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podziemny klimat night street trip

  • Trip - RAMP
    "I, I rom through everywhere I, I've quitted stop taking care Cause I, I've used up all my strenght From life I'm gone into this dawn Trying just to keep on hanging on Tied walking through this night So"
  • Don't trip - Trina
    "[ Uh Yea, Oh Yea Trin' Bein I've Got Ya Yea I'm On That Syzurp my Ya Off Tha Hey! Heyyy! [1st Verse : Lil Wayne] Go by the name of Weezie F. An fuck em out the belly store with ten bags? Fly as a mutha"
  • Up North Trip - Mobb Deep
    "Verse One: Prodigy It all began on the street, to the back of a blue police vehicle Next come the bookends, the way things is looking It's Friday, you in for a long stay, gettin shackled on the bus First"
  • Trip To Hyden - Tom T. Hall
    "Tossed and turned the night before in some old motel Subconsciously recallin' some old sinful thing I'd done My buddy drove the car and those big coal trucks shook us up As we drove on into hyden in the"
  • Trip to hyden - Hall Tom T
    "Tossed and turned the night before in some old motelSubconsciously recallin' some old sinful thing I'd doneMy buddy drove the car and those big coal trucks shook us upAs we drove on into Hyden in the early"
  • Road Trip - Nazareth
    "Two thirty in the morning and it happened again My alarm is ringing and I'm late for the plane Got me walkin' into walls, I can't handle the pace I've be home for seven hours, now I'm packing my case. For"
  • Trip Hoppin' - Aerosmith
    "Yeah... I got a wild thing 4 u We're talkin' hoops u got me jumpin' thru U got those lemon drop martini eyes And if my karma suits u Cross the line Into another place and time Tell me how pretty"
  • Trip hoppin - Aerosmith
    "IGot a wild thing for youWere talking hoops you got me jumping throughYou got those lemon drop martini eyesAnd if my karma suits youd cross the line into another place& timeTell me how pretty she is when"
  • Don't Trip - Cypress Hill
    "Don't you trip this is the Soul Assassins We come and blast them We Eastside riders, this is how we doin' I spent hot days under the sun with all my loved ones Soul Assassins family click you know the"
  • Road Trip - Runrig
    "Take heart: cheat the dark Get driving with the lark As cities sleep Steal a march before the sun It's all philosophy On an open motorway Chasing break of day Somewhere on a border town I've packed my"
  • Bad Trip - Lauv
    "They say there’s no such thing as a bad trip But if there’s no such thing than tell me what the hell just happened Cause it was worse than I imagined Two tears and seven hours later I cried and I screamed You"
  • Eric's Trip - Sonic Youth
    "Hatred I hate the past I can't see anything at all, all I see is me That's clear enough And that's whats important, to see me My eyes can focus My brain is talking Looks pretty good to me My head's on"
  • NY Trip - The Cure
    "NY Trip One by one they drop you said Left us two on a ride stopped dead Its monkeys on the track All fell out of their tree Lost their tails I said In the deep dark sea So take me on the ice and push"
  • Don't Trip - Pacewon
    "Right about now, you are rocking with the best Yes, the East coast's finest, {?} greatest So here we have, the, the all raw material The man from the sand, the brotherman from the motherland that was another"
  • Joy Trip - Bennie K
    "Now I wear a hat and western boots tadzuna wo hiite "Howdy" asagiri no naka machi wo sei ni shite wakare wo tsugete "Tally-ho" ima tabi ni deyou mou zutto mukashi no osanai koro ni kakushita furuku"
  • Black Trip - Samael
    "I've chosen the dark, I've chosen the night I've lost hope of loving a day of life The shades of night belong to me I am at one with hell Dead inside, I watch the time pass I await the coming of my day My"
  • Trip Poem - Sense Field
    "it stood out more than any other you took me by surprise to lead me on you lead me on take a picture it lasts longer lay my soul to rest upon the stairway that leads me on to you tied up in"
  • Road Trip - Bucklew Wendy
    "He's got one hand on the steering wheel The other's playing in the wind And he turns up that song he used to love But was always embarrassed to admit And he sings out loud and clear But only out here. He's"
  • Head Trip - Nocturne
    "(Music and Lyrics by Lacey Conner) I whisper in your ear Things that you don't want to hear Things that you can't get out of Things you can't get out of your head To afraid to close your eyes Lie"
  • The street - Sailor
    "There's a place in the street, where the rich people eat There's a snack bar further down the block There's a gambler's bar full of washed-out stars Who still believe they're lucky There's a theatre on"

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