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plaything into space

  • Into Space - Eskobar
    "Some go into space, to find another race Some say it's a waste, and some, they rest their case I've got love in my own place, to me it's a waste, this chase I find no trace, in you, IN you You gotta take"
  • Plaything - Ted Newman
    "(Plaything) Plaything, that's all I was to you (But now) But now your little game is through Playgirl (ah-ha) Stop knocking at my door (whaa-whaa-whaa) I'm not your plaything anymore (aaah) Your love (my"
  • Plaything - Billy Walker
    "Like a child with a toy I was your plaything But it filled my heart with joy to be your plaything Everybody knows how the story goes you took your little toy and broke its heart strings Like a little"
  • Plaything - Run Level Zero
    "Can I get even higher / can I put out the fire Can I extinguish it all / the fire in my soul A plaything for the night / discarded, used all right Nothing more than that A wind up toy will break / forced"
  • Falling Into Space - Dee D.Jackson
    "What ever have I done My only crime was love I'm banished into darkness Oh I'm afraid bewildered and amazed Where ever will I go How ever will I know Lost and gone for ever Oh I Feel so sad This feeling"
  • Staring Into Space - BBMak
    "Chorus: Take this world and all it's become I wanna get out of this place We're all livin under the sun When we're just staring into space Give yourself a chance to be free You gotta give yourself a break In"
  • Journey Into Space - House Of Heroes
    "Baby, Baby, You cannot protect me, but I've heard of one who can. And he does not take sides tonight and... Baby, Baby, if this is the ending, Then we'll find out how it ends... We'll find where we begin"
  • Space - Kim Mitchell
    "Live alone Shave in my car Driving it back to the zeroes I don't know about me in your eyes Don't wanna be your hero So if you talk in your sleep tonight Don't mention my name 'cause it makes me uptight But"
  • Space - Pulp
    "You said you wanted some space ... Well is this enough for you? ... This is what you've waited for ... No dust collecting in the corners ... No cups of tea that got cold before you drank them ... Tonight"
  • Space - LongShot
    "I'm ready whenever you are (Modill - One) I need a little bit of space man (where I stay always lifted) The special ed down the hall just past the gifted Honor roll class, feelin proud to roll past like Up"
  • Space - The Beautiful South
    "If there's space out there enough for the moon Surely your little heart can make some room If there's room in the hemisphere for so many stars There's surely a satellite we can name ours They're building"
  • Space - Freshwater Collins
    "Just want to tell you about my straight faced kinda place Your faults drowned and retraced the steps you have taken and the progress you're makin' I don't wanna forsake it or fake it lordie, prepare to"
  • Into The Space Age - Amplifier
    "voiding murder and its pitfalls Into the space age on a comedown Been evolving into some other creature Inside the birdcage - not got much flying done And I'm sinking dark and joyous In devastating loneliness In"
  • Moving Into A New Space - Nicola Hitchcock
    "The time will come when you will know that All of this illusion Will be no illusion for you And you will see I never loved you and you think you know me You never knew me Moving freely like my conscience Time"
  • Devil's Plaything - Beseech
    "Love is a flame A devil's thing A violent storm About to be born Just look in these eyes See all the lies All the things you see You cannot deny And this flame That burns inside If you get too close Burn"
  • Devil's Plaything - Danzig
    "Love is a flame A devil's thing A violent storm About to be born Just look in these eyes See all the lies All the things you see You cannot deny And this flame That burns inside If you get too close Burn"
  • Empty Space - James Arthur
    "I don't see you You're not in every window I look through And I don't miss you You're not in every single thing I do I don't think we're meant to be And you are not the missing piece I won’t her"
  • Space boy - Initial D
    "Every night you light me with your gasoline everytime i feel delight when you recall my name so you can be my shining star tonite I'm not alone with all your love fly across the sky you will be mine i"
  • Space Invaders - Hitnhide
    "A few minutes ago Scientists picked up a signal from outer space, It appears to be an alien song. Space invaders In the air, In a flying saucer, You can take me there, Space invaders In the air, In a"
  • Space Invaders - Hit'N'Hide
    "A few minutes ago scientists picked up a signal from outer space It appears to be an alien song! (Chorus:) Space invaders in the air In a flying saucer you can take me there Space invaders in the air In"

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