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piosenki order uśmiechu fonoteka MEN

  • Order my steps - Bone Thugs n Harmony
    "feat. Yolanda Adams Jeremiah 10: 23,24"We will know oh Lord that to Earthly men his way does not belongit does not belong to man who must walk even to direct his stepcorrect me oh Jehovah however with"
  • Order - D.O.A.
    "the home viewers just don't care they're getting tired of the regular fare they want something new and it isn't there so here it comes, the big idea the public trustworthy panacea completely different"
  • Order Of The Blackguards - Voivod
    "The men in the black forces Listen to your conscience Stopping the evolution The books are the essence United to burn anything that can make a stand The church is an empire, the no way direction No matter"
  • Order - Before God
    "Late in life's dawning morn I've seen a figure in the rain Standing idle beneath the storm At the end of memories lane Straight and tall his stance Like a calm island amongst the lost The thunder talked In"
  • Order - Pipedown
    "Follow us, reaching out of us, to strain against determination. Superfluous is our structure, maintained by the predication. We're so continuous. Intent on the will, to follow us. Intent on the will,"
  • Order - Avail
    "not impressed with who knows who and it never really matters if you win or lose passively reject let the rats race on stand sound until they are gone have you rejected what you learned? is your resistance"
  • Order - Antigama
    "Someone told me to come here Sign it and see things Go find ordered Decided himself Simplified the process It's good to be here People are pretty nice And feelings quite real To be deceived You can be"
  • Order My Steps (Dear Lord) - Bone Thugs-N-Harmony
    "(feat. Yolanda Adams) Jeremiah 10: 23,24 "We will know oh LORD that to Earthly men his way does not belong, it does not belong to man who must walk even to direct his step, correct me oh Jehova however"
  • Men Of Steel - Cypress Hill
    "Ice cube I'm sick wit' it but it'll still take ten of y'all To take the emperor's temperature Can I represent wit' ya? Smokin' hemp wit' ya Pass the blunt from east to west Cube to krs (yes) Take it from"
  • Men of steel - Ice Cube
    "I'm sick wit' it but it'll still take ten of y'all to take the Emperor's temperature Can I represent wit' ya? Smokin' hemp wit' ya Pass the blunt from East to West Cube to KRS (yes) Take it from the Don"
  • Ordo Abchao (Order Out Of Chaos) - Ras Kass
    "The story begins like a Dickens Novel, David Copperfield "I am born" And naw nigga we all just can't get along 5996 A-L The Year of Light Illuminati borner on a New World Order And a nigga fight the struggle"
  • Erian's Mystical Rhymes / The White Dragon's Order - Rhapsody
    "In primordial times of sorrow Ancient ages of the known world Kron's reign of terror was rising So the Skylords sent their angels Against the storm that treathened heavens Seven wars were so fought The"
  • Świąteczna Piosenka - BEKSY
    "Już od września tylko nimi żyję I nieważne czy się togo chce czy nie Karp pływa w wannie; nie wykąpiesz się Co komu kupić, kto mi to wie? Przynajmniej porządni wyśpisz się Lub spędzisz z mamą w kuchni"
  • Piosenka wst - Winx
    "Oto nasz klub. Jeżeli chcesz, to przyłącz się. Winx - w Twojej dłoni moja dłoń, Da nam taką wielką moc, Że będziemy cieszyć się Zwycięstwem. Winx - To uśmiechu czar i blask, Co rozjaśni swiat do gwiazd I"
  • Żyje się dla uśmiechu (feat. Fu, Koras) - Pono
    "Wiesz jak to jest, sam byś kiedyś nie pomyślał, że przyjdzie ten moment, w którym każdy z nas ma urwisa, to, że to czysta przyjemność, wiadomo na pewno, bo widać jak przy tym typy nawet te największe miękną wszystko"
  • Men - Herbert Gr
    "Men will open their arms men assure security men will cry in their beer if you don't treat them tenderly so vulnerable, here are the men whatever in the world would the world become without them? men do"
  • Men - Charly McClain
    "(Ronny Scaife/Jerry Hayes) Some men treat you just like a lady Others treat you just like a child And they can drive you so far away Or they can drive you wild Some you wanna show to your mama And"
  • Men - Monster Blomster
    "Livet byr p muligheter Det gr som det gr S lenge det gr Livet er en prvelse & kampen for rettferdiggjre 1 eksistens Ens eksistens p jorda Men Langt nede i jorda Der bor Faan Der har han gjemt seg S ingen"
  • Men - The Dodos
    "This is the sign I use to wear This is the line It says I care I found a reason I found a tear Last year I am a boy You are a man I am indifferent You want a plan I'm getting out I'm getting there Next"
  • men - Alesha Dixon
    "i like girl poliszmen"

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