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pit bol
  • Marek Grechuta Bol
    "Bolą mnie nogi. One we śnieza sen mój chodzą na czereśnieŻe dalej chodzą za sny innewiem od pościeli całej w glinieŚpijcie przy mnie dam wam makudam sekretne pismo w ptakudam wam jabłek pół sąsiekadam"
  • Michel Jonasz Le Bol
    "Souviens-toi des nuits d'toiles de nos voyages sans escales sur les accords du piano Vivre sans toi c'est possible bien sr mais c'est difficile c'est comme travers les barreaux Voir le ciel et puis"
  • Kali Pit Stop
    "Utwór "Pit Stop" pochodzi z albumu „V8T”."
  • Violent Femmes Mosh Pit
    "MOSH PIT MOSH PIT MOSH PIT MOSH PIT MOSH PIT MOSH PIT why don't grown-ups wanna have fun i'm always doing something wrong i don't like work and i don't like school but i know where it's really cool MOSH"
  • Loverboy Passion Pit
    "I'll try anything once Cause that's my choice Ain't got time for jokin' Getting straight to the point Drive a hard, hard bargain You get closer to the bone If you're thinkin' what I'm thinkin' You don't"
  • Smog Peach Pit
    "Went down to Georgia When a wild dog got bit Went looking for a girl With a peach pit With strands all hanging down Between her teeth And that was the juiciest peach I ever saw Went Down to Georgia When"
  • Dead Milkmen The Pit
    "- Are you ready Dave? - Uh-huh. - Malory? - Ok. - Joe? - I don't know. - Well alright fellas... Let's GOoo!!! Hee and a hoe And I love my baby so In the bottom of the bottomless pit Don't make a sound Or"
  • 10,000 Maniacs Pit Viper
    "[ lyrics: Natalie Merchant/music: Steve Gustafson ] in the cruel garrison of affection if worth of lore is true you know the face of a temptress pit viper a witch or enchantress pit viper with"
  • Pain Teens Tar Pit
    "I got a deep dark secret, that no one knows about Deep dark secret that you can't live without Deep dark tar pit, once it's got you it won't let go Deep dark tar pit, sinking down below I knew a man, slid"
  • The Hold Steady Party Pit
    "i guess I met her at the party pit she said those kids she's with were selling it so we sailed off on some separate trips she got pinned down at the party pit. I went away to school that fall she stuck"
  • Whiplash Snake Pit
    "Judgement day's here, smell of death's near Captor's ignoring the cries Tragedy's stand, trouble at hand Death jury plots the demise Hungry to kill Torture at will Anxiously waiting the word Sentence"
  • Imagine Dragons The Pit
    "I would rather stay here Where the flowers bloom and the sun, it shines It shines on you It lights up your eyes Sitting here all by ourselves, counting all the poeple They ask us why Gather all around"
  • Insane Clown Posse Thug Pit
    "(feat. KmK, Esham, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Tech N9ne) Wicked Wonka, baby Halloween! Hallowicked Wonka....just 18 months I brought a bat to a mosh-pit (Well what you do then??) I split some craniums"
  • Crucified The Pit
    "mosh into the circling pit slamming to a power fit once you're in you can't get out fear is banished in a shout fun is what you will find when you have a peaceful mind enter not with violent thoughts take"
  • Moe. The Pit
    "(Chorus X2) All the way down to the bottom All the way down to the fire All the way down to the devil Beelzebub (To the bottom of the pit, now) I got sins Piled high Wait for me When I die Holy love Dirty"
  • Three 6 Mafia Mosh Pit
    "(Intro-Lil Wyte) Yea this Lil Wyte layin down for dat HCP We bout ta throw these boys in the mufuckin Mosh Pit For those of yall who dont know what a mosh pit is It's just a bunch of drunk ignant mufuckas"
  • Hank Williams Sr. Gravel Pit
    "Livin' on a bloody street Watch the bullets fly by me as you get your drugs for your disease Livin' on a bloody street Watch the bullets fly by me as you get your drugs for your disease Hangin out on"
  • Hank Williams III Gravel Pit
    "Livin' on a bloody street Watch the bullets fly by me as you get your drugs for your disease Livin' on a bloody street Watch the bullets fly by me as you get your drugs for your disease Hangin out on"
    "You say it wouldn't work it wouldn't take it wouldn't do any good it wouldn't change a thing and I being I can't say much to deny it but I'm stuck with an urge to only have tried it"
  • Wu-Tang Clan Gravel Pit
    "1,2, 1,2, yo check this out, it's the jump off right now I want everybody, to put your work down, put your guns down And report to the pit, the gravel pit Leave your problems at home, leave your children"

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