supremacy
    "And now I lay awake My eyes unclosed The fire snake Superimposed On our barren world tonight. Simple but supreme The dragon roar Evil and mean I hear it soar Not far above our world tonight. Now the immortal"
  • Fury - Frankie Goes To Hollywood
    "Life goes on day after day Hearts torn in every way So ferry 'cross the Mersey 'cause this land's the place I love And here I'll stay And here Ill"
  • Fur - And One
    "Die Hand die selten fhrtSie zeigt den tiefsten PunktIm weg immer whrendAuf unseren letzten wahren GrundEin Gebet ,ein Wunsch , ein GedichtWelches uns zu helfen vermagFr die Garde der letzten ZweiflerMarschbefehl"
  • Fur - Rasmus
    "wandering in the woods lurking in the dark searching for preys explotion of rage feather like image odorless smell a skin made of silk and who also rides the wind a fortress to hang on mighty wall to"
  • Fury - Muse
    "You're so happy now Burning a candle at both ends Your self-loving soothes And softens the blows you've invented Breathe in deep, and cleanse away our sins And we'll pray that there's no God To punish"
  • Fur - Nasum
    "An industry substained by our desireto force suffering on othersTheir lives for leather...all for our fashion...you're taking their skin...you're taking their lives!You fat, rich upper class piece of shit"
  • Fura Fura - Afonso Zeca
    "Veio l da terra Um homem Tentar a ventura Pe a roupa Na maleta L vai de abalada No pensa em voltar Faz como a formiga Fura fura Fura sem parar Pela estrada fora Era j Meia-noite Só ces a ladrar A chuva"
  • Fur immer - Doro
    "Bleib' dir treuNiemals auseinandergeh'hWerden zueinandersteh'nFur immerKeine machtWird uns jemals trennenWerde wie ein tier drum kampfenDu lernst mich kennen!Denn freunde geh'n mir uber alles-immer-Ich"
  • Fury Eyes - The Creatures
    "Punch me Judy, make me cry You'll disappear, and then I'll die A love that's lost always returns To feed the fire of a heart that burns There's no sleep for fury eyes So deep are the eyes of fury"
  • Sound & Fury - Youth Brigade
    "Your heart starts beating faster and your blood begins to boil The music gets into your veins and there's a feeling to destroy All the hate and anger has been building up inside Got to let it out somehow"
  • Do fury - EKIPA
    "Utwór Ekipa 'Do fury' pochodzi z albumu Ekipy zatytułowanego 'Sezon 3'. Płyta Ekipa 'Sezon 3' na w ręce fanów trafi 26 czerwca 2021 roku."
  • Chaos Fury - Vomitory
    "Music: T Gustafsson, Dalegren Lyrics: Rundqvist Insane, chaos of death Invasions, fury against fury Landmasses explode Change owners day by day Global participation Global extermination An extinction"
  • Blind Fury - Armageddon
    "Standing on the edge of madness Waiting for the call Locked away and isolated In a neurotic fantasy I fight against the evil spell The force of silence Sliding down the slope of sadness Burning from"
  • Fleeting Fury - Teen Idles
    "Cries of anarchy, cries of freedom Cries of fury in the United Kingdom Started out loud, started out young Started out poor and just for fun Tales of youth fighting back Just another load of crap The clothes"
  • Fleeting Fury - Teen Idols
    "cries of anarchy, cries of freedom cries of fury in the united kingdom = started out loud, started out young started out poor and just for fun = tales of youth fighting back just another load of crap the"
  • Invernal Fury - Rhapsody
    "Cold is the nordic winter while snow Falls down mystical lights dance in the Sky to the winds of night Invernal fury crossing my heart fill all My soul kiss with your wonderful song My land with love Rage"
  • Perpetual Fury - Highlord
    "( Music:Alessandro Muscio - Words:Stefano Droetto/Alessandro Muscio ) Burning skies, Angels of hell are marching through the stars Showing me weak lights through the dark curtains of all your secret"

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