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plumb don't deserve

  • I Don't Deserve You (feat. Plumb) - Paul Van Dyk
    "You're the first face that I see And the last thing I think about You're the reason that I'm alive You're what i can't live without You're what i can't live without And never give up When I'm falling"
  • Deserve - Marillion
    "(Hogarth/Kelly/Mosley/Rothery/Trewavas) They got money, they got sun They look like they're havin' fun Don't it seem it's so unfair They know something you don't know They've got a better place to go They're"
  • Deserve - Trembling Blue Stars
    "Today made her real again I've been so dumb, I have been so dumb How I must have hurt you How you must have felt so alone Everything's clear again I'm not in love, I am not in love I only want to be held"
  • Don't Deserve This - Agent 5/9
    "I'm still wondering why you're sitting here with me And all the dumb things I do doesn't seem to matter to you And I love how everything I say's is not stupid to you And I love how you love me even thought"
  • Deserve Better - Amy Diamond
    "1.Talk to me now what is going on ? i don't know what you're thinking just look at me and tell me what is wrong it feels so like we're faking Remember how we used to say forever Then you had to go and"
  • Deserve Me - Jessica Riddle
    "I'm not trying to hurt you, I'm just trying to fit in this skin. What I'm dying to tell you, You're just probably not ready to hear. Can my mouth even make the words come out clear? And it's so hard"
  • I deserve - Third Day
    "I tasted the fruit that was forbidden I murdered the trust that you had given me And now I'm living in a place that's not my home The pain in your heart made you refre The moment we spoke, did you forget? Will"
  • I Deserve? - Third Day
    "Lyrics by Mac Powell / Music by Third Day From the recording: Conspiracy No. 5, Track #5. I tasted fruit that was forbidden I murdered trust that you had given And now I'm living in a place that's not"
  • You Deserve - Nina Sky
    "Knew tonight would be a rainy day When you barely smiled, then you walked away I could see the pain tears were from your eyes Wishing you happy days, but youll be alright You deserve so much more A"
  • Heaven Don't Deserve Me - Gordon Lightfoot
    "I'm not afraid that when I'm dying There'll be no one to hold my hand If there's a God up there he loves me As much as my old women can I don't intend to be a martyr I don't give a damn what people say And"
  • You Don't Deserve Me - Terminal Choice
    "I can't see what you do I can't hear what you say you don't impressed me you can't see what I do you can't hear what I say I don't want you to know you don't deserve me stay away from me I can't"
  • Don't You Deserve Someone - Babyface
    "Written by babyface, l.a. reid, daryl simmons (1991) Performed by jermaine jackson So maybe things did not work out this time Baby don't blame it on yourself Maybe the guy you chose is not quite right And"
  • Almost Nearly But Not Quite Plumb - Hank Williams Jr.
    "Well I ain't been home for so doggone long I almost forgot where I come from Ain't got no money but I still ain't a bum I'm almost nearly but not quite plumb A back last summer down by the sea I seen a"
  • Deserve You - Justin Bieber
    "When i am in my thoughts sometimes It’s hard to believe I am the person you think i am The person that you tell me you love I am a 2000 to life 999 and … my ends But this one i am giving up Night after"
  • He Don't Deserve You Anymore - Buck Owens
    "When I found you, darling Then he saw his big mistake Saw what he was losin' Felt his heart begin to break. Please don't let him talk you back The way he's done before Why he's had a hundred chances He"
  • She Don't Deserve You Anymore - Susan Raye
    "When I found you darling and she solved her big mistake Saw what she was losing felt her heart begin to break Please don't let her talk you bout the way she's done before Why she's had a hundred chances"
  • Almost nearly but not quite plumb - Hank Williams
    "Well I ain't been home for so doggone long I almost forgot where I come fromAin't got no money but I still ain't a bum I'm almost nearly but not quite plumbA back last summer down by the sea I seen a pretty"
  • U deserve more - Frankie J
    "Everytime I see him,Talks about the way he treats you.Babygirl, you need someone who needs ya.You don't have to look no further,What you lookin' for is right here!See you're the kinda ladyI would love"
  • What I Deserve - Kelly Willis
    "What I deserve is comfort for my shaken soul The water on my hands are tears from long ago And my skin let's it in it's always been too thin Since I can't remember when And oh what I deserve what I deserve"
  • What you deserve - Theory Of A Dead Man
    "You try to string me up You can never get the best of me Well i've never been to california and I'll never care if I get there anyway Don't ever lose your morales since I could never fill that hole and"

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