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  • Can I Get (ft. Pitbull) - T-Pain
    "Can I get that? I know I said I’ll never ever drink again (again again) But now I feel like I never had before I’ll get out on the floor and show them what is wrong Draw to get that Grammy Can I get that"
  • Can - Mull Historical Society
    "Can Can I let you go inside my head A little while with nothing said The simple things are what I want to be I opened up but now I'm closed Today I'm just on answer-phone Tomorrow's what I really"
  • Can - Toby Keith
    "I got a sweet little woman at home She knows that I love her true I got three little kids at home on the floor They love there daddy too I got one on the way and I don't think I can pay the doctor bill I"
  • Can - Gun
    "Life I dont see the meaning now Love Ive lost all the feeling for Time won't wait to work out why I'm losing this fight in a private war Empty life is a warning sign Locked away where the sun don't shine Can't"
  • Can - Black Milk
    "somehow the atmosphere has changed feel it's time to rearrange - the flood is coming in ... please say none of your dreams will subside, promise you'll be by my side when the breakers come to crush so"
  • Can - Canibus
    "(Canibus) Yo, yo, let me explain something so that you understand You will never be iller than the Canibus man You could be male, female, black, white Fuck the details, I rip a nigga with a rhyme till"
  • Can - John Dahlb
    "I cant slow down Im breaking the rules I cant slow down Im making my mood I cant slow down Im breaking the rules I ____ the borderline I cant slow down I cant slow down ____ the borderline I cant slow"
  • Can - En Vogue
    "Last night, woke in bed In a cold cold sweat (so sweaty, so funky) Dreamin' of bad things to be (or not to be) Haunting things like homelessness (all the lonely people) Without a job, car, or food to eat"
  • Can - Mariah Carey
    "No, I cant forget this evening Or ur face as u were leaving But I guess thats just the way The story goes U always smiles but in ur eyes Ur sorrow shows Yes, it shows No I cant forget tomorrow When I think"
  • Can - Kaz James feat Macy Gray
    "Listen up now! Introducing : Kaz James Macy Gray Put your hands up now One two three four lets go! You are my sexy beast My love machine, my man whore I am your freakazoid Your b!tch, your trick What you"
  • Can - Eddy Arnold
    "CAN'T HELP FALLING IN LOVE Writers George Weiss, Hugo Peretti, Luii Creatore Wise men say, only fools rush in. But I can't help falling in love with you Shall I stay, would it be a sin If I can't help"
  • Can - Al Tall
    "Encara no són onze i el Sol ja pica. Qu ser quan toquen dotze? Ix el migdia. Bon mat, trencant l'alba a l'hora de Sol ixent, un llauró amb barret de palla es llogar com jornaler. Muller meua, afanya't"
  • Can - Ami Suzuki
    "hikari tsutsumu KEESU GARASU?koshi kara mitsuketa FUROA ni (feel my heart, yeah) kidzuiteiru no ? HIRARI kawasu no yo KIMI to no kakehiki sore demo karada yurasu BEESU GARASU koshi kara miorosu FUROA ni"
  • Can - Carlos Lyra
    "Eu sou o grande Zequinha Namorado da Rosinha E amigo do Tio Ele o grande Zequinha Namorado da Rosinha E amigo do Tio Pra salvar a um amigo Eu no sei o que perigo E vou pra l E vai pra l Salvar o Tio! Salvar"
  • Can - Skank
    "No espere nada Seja o que for Estou só de passagem Breve o amor No espere o dia Deixe como est Sigo essa miragem No sei a razo No espere nada Deixa assim ento Sei que o mundo oco Menos que a paixo No"
  • Can - Nas
    "There comes a day in your life When you want to kick back Straw hat on the porch When you old perhaps Want to gather your thoughts Have a cold one, Brag To your grand kids on how life is golden So I'ma"
  • Pitbull Grin - Broken Hope
    "A beast spawned from a deadly lineage Maiming impulses descend Instilling urges to mutilate Tiny brain only programs rage Horrendous jaws bite down on your wetting crotch Unrestrained chompers bite clean"
  • Nitro Pitbull - Majestic
    "Oh Yeah!...In for the kill! Alone in the night with pictures of home Ride sound of engine the heat from the pipes I am dying One hundred eighty-five speed is on top My race is my ouw no intention to stop The"
  • I Can See Now - Dead Can Dance
    "Ever loved a woman who made you feel tall? Ever loved a man who made you feel small? If you were a sailor I'd raise the anchor To sail the sea In search of you and me And god Conjures currents to break"
  • I Can, I Can - DMX
    "Uh, Ruff Ryderz, DMX, Swizz Beatz I be, I be that dog that gots to flow That's why, that's why baby I gots to blow And you, and you know it's straight from the gutter Because, because it's gettin"

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