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piosenka zfilmu ghost

  • Ghost - Superheroes
    "I've been having bad dreams all week long And yesterday everything was going wrong So come on now let's go together We will make it but not forever 'Cause I believe I saw a ghost I believe I saw a ghost I"
  • Ghost - DJ Unk
    "Let me go... Girl I never thought that you would be my ex What we had was so so deeper then sex And I threw it all away for just one night From the streets to the sheets Damn, why the hell I cheat?"
  • Ghost - Belladonna
    "I have seen a Ghost A ghastly, ghoulish Dame Astray on astral planes Alone I have seen a Ghost A maiden misty-eyed So silently she glides Alone Alone Lonely forevermore Alone I have seen a Ghost She trembled"
  • Ghost - Claude Kelly
    "Said goodbye to him No regrets no second thoughts Just kept my heart moving Tears fell from his eyes I didn't care I pushed through it He ain't the one I thought I might as well keep on looking So I turn"
  • Ghost - Ella Henderson
    "I keep going to the river to pray Cos I need, something that can wash all the pain And at most, I'm sleeping all these demons away But your ghost, the ghost of you will kiss me awake My friends had you"
  • Ghost - Ava Max
    "You're in my blood and you're in my veins And you're appearing in every face So out of earth, I'm in outer space Caught up in my dreams but I'm wide awake Footsteps are following me all night long Spirits"
  • Ghost - Brutha
    "(Let me go) Girl I never thought thought you would be my ex, Cuz what we had was so so deeper than sex, And I threw it all away for just one night, From the streets, To the sheets, Damn why the"
  • Ghost - Beat Crusaders
    "I saw a dream That the world's disappeared I thought I'd be Breaking down every rule I saw a dream That the world's in a scheme I thought I'd be Hiding out every clue Here I am Watching all people's laughter Here"
  • Ghost - Willie Nelson
    "The silence is unusually loud tonight the strange sound of nothing fills my ears The night rushes in like a crowd of nights and the ghost of our old love goes away This strange world of darkness that comes"
  • Ghost - Silent Stream Of Godless Elegy
    "I'm your dumb voice I'm a ghost from the dark I'm a black mirror I'm a river of time His heart is made of stone you're his grey tomb He has no voice, laughing silently Bloody tears fall down to the empty"
  • Ghost - Silent decay
    "I feel a ghost in my neck a ghost on my mind the ghost is me! What can you do when I capture your brain and all what I want is to be free so let it be... The Answer is near the answer is you Oh its deep"
  • Ghost - Bananarama
    "Like a ghost before me You walked back into my life Now I'm so confused Emotions bruised You can't turn the clock back baby It was far too long ago I may look the same But people change Now you're making"
  • Ghost - Susanna Hoffs
    "Written by mark linkous Produced by matt wallace He don't get out much these days But I wouldn't call him lazy He sees the dawn lurk into the room And he knows the walls will be up soon. And he felt"
  • Ghost - Erasure
    "(A. Bell / V. Clarke) Go to bed, sleepyhead. The voice of all got away. You must be brave, ride the wave, see the World in a day. I'm sorry, she's a lady, but a ghost from the past. Haven't seen my honey"
  • Ghost - Kevin Michael
    "I started out at the top of your list, And now this? Come on It's real funny how the thing you used to run to Becomes the thing that haunts you The future means the past I size him up real quick and"
  • Ghost - Au/Ra, Alan Walker
    "today i am kinda feeling like a ghost call my friends but ain’t nobody home tell myself I am fine but I don’t really know I am just scared that I’ll end up I’ll end up I’ll end up alone I never let it"
  • Ghost - Eastmountainsouth
    "the ghost of you has almost faded now you're drifting in and out of my life when leaves fall you'll come right back cause I was yours for a little while you will always be a ghost who lives and breathes and"
  • Ghost - Halsey
    "When I look back on a past with her, she disappears all too soon. Possibly, she might not exist. I'm searching for something that I can't reach. I don't like them innocent I don't want no face fresh Want"
  • Ghost - Extreme
    "Tell me there's no need to be afraid They're only shadows cast, past this place Where voices carry at the speed of sound If I should cry before they lay me down Sorry for the words, words I left unsaid Sorry"
  • Ghost - Turin Brakes
    "you are the ghost that I miss the most I keep on waiting and waiting and waiting and I don't mind how long it takes how long I wait 'cause you're my baby my baby my baby so I don't mind how long it takes for"

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