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plastic mode

  • Plastic - Stereo Total
    "Un. Deux. Trois. Plastic surgery guilty is really of plastic heart She dresses up in plastic clothes And gets into her plastic car I wanna be plastic too! And be plastic friends with you! She took"
  • Plastic - Alanis Morissette
    "You got a plastic name and a plastic heart You can play the game or you'll never start I'm talkin' to you You got a plastic house and a plastic fence Gotta look around or you'll lose your friends Am I"
  • Plastic - Reveille
    "come count your trophies and stack em high, it's funny how reality can pass you by little girl wanna be as pretty as she can and she lives by whatever it takes the lights in her room are all dark- and"
  • Plastic - Biohazard
    "it's apparent to me, that you are happy to be, stumbling around in your bullshit fantasy, where everybody wears this phony ass grin and nobody's ugly, or willing to look in-side the mirror, they hide from"
  • Plastic - Allyptic
    "Feeling, living, breathing you only seem to live for you pretending to be caring making me believe in you cruel & unforgiving made me out to be your fool never sacrificing staying only while it's good enticing"
  • Plastic - Walls Of Jericho
    "A damage past is haunting me Creeps in won't let me breathe I can't quite grasp psychotic thoughts (and me) the troubles lie beneath We won't back down its far too late Paying the price of endeless pain"
  • Plastic - Reality Check
    "tell me what you're gonna do I know that you know that I'm on to you I see your game and I see the way with my self esteem you love to play when I'm feeling fine things go alright you're sure to be right"
  • Plastic - Jaden Smith
    "shoot the glock don’t even talk to me they need to water me I need it all for free landlines stand by roll the bands make ‘em fly let’s go last time, ran outta plastic do a backflip, gatymnastic every"
  • Plastic - Ten Foot Pole
    "Obsolete I can't compete Thrown away An 8-track tape Time No friend of mine Fades works of art Stopped my friend's heart (Chorus) I want to last forever Like plastic in the landfill of your memory Will"
  • Plastic - Deftones
    "I kick my heart above your door way hanging christ like bleeding cold the well within my soul cuz the rosy air im breathing shame ..yea I wait to say whos but ever linger poop is what your head does everlong"
  • Plastic - J Church
    "Empty glasses made of plastic, So unlikely and fantastic, I might cruise in coffee houses, I'm returning naked glances But if the mediocre you boring, You start a conversation on American short stories"
  • Plastic - Portishead
    "I wonder why I don't know what you see? Of course I care I won't pretend It's just I thought I'd said enough Don't you know life turns me Always wants me I can hold the fight I could try But don't know"
  • Plastic - Janne Da Arc
    "Kizutsuite soshite tsumazuiteNamida nagashite hito wa otona ni nareruKanashimi mo soshite yorokobi moKono oka wo koe sukoshi tsuyoku nareru karaKokokara aruki dasouHitomi wo tojite mite yo wasuretai kako"
  • Plastic - Unida
    "Well I was born, I woke up in a hurricane Too many lights come through than what I'm really used to You're always drinkin the hard line You're only laughing at that fuckin line You've never taken the time"
  • Plastic - Spiderbait
    "I can see that look you get in your eyes When anything's enough just to get you goin' You're so tired of the same old places And the same old faces It's not really where you want to be But you've got something"
  • Plastic - Frameless
    "Hounded, restless, crucified Like a faceless tramp Trying to catch an eye Crowds of people rushing by Its like I dont belong Broken human kind I should stop runnin and go slow cause all I long to be is"
  • plastic - Bob One
    "ref. Plastik, wokół siebie widzę pełno tego. Widzę maski. Na ulicy ciągle widzę plastikowe laski, włosy jak na mopie, twarze świecą jak odblaski. Wszędzie wokół plastik. Ja mówię: - Plastik, wokół siebie"
  • Octopus Mode - Reverend Horton Heat
    "I can cover lots of ground in the octopus mode the octopus mode, the octopus mode I got the keys to the highway, the rules to the road the octopus mode, the octopus mode touch you here and touch you there anywhere"
  • Fresh Mode - Ugly Duckling
    "ANDYCAT: Well my name is Andy C and I can guarantee That if you wanna be down, then down is where I'll be I'm on Fresh Mode, I rock Fresh Mode, I rap Fresh Mode, I'm on Fresh Mode! DIZZY: And I'm Dizzy"
  • Glitch Mode - NCT DREAM
    "Scratch that bring it back Shook! Shook! Ha ne apeseon Glitch Mode onmomi gojang nasseo Reload nan eojil eojil eojil dutong tto dolgo dora I’m in Glitch Mode jeone eopteon Situation neo anim neoman Repetition JM"

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