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  • I'm A Balla ft. Far East & Play-N-Skillz - Chamillionaire
    "I'm a balla, I walk the walk bruh, I'm not a talker I keep it pimpin' so these women'll pay me If you a balla and 'bout ya dollars Then throw ya hands up if you gettin' it daily Don't even talk uh, 'bout"
  • Azukita (ft. Daddy Yankee, Play-N-Skillz & Elvis Crespo) - Steve Aoki
    "la moena tiane algo que me llena de sabor y essa blanquita tiene algo que me arrancea el descontrol dame 1 de azucar dame 2 de azucar dame 3 de azucar blanca y morena blanca y morena Azukita jazucar"
  • Skillz - Make It Pop
    "Jodi: I ain't serving up dinner I am serving up skillz I was always a winner I am serving up skillz You're just a beginner Cause I'm serving up skillz I'm serving up skillz I'm serving up la la la"
  • Play 'N' Kill - Dope stars inc
    "Hey human! what are your doing here? Get you fucking face away form my sight motherfucker! World of disorder. Mechanical embrace. Across the border Of human race decay. Toxic pollution Of military trash. Rust"
  • The Album Before The Album (2005) - Play N Skillz
    "{{Album| |fLetter = T |Artist = Play N Skillz |Album = The Album Before the Album |Released = 2005 |Genre = |Cover = |Length = |star = Green }} # '''[ ]''' #"
  • Latinos Stand Up - Play N Skillz
    "(Skillz) Yeah Play-N-Skillz on the beat Rob G Big Gemini This for our people right here Come on! Latinos STAND UP! (Play-N-Skillz & Big Gemini) It's going down tonight So if you down to ride Let's get"
  • Hey Lady (Remix) - Play N Skillz
    "(Play) Yeah Play N Skillz (Play N Skillz) Chamillionaire Remix, remix, remix, remix Whoa! Yeah! This how we do it! Remix, remix, remix Play N Skillz (Play N Skillz) Chamillionaire G-4 lets go! (Chorus:"
  • Music's Worth It - Play N Skillz
    "(Intro) Oh this is so real right here man. Play-N-Skillz I'm in the booth I'm rapping Skillz is rapping ha ha ha it was worth it man for real. The Process (Chorus) Just because the pen won't show It doesn't"
  • Freaks - Play N Skillz
    "(Adina Howard) Ohhh.. (Skillz) Yea..Uh..Play N Skillz..Krayzie Bone..Adina..Freaks..Yea..Come on (Adina Howard) I want you to freak me 'til the morning (Hook) (Krayzie Bone) The world has to many freaks (Adina"
  • Get Freaky - Play N Skillz
    "{CHORUS} One on one We will be having some fun In my bedroom All day and all of the night You and you can bring your whole crew To my bedroom All day and all of the night. If you left your man at home GET-GET-GET-GET-GET"
  • You - Play N Skillz
    "(Chorus) YOU, you, YOU, you You don't know bout my crew (my crew) You don't know how we do (we do) If I was you I'd back the fuck up If you're talking that shit (Back the fuck up) You better"
  • Let Em Go - Play N Skillz
    "(Chika-ah) (Come on) (Verse 1) Well heres a lil' story that we like to tell About two bad brothas that you know so well With a pimp gain shoe game know we up on that Latin chicks, white chicks and you"
  • Freaks - Play-N-Skillz
    "(The world has too many freaks) I can freak you in the morning, freak you in the evening Freak you at night (The world has too many freaks) I can freak you in the morning, fuck you in the evening Fuck"
  • Come Home With Me (Ohh! Baby) - Play N Skillz
    "Ooh baby can I take you home tonight (Yes) So we can do all the freaky things you like (Yes) And we can turn off all the lights It's goin' down tonight Oh, Oh, Oh, oh (Maybe pimpin', you like, you like,"
  • Skillz V. Shaqwan - Skillz
    "(Skillz as 'Shaqwan') + (girl) You 'bout to bounce, you goin to work? (mm-hmm) Aight, well, y'knahmsayin, I-I'll talk.. What - what is that, what what the fuck is this? (Man you know I listen to this every"
  • Extra Abstract Skillz - Mad Skillz
    "We bout to bring em out We bout to bring em out A lot of niggaz in this rap world, come out, and dumb out Me, I bring the bassline and drum out Plus write scriptures, that bust bright pictures When Mad"
  • Skillz In '95 - Mad Skillz
    "Now if you had my eyes then you'd see what I see A desire to see a soundman hung and bless the M-I-C Who I be? The generation of the next MC's Who believe in breakbeats, microphones, and tecs My voice"
  • Mic Skillz - Blessed By A Broken Heart
    "yo, check check check one i aint got no snare on my headphones listen up listen up! my vocals are a riffle suffocating you you cant attack me and i got a tattoo with your name across my chest yeah BOUNCE!"
  • Wicked skillz - Sofa
    "Sometimes I get a little pissed off - you know... I just can't understand why 'coz I deserve more than I'm gettin' I deserve much more than this 'coz you know, I got them skills, yeah! 1. Sometimes I get"
  • Get down n play the blues - Hans Theessink
    "If you're lonesome and you're feeling blue Let me tell you what to do Baby, get down 'n play the blues Don't let the folks around here drive you crazy Just sit back and take it easy Baby, get down 'n play"

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