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pitbull hey beabe

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pitbull hey beabe

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pitbull hey beabe
  • Elephant Man Pitbull
    "Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, Let's go Right about now, (Waz up?) we need all the ladies to hit the dance floor (Dominicanas) If you got a big (todas la cubana) ol' booty and you like to shake (Mexicana)"
  • Andre Nickatina Pitbull Terrier
    "Nickatina I'm from the era of rhyme bringin' And from my dress code and style tight yeah ya know what I'm slingin' Valentine heart shooter And pinky-neil fo real and can't ya tell ain't nobody cuter"
  • Andre Nickatina & Equipto Pitbull Terrier
    "im from the era or rhyme, reagan and from my dress code and my style tiga ya you know what im slangin' valentine heart shooter pinky nail for real and cant ya tell aint nobody cuter a pit bull terrier"
  • Pitbull Hey You Girl
    "hahaha yo its dat left field..thinkin out the box never thought it would happen..never though we could do it jim jones pitbull (CHORUS) hey you girl you turning me on (the way she sex) hey you girl"
  • Kazik Pitbull
    "Życie i swój czas marnujesz Gdy tak bez celu się tu snujesz Ja, ja od tej chwili będę z Tobą Czy to Ci się, czy nie podoba Pitbull, Pitbull król Pitbull, Pitbull pan Posprzątam cały ten syf"
  • Haratacze Pitbull
    "He, he, he, he Kupiłem Pitbulla, niech mi ktoś podskoczy Rzucę mu komendę "Zabij" I wydłubie ci oczy Jaki pan, taki pies, Każdy wie, Nie podchodź do mnie stary kiedy ktoś rozdrażni mnie... Wyszkolę go"
  • KaeN Pitbull
    "Ja stoję na winklu, napoje mam synku To płonie ten Pitbull, on szczerzy kły Na sobie zbroję mam dziś tu, gnoję ich w pizdu, Bo w gronie artystów, ten szczery zły Uwaga spadają bomby, upadają głąby Nadciągają"
  • Bushido Pitbull
    "Ich hab Hunger, deine Crew ist Fleisch, du hrst wie ich belle und ich bei zu. Deine Leute rennen weg, ihr habt 2, ich hab 4, Pitbull - Sonny Black, geh ans mic wie ein Tier. Ich will bluten. mein ziel,"
  • Jussie Smollett No Doubt About It (feat. Pitbull)
    "(Ain’t no, no, no, no doubt about it) Mister Worldwide (Ain’t no, no, no, no doubt about it) Reporting live from the Empire Jamal let’s show them how to get off the chain Off the glass, off the flip, off"
  • Die Antwoord Pitbull Terrier
    "Black Cats, White Cats All my Zef* Cats, look out Big dog in the place to be! Pitbull terrier I am a pitbull terrier /3x Pussy, fuck that boy No pussy, sad boy You're making me crazy Might learn to scowl"
  • Knuckle Sandwich Pitbull 5
    "This one goes out to our hometown and to all the knuckleheads who help us out. To those who spread the word and helped build our scene, and those who buy our record on Res Ad. I got no turntables, just"
  • Broken Hope Pitbull Grin
    "A beast spawned from a deadly lineage Maiming impulses descend Instilling urges to mutilate Tiny brain only programs rage Horrendous jaws bite down on your wetting crotch Unrestrained chompers bite clean"
  • Ciara That’s How I’m Feelin (feat. Missy Elliott & Pitbull)
    "[?], you a fool for this one You did that girl! Tell me, tell me now Boy do you like that? Boy do you like that? Boy do you like that? I, I, I know that you like that, know that you like that, know that"
  • Majestic Nitro Pitbull
    "Oh Yeah!...In for the kill! Alone in the night with pictures of home Ride sound of engine the heat from the pipes I am dying One hundred eighty-five speed is on top My race is my ouw no intention to stop The"
  • Backstreet Boys Helpless ft Pitbull
    "I wake up every morning and see your face lying right beside me it fills the space in my heart I can't live without you don't wanna figure right how to and every time I lay my head down to sleep the emptiness"
  • Diablo Swing Orchestra Poetic Pitbull Revolutions
    "Red Eyes Only, The Floor Comes Closer, A Kiss That Bruises, A Skin So Frail Iron Taste Tongue, Rage Polluted, The Veins So Furious With A Mouth That Will Never Tell. Scars And Stitches Battered Heart Broke"
  • Priyanka Chopra Exotic (ft. Pitbull)
    "Cool Me Down I'm Feeling So Exotic Yaa Right Now I'm Hotter Than The Tropics Take Me Down Oh My Cuba Baby Let's Go La-Love Me All The Way O Rio Desi Girl I'm Feeling So Exotic Baby It's So Beautiful, Must"
  • Jennifer Lopez Booty (ft. Pitbull)
    "Big, big booty What you got a big booty Big, big booty What you got a big booty Big, big booty What you got a big booty Big, big booty What you (Ain’t that a freak) Big, big booty What you got a big booty (My"
  • Austin Mahone Lady (ft. Pitbull)
    "Lady Hear me tonight 'Cos my feeling Is just so right As we dance By the moonlight Can't you see You're my delight Lady I just feel like I won't get you Out of my mind I feel loved For the first time And"
  • Kazior PITBULL (feat. Bonus RPK)
    "idę w górę skur* jak drzwi lamborghini całe życie miałem schody teraz wbijam do windy teraz zbijam zawistnych spiętych przez te zyski z biednej dzielnicy celuje na szczyty osiągam kolejne szczyty uliczni"

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