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  • I Don - Worm Quartet
    "I got an e-mail from a guy who claims to know me Claimed he graduated from my high school in the class two years below me And he sat three seats behind me in my composition class And he remembers my old"
    "czego się dowiem z twojego numeru jak piszesz tak tylko o ziłach i składzie mam wielu ziomakli ale pierd* i nikim nie strasze wglądasz jak pizda ubrany jak pizda stylówa wyglądasz jak dresik se bucik bo"
  • Don - Room 2012
    "I woke up with my head in the clouds I got a big fine smile And Im ready to ride Its just a good day (good day) Its gonna be a hot day (hot day, yeah) Head down town just to check out the vibe See"
  • Don - Bananarama
    "It's so electric here tonight And so I'm heading out for the city life I feel connected and it feels so right Hear the sounds all around All around Got no time to hesitate If you're with me don't be late 'cause"
  • Don - Ashanti
    "Whats up Ashanti? Hey! Mmm mmmmmm Dont leave me alone (x3) Boy wont you just lay with me stay with me I would love it if you had your way with me Cause I just Cant get enough of your touch You"
  • Don - Rihanna
    "Please don't stop the music (4x) It's gettin late I'm making my way over to my favorite place I gotta get my body moving shake the stress away I wasn't looking for nobody when you looked my way Possible"
  • Don - Babyface
    "(don't take it...take it so...baby) I was wrong I was out of line I didnt' meant to lead you on But there was something in your eyes Yuor look so fly Reminds me of my girl back home Had it been another"
  • Don - The Animals
    "THE ANIMALS - Don't Bring Me Down When you complain, and criticize I feel I'm nothing in your eyes It makes me feel like giving up Because my best just ain't good enough Girl I want to provide for you And"
  • Don - Neil Diamond
    "If you wanna leave I wont beg you to stay And if you gotta go, darlin Maybe, its better that way Im gonna be strong, gonna be fine Dont worry about this heart of mine Just walk out that door and see if"
  • Don - Jonas Brothers
    "This is life in this world Some things go right Some things go wrong This is how the world can be But we just wanna be free, yeah The verdict came in and said I was guilty I looked at the judge and"
  • Don - Birdman
    "Yeah...Yeah Check me out man..Yeah (Lil Wayne) Original gangsta, black clothes and bangers Bullet shells and chambers, fill the L's up We stay low from the ranges cause they tryin to tame us, but we"
  • Don - Reel Big Fish
    "Don't start a band Nobody wants to hear; nobody understands Don't start a band You'll be so disappointed that it was nothing like you planned Don't start a band Oh yea yea yea I hate to ruin the magic I"
  • I Don - Austin Cunningham
    "Austin Cunningham Let That Poor Boy Sing I Don Well I aint gonna lie to ya, mister Bout my work history My former employer, oh yeah Might not speak so well of me Dont let my record scare ya I think Im"
  • I don - But Really
    "I don't want to be I dont need to be anything other than a prison guards son I dont need to be anything other than a specialists son I dont have to be anyone other than the birth of two souls in one"
  • I Don - Rosi Golan
    "No one tells me where to go, No one tells me what to do today Cause I dont know where I begin, I dont know where Im gonna end today And I feel just like a child, Thinking everything is mine, at the drop"
  • Do ostatniej piosenki - EXQLUSIV
    "1. Wciąż pamietam jak , byłaś obok mnie , mijał nam cudownie czas. W oczach twoich blask , dotyk twoich ust , mógłbym wszystko za to dać REF: Ja chce z tobą tanczyc do ostatniego kawałka"
  • Don Gon Do It - The Rapture
    "High... High ask they sky. Low... low as it goes. Purple dragons fly into your eyes. Milkshake shimmy cry and cry and cry. You're gonna don gon do it. You're gonna make me cry. You're gonna don gon do"
  • Don Juan - Joan Armatrading
    "I want that very special love You hold on to I want that passion I won't play with words You could be Don Juan You could fire my desire And you do I want to hear I'm very special I want to be the first"
  • Don Juan - Phantom Of The Opera
    "CHORUS: Here the sire may serve the dam, here the master takes his meat! here the sacrifical lamb utters one dispairing bleat. CARLOTTA AND CHORUS poor young maiden! for the thrill on your tongue of stolen"
  • Don Juan - Pet Shop Boys
    "The man who's escorting Don Juan to his bride knows he is courting an impudent pride Think of his jealousy, oh where will he hide? The man who's escorting Don Juan to his bride The man who will cover"

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