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  • In Slow Time - Peter Hammill
    "Dance the dance dance the dance till show time the show goes on. Dance the dance dance the dance in slow time if that's what you want. Dance the dance in the back of the car dance the dance in the cocktail"
  • Pushing Thirty - Peter Hammill
    "Seems the fashion's for one-liners these days, the kind that get up everyone's nose, so much back-slapping that the vertabrae are fatally exposed... Me, I'm pushing thirty, pulling sixteen, though much"
  • The Second Hand - Peter Hammill
    "See the old man acting like a fool, yeah, he's running from the ambulance. When he was a youngster he broke all the rules now he says that was just accident. Always had the feeling he was going to die"
  • Trappings - Peter Hammill
    "He could have been so great, he could have had it all, he had it on a plate, but he threw it at the wall. And he can't know why, but he still said "yes" to the easy lie and the poisoned vest... the trappings"
  • Now Lover - Peter Hammill
    "In the here and now... Between sensation at the nerve-ends and arrival of information at the cortex time elapses. So, you see, each time we touch we did so in the past. Now, lover, slicing through time"
  • You Hit Me Where I Live - Peter Hammill
    "There was something in the conversation, ancient languages were breaking through; I was falling for infatuation how about you? You say it's nothing special, that's just the way it is... you hit me where"
  • Too Many Of My Yesterdays - Peter Hammill
    "So many years ago, I thought you were the one who knows when people change, surrender into strangeness, adrift upon their lives, encompassed by the past? Who knows which one becomes the last goodbye? Don't"
  • The Noise - Peter Hammill
    "I loved the Noise, electric breath; Noise filled the emptiness, roared in the emptiness. A noise to strip the paper clean off the wall, a noise to crack the masonry like a breaking-ball, the cutting edge"
  • Celebrity Kissing - Peter Hammill
    "Celebrity kissing, this has got to stop; yeah, they're swarming like flies, they're like bees around the honeypot. Celebrity kissing, will it never end? Well, you know and I know this is only pretence... You"
  • Where The Mouth Is - Peter Hammill
    "Money where the mouth is, pennies on the eyes. Yeah, times are hard and you find that you're in trouble but it's hard to sympathize. You talk up quite a story, you blow the bubble well. Money where the"
  • Here Come The Talkies - Peter Hammill
    "Hair in the gate, let's take a minute to find out where this character's lost his way... unless I'm much mistaken I'm at the limit of what I can and can't say. Something untoward seems to be occurring, the"
  • Far-Flung (Across The Sky) - Peter Hammill
    "Alone beneath a foreign sky I wonder could I be any further flung than this? Against the winds which cast me to this distant shoreline I can still blow a kiss to fly off in migration, heading homeward with"
  • The American Girl - Peter Hammill
    "She doesn't eat, she doesn't sleep for if she slept then she would dream about this: a place where she'd be treated with respect and sympathy. The American girl set her sights on the old world, thinking"
  • Wendy & The Lost Boy - Peter Hammill
    "Dear Wendy, I still believe the promises we swore upon when we were magic. This came to me as in a dream: my heart was in your hands. Wendy, do you believe in promises? The problem is the boy became a"
  • The Mousetrap (Caught In) - Peter Hammill
    "After all is said and done, not very much will have been either way: I'm a chronicler of action, I'm an actor in the play. I know the lines I have to speak, I know that I won't ever quit, corpse, or dry, but"
  • Energy Vampires - Peter Hammill
    "Hunched in the corner of the dressing-room, trying to get back to the real... Uh-oh, here they come, ready for their meal: Energy Vampires, crawling out of the wall, they want to steal my vitality, they"
  • If I Could - Peter Hammill
    "You must be crazy to stay here, and I'll be crazy when you go; though there's so much I want to tell you all the words come out too slow. I've been locked in my problems, you seemed prepared to wait... now"
  • Still In The Dark - Peter Hammill
    "Oh, brighter than a thousand suns, the march towards the stars on the wheel, on the car, off the plane, off the planet and on in the search. Yes, we pray in the dark in the Sciences' church. Upon the"
  • Faith - Peter Hammill
    "Each moment is precious those that I spend with you are a prize I count myself lucky just being alive while you're in my eyes. Seeing's believing and I believe in you I can't conceal it, just what I"
  • Empire Of Delight - Peter Hammill
    "Memory extends its empire, holds the frame but blurs the line. Some other time invades the sense, a moment caught and lost, second sight. Suddenly I feel you near me, worlds away and close as this. One"

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