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piece of paper

  • A Piece Of Paper - Gladstone
    "In order to form a more perfect union A man and a woman become husband and wife A piece of paper says they'll start a new life A piece of paper says it's alright In order to form a more perfect union"
  • Scrap Piece Of Paper - Paul Brandt
    "Well, in a little bitty nitty gritty one-horse town Right side up or upside down A tiny piece of paper got stuck to a boot And it stayed there stuck for about an hour or two 'Til the man climbed in his"
  • Just Another Piece Of Paper - Glen Campbell
    "Once I had a piece of paper It was supposed to mean that you were mine It looked like any other piece of paper, But I thought there was love between the lines, But it was... Just another piece of paper And"
  • 2 Piece - Tech N9ne
    "Watch yo mouth when you're talkin to me, I'll knock you out (One! Two!) Piece definately I hold it (down) For my block, for my hood, for my sector Look at what ya mouth got ya Niggas shoulda held it (down) Watch"
  • Piece - ZZ Top
    "Piece I want a little piece I want a little piece of your love I' ve been here, I' ve been there Seems like I' ve been everywhere Lookin' around lookin' for a release I'm just lookin' around Piece"
  • Piece - Imani Coppola
    "Piece Come take my hand, and I'll show you to a place. A spacey place. A place with space. Where there's a base, and a case, and floand a vase. And my,my,my. In this world, it's hard to find, within yourself, some"
  • Plenty Of Paper - Eisley
    "Something's growing under that wing I think a face is dawning Oh no the books are growing faces And you're lost quite classically With your nose in a book And it seems so fitting And perhaps this is the"
  • Paper Lies - Marillion
    "(Helmer/Hogarth/Kelly/Mosley/Rothery/Trewavas) Good morning! When you look into the mirror Do you see a face you hardly recognise If you look into the sun too long Do the things you see begin to burn"
  • Empty Paper - Astrid
    "Give me a piece of paper and I'll write My whole life for you down I think I'll return an empty paper but Don't throw it away, it's still my life Maybe I'll ever write a word when I've found it Yes, I'm"
  • Empty Paper - Astrid Van Der Veen
    "Give me a piece of paper and I'll write My whole life for you down I think I'll return an empty paper but Don't throw it away, it's still my life Maybe I'll ever write a word when I've found it Yes, I'm"
  • Paper boy - Sister Act
    "He was a boy she was a girl can i make it ne more obvioushe was a geekshe did fencingwat more can i say?he wanted her but she wasnt so surehe liked to pick his noseall of her friends thout he was cutewhen"
  • Paper Up - Planet Asia
    "(Planet Asia) Yeah Ye-ye-ye-yeah, ye-ye, ye-yeah Ah one two (Repeat 4X) La la la la la LAH, la la-lah (verse One) I was chillin on the corner, just me and my fam And everybody had at least a G in they"
  • Paper Chasing - Master P
    "(feat. MC Eiht) Geah Geah In the house (heyyy) For the 9-7 geah Check it out Eihthype in the house Geah, you know how we do it For the 9 to the 7, geah C'mon chin chin Gimme those keys, freeze like One"
  • Paper - Talking Heads
    "Hold the paper up to the light (some rays pass right through) Expose yourself out there for a minute (some rays pass right through) Take a little rest when the rays pass through Take a little time off"
  • Paper - Gorilla Zoe ft. Durty Boyz
    "Pay pay pay pay paper I can get your cush if you got the right paper I can get your pacs or the pills for the paper I can get your bricks of that white for the paper shawty I can change your whole life"
  • Paper - Trees
    "Little pieces of colored paper Feel its grip and its will to shape ya Kneel before the greed that's gonna rape ya Call collect to the undertaker little pieces of colored paper valued more than its"
  • Paper - Saint Etienne
    "Here she comes, she's running over the hill with her friend in tow. I know that it feels that there's no-one else on earth. Oh, heavenly days, you and me. Ooh... Only love can mend a broken heart. There's"
  • A Piece Of Your Flesh - Warhead
    "...in his thoughts the murderer blames the ones who pass the laws, sentence to death and file the cases away. In his eyes they commit a murder, planned and legalized by the government. He asks himself:"
  • Piece By Piece - Anna Calvi
    "I remember your silver ring On the black and white keys falling And the colour, the shape of your hand As you point at the paintings you don’t hang I will forget, piece by piece I will forget, piece by"
  • Paper And Ink - Chapman Tracy
    "Chapman Tracy Telling Stories Paper And Ink Touched the mirror Broke the surface of the water Saw my true self All illusions shattered Money's only paper only ink We'll destroy ourselves if we can't"

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