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plastic ono bend

  • Ono - King's X
    "Have you ever chosen to ignore the warning signGive the benefit of doubt, just to ease your mindHave you ever turned your head, when someone's doing someonewrongEveryday's a new surprise Ono, ono, some"
  • Ono - 5'nizza
    "Nie to nie to nie to Ono nie toniet, niet Nie otararażajet. swietliejejet Gołowa moja bolie-jejet Ole-ole-ole-ole No gawno gawno gawno gawno gawno gawno ono odno Choczu na dno Tam mienia nie budiet widno Nie"
  • Ono - Quo Vadis
    "Nie, nie uwierze To klamstwo musi byc Ta wiadomosc, ktora Uslyszalem dzis I nie miesci mi sie w glowie Taka rzecz Zeby swoje dziecko Zaglodzic na smierc ONO bylo takie male Nie mialo do kogo pojsc Nie"
  • Ono - Devo
    "We were all alone Then she bit my bone I said let's sell the phone Try to get away I knew she was in heat She nailed at my feet Wet socks on the floor But it's all the same Last year we got sick Doctors"
  • Plastic Ongemak - Veldhuis & Kemper
    "Mijn zelfverzonnen diep verdriet Wordt op plastic ongemak nu ik je zie Met slangen in je neus en haren die er niet meer zijn Een lijf vol allergie Nu ik hier zo naast je sta Zie ik de omvang van verloren"
  • Bend - Shelby Lynne
    "Here's your invitation For your consideration Nothins' easy We'll go slow And I'll never ask for anything more Than you can give me in return We'll never know for sure What we will find if we don't try On"
  • Bend - Ben Sollee
    "When the storm comes Will you reject the rain If it falls not soft If it falls not tame? When the wind blows And calls your name Will you run in fear Will you hide in shame? Are you strong enough to"
  • Bend - Charity
    "Why can't I break out of the past Take a walk in the park where I'm free All the time wasted, pushing you back Am I passing on this disease? All my thoughts twisted, breaking on the rocks Where they fall"
  • Bend - Chet Faker
    "Automatically I feel it’s something wrong I try to fix this piece of.. from home Maybe we’ll see not to long It was nice to met you all Automatic …are about to take control"
  • Yoko Ono - Ben Lee
    "We're in trouble, in a mess I've got a feeling that only you can stop it cos it's over if we say so They still don't get it that it's not an easy job to be the one who says yes when the whole world only"
  • Plastic - Stereo Total
    "Un. Deux. Trois. Plastic surgery guilty is really of plastic heart She dresses up in plastic clothes And gets into her plastic car I wanna be plastic too! And be plastic friends with you! She took"
  • Plastic - Alanis Morissette
    "You got a plastic name and a plastic heart You can play the game or you'll never start I'm talkin' to you You got a plastic house and a plastic fence Gotta look around or you'll lose your friends Am I"
  • Plastic - Reveille
    "come count your trophies and stack em high, it's funny how reality can pass you by little girl wanna be as pretty as she can and she lives by whatever it takes the lights in her room are all dark- and"
  • Plastic - Biohazard
    "it's apparent to me, that you are happy to be, stumbling around in your bullshit fantasy, where everybody wears this phony ass grin and nobody's ugly, or willing to look in-side the mirror, they hide from"
  • Plastic - Allyptic
    "Feeling, living, breathing you only seem to live for you pretending to be caring making me believe in you cruel & unforgiving made me out to be your fool never sacrificing staying only while it's good enticing"
  • Plastic - Walls Of Jericho
    "A damage past is haunting me Creeps in won't let me breathe I can't quite grasp psychotic thoughts (and me) the troubles lie beneath We won't back down its far too late Paying the price of endeless pain"
  • Plastic - Reality Check
    "tell me what you're gonna do I know that you know that I'm on to you I see your game and I see the way with my self esteem you love to play when I'm feeling fine things go alright you're sure to be right"
  • Plastic - Jaden Smith
    "shoot the glock don’t even talk to me they need to water me I need it all for free landlines stand by roll the bands make ‘em fly let’s go last time, ran outta plastic do a backflip, gatymnastic every"
  • Plastic - Ten Foot Pole
    "Obsolete I can't compete Thrown away An 8-track tape Time No friend of mine Fades works of art Stopped my friend's heart (Chorus) I want to last forever Like plastic in the landfill of your memory Will"
  • Plastic - Deftones
    "I kick my heart above your door way hanging christ like bleeding cold the well within my soul cuz the rosy air im breathing shame ..yea I wait to say whos but ever linger poop is what your head does everlong"

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