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pewex tap madl

  • TAP TAP - Pullover
    "There is tell … was allude All the TV commercial You have to have this washing Will change your live You have to have, You have to have You have to Is only single tap tap Only single tap to tap Only"
  • Love Tap - Barnes And Barnes
    "Barnes And Barnes Spazchow Love Tap l flew to the coast To play guest to her host In a scene too bizarre to believe She accused me of lies And she blackened my eyes When I told her that I had to leave She"
  • Tap That - Megan McCauley
    "Yeah Uh uh uh Huh huh Oh snap, look at that There you go Where you at Slow it down, baby (baby) We should go crazy (Crazy) Tempt you Tease you (uh huh) Anything you wanna do (uh huh) I'll give it to you"
  • Tap Dance - Original Cast
    "conceived, choreographed and directed by MICHAEL BENNET book by JAMES KIRKWOOD and NICHOLAS DANTE music by MARVIN HAMLISCH lyrics by EDWARD KLEBAN FOLLOWS "One" (During tap combination auditions.) SHEILA God,"
  • The Tap - Autamata
    "Well the clock is ticking over, ever nearer to the day And the body next to me is drifting further and further away I am het up, overheating, not sleeping, reliving my past mistakes Maybe it's all imagination Won't"
  • Twist, Tap, Snap - Sugar Ray
    "a thousand U.S. dollars its on a mountain of speed no need to know my whereabouts, cause you get what you need I love it when you come around I love it when you find me gone no time to think about can't"
  • Tap, Twist, Snap - Sugar Ray
    "a thousand U.S. dollars on a mountain of speed no need to know my whereabouts, cause you get what you need I love it when you come around & I love it when you find me gone no time to think about can't"
  • The Tap Combination - Chorus Line Soundtrack
    "Chorus Line Soundtrack Miscellaneous The Tap Combination LARRY (To the GROUP) Okay, the tap combination, A five, six, seven, eight ... SHEILA God, when it's over do I need a drink! MIKE He's got to know"
  • Wire Tap Out - Flee The Seen
    "No time, caution sign Seconds before the second look Reveals this receiver To send this disclaimer I'm calling you out I said, get out And as the temperature is falling Calling out the final warning"
  • Tap on your shoulder - Embrace
    "When good times are over and you crawl for miles just to hold her I'll tap on your shoulder ohh yeah I'll tap on your shoulder ohh yeah The girl won't stop till she's told ya, She feels that weak cause"
  • Double Tap (feat. 2 Chainz) - Jordin Sparks
    "Hair done faded and I'm on one Bet I look better than ya last one Everybody know we don't care Instafamous over night, Don't be scared to admit it Seen you look from the start On my Instagram you be lookin' Secret"
  • Tap Dancing On A Highwire - Ilse DeLange
    "Bright lights and funny clowns Hammin' it up on the circus grounds Horses, big parade Such a pretty sight, this love we made From way up here, life's just a ball With you by my side, love is worth the"
  • Self immolation (Vein Tap Mix) - Fear Factory
    "Skin Your scars Surface is Rusty blades Self immolation crying out Self immolation crying out Self immolation crying out Self immolation crying out Oblivion Your weakness Is your temper Is your temper "
  • Def Wish IV (Tap That Azz) - Mc Eiht
    ""Oh nigga guess what! Word got back about the little marks who jacked you! I know where they be kickin it at Down with a 187?" Eeerrr... Geah Geah In the muthafuckin house, fool For the 9 to the fizive-O The"
  • Hip Hop Bommi Bop (Tap Into America-Mix) - Die Toten Hosen
    "Are you ready? I came across the ocean on a subway line, invited to a wedding party of some friends of mine. North, south, east even west, I knew when I arrived the party would be fresh. So my train stopped"
  • On Tap, In The Can, Or In The Bottle - Hank Thompson
    "ON TAP, IN THE CAN, OR IN THE BOTTLE Writers Hank Thompson, Dick Hart On tap, in the can or in the bottle To me it will all taste the same Down the hatch cause my throat's open throttle My heart is"
  • Body & Show (vs. C-BooL) - PeWeX
    "Czy czujesz to? Power na maxa ziom! Gruby melanż, PeWeX! Hi Łi Goł! Na mikrofonie KaRRamBus daje szoł Dyskdżokej C-BooL miesza za konsolą Najlepsza muza w mieście i ja ją mam Najlepsza muza i ja Ci ją"
  • Dziunia 2013 - PeWeX
    "Ja Tobie mówię, mówię Ja Tobie mówię, mówię Szukam niuni, szukam dziuni dzisiaj na bounce Gites lans, wie to dobrze każda z was Z telewizora mnie słoneczko trochę znasz Ja jestem Pewex złoto, hajs, lans"
  • Sexi Dziunia - PeWeX
    "Elo, elo Pewex wita wszystkie dziunie Super niunie Oh, fajne przelalunie Wypasioną furą Pewex do was sunie Gruby melanż niunie Tonight w VIP roomie Wybiorę z was taka wow super sexi Długie włosy blond"
  • Szlachta Nie Pracuje - PeWeX
    "Cześć to ja, Tak Ekstraklasa koneser życia, cały czas na wczasach Bliscy znajomi mówią do mnie Mesio ja jestem zarobiony, wiesz, hajs co miesiąc mam ułożone, 500+ na żonę różne dodatki, na dzieci"

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