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pink ft lilly alen

  • Lilly - Pink Martini
    "Lilly comes when you stop to call her Lilly runs when you look away Lilly leaves kisses on your collar Lilly, Lilly, Lilly, Lilly, stay! Lilly comes when you stop to call her Lilly runs when you"
  • Lilly - Claude Barzotti
    "Lilly, elle dort dans un lit trop grand, o elle n'invite personne O personne ne l'attend. Lilly, avec ton excs de chats, qui s'tirent et qui ronronnent Quand ils entendent tes pas. REFRAIN 1: Lilly, vend"
  • Lilly - Karramba
    "1. Lilly, Lilly nasza mała Lilly. Lilly, Lilly gotowa w każdej chwili. Lilly oh Lilly do wyrywania była zawsze w każdej chwili. Osiedlowi kowboje ją lubili, bo z Lilly się zawsze dobrze bawili. Imprezy"
  • Lilly - Venditti Antonello
    "LILLY di A. Venditti ==================== Lilly ... Quattro buchi nella pelle carta di giornale nuda e senza scarpe bianca, e non in ospedale senza catene senza denti per mangiare una montagna di rifiuti nessun"
  • Lilly - Hall & Oates
    "Lilly, laughing lady,does your smile disguise the tears inside?Lilly, lonely lady,only silhouette your happy side.You give yourself to men who take your love.Then smile and watch them walk away...Are you"
  • Waterfall (ft. Pink & Sia) - Stargate
    "I'm in your Waterfall I'm in your Waterfall (Premiera odbędzie się 10 marca 2017 r.)"
  • One Too Many (ft. Pink) - Keith Urban
    "I don’t remember muc about last night Woke up on a couch sun-rise Saw the living room through these bloodshot eyes of my mine Cold sober You didn’t like that i come home late"
  • Anywhere Away From Here (ft. Pink) - Rag'n'Bone Man
    "Wild and running Fearlessness is burnig bright We knew nothing Casuse out of sight is out of mind Before we ever learnt the fear of being bold Before we ever were afraid od the unknown Whne the lights"
  • High Heels (ft. Sink The Pink) - Melanie C
    "i’ll be dancing home tonight whit my high heels in my hand i’ll be dancing home tonight whit my high heels in my hand it’s been 5 weeks since I started saving for my ne shoes they’re coming out of the"
  • Lilly Anne - Chalk Farm
    "Lilly Anne talks herself asleep again Saying something of the time spent There's a man who taught her love and poetry Never knowing just what he meant And he said it's all depending on which way you fall It's"
  • Little Lilly - Widespread Panic
    "Oh, Lilly likes Beatles songs The words are off, but they don't feel that wrong She came in through the bedroom window like a blue girl Like a blue girl, like a blue girl No, never has she tried too hard Lord,"
  • Lilly Town - Aliz
    "Welcome Bienvenue Lilly Town valley La ville color et en forme Granny pomme London Ou Rome ct sont dmodes Ici pas de miss Hilton Paris s'tonne Lilly Town Les enfants dansent Sur des vieux Motown Dans"
  • The Pink Phantom (ft. Elton John & 6LACK) - Gorillaz
    "You’ve more or less forgotten to Me this summer I can’t hide my disappointment I was on my way in the Phantom fire The one you gave away Try to tell you That i loveyou But i told ya You forgot and that"
  • Pink Water - Brian Molko ft. Indochine
    "Je pars, je ne reviendrai jamais Bientt le monde m'aura oubli tu sais... Que j'aille... Tu vois... Je recherche un endroit pour me cacher Et pour me fner en paix Ne jamais les croire Quand ils t'en parleront Si"
  • My Dream (ft. Ivs Alter, Orland Max & Danger) - Alen Sarell
    "Without you I think, I lost my life forever I need you You gonna take me to next level I am on my way to you And ever, and ever We re me and you Forget about this haters My dream!"
  • Pink - Aerosmith
    "Pink it's my new obsession Pink it's not even a question, Pink on the lips of your lover, cause Pink is the love you discover Pink as the bing on your cherry Pink cause you are so very Pink it's the color"
  • Pink - Ariana Grande
    "Yeah Pink - 'cause you are so very Pink - it's the color of passion Ah, 'cause today it just goes with the fashion Pink - it was love at first sight Yeah, Pink - when I turn out the light And Pink gets"
  • Lady Marmalade (ft Lil Kim, Mya, Pink, Miss - Aguilera Christina
    "Aguilera Christina Miscellaneous Lady Marmalade (ft Lil Kim, Mya, Pink, Miss Where's all my soul sisters Let me hear y'all flow sisters Hey sister, go sister, soul sister, flow sister Hey sister, go"
  • Pink! Pink! Pink! - Chieko Kawabe
    "PIASU mata ERABINAOSHI kondo wa PINKU DA IYA KIRA KIRA to yureru tabi ni anata hikikomu no Jewel Box naranderu katahou dake no PIASU tachi mitasarenai watashi mitai kondo koso KIMEru! Come Be My Boy hikesugidatte"
  • Pink - Emily Haines
    "Don't say this: "Leave me with your brown boots behind the door and come to bed. Everybody lies, I never said I'd be happy." Don't say it, don't injure your mouth trying to show me Where you've been I've"

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