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  • Poetry - Tamia
    "He said, It's like the grass that grows between the cracks of ghetto streets, relentless inspite of the neverlasting, I said baby dam you got lyrics, make it like poetry! (Verse) The thugged out pimped"
  • Poetry - Esham
    "Heh, see, it's a conspiracy, see y'all, y'all killed my man and now they tryin' to kill me. They think I can't see that. You think I can't see that. I know you heard of me never but I murder forever Impatient"
  • Poetry - Pat Green
    "Some things I've done make my conscience burn My very spine shutter and squirm I only hope that I've learned from my sins I heard a voice when I was thirteen Got baptized and washed up clean The world"
  • Poetry - Boogie Down Productions
    "Verse One: KRS-One Well now you're forced to listen to the teacher and the lesson Class is in session so you can stop guessin If this is a tape or a written down memo See I am a professional, this is"
  • Poetry - Q-Tip
    "QTip Can you picture how a melody can stir into existance? Rhythm section hits it and upholds it with persistanceyou start to see the colours Filling in with intricate splashes by all the brothers Michelle"
  • Poetry - Aberfeldy
    "I've got a bone to pick with you I've got a bone to pick with you Why do you do these things that you do? I've got a bonnet with a bee inside I've got a bonnet with a bee inside why do you run when you"
  • Poetry - Danity Kane
    "When i standIn a crowded roomI feel aloneLike nobody's thereAnd when uTalk cold to meI can seeUr breath in the airIt's takingIt's toll on meIn the bathroomTaking showersSo u don't see me cryBabyIt's such"
  • Bad Poetry - Ben Lee
    "Lovin' you makes me wanna spill my heart and soul. Lovin' you makes me wanna tell you things you've never been told. Lovin' you makes me wanna write bad poetry. Loving you makes me wanna waste my time, So"
  • Poetry & Aeroplanes - Teitur
    "There was a party last night, last night Cigarettes and empty bottles, empty bottles Better open up this window, this window Need some air to clear my head, clear my head Alone in these strange beds I"
  • Poetry Man - Snow Phoebe
    "You make me laugh Cause your eyes they light the night They look right through me You bashful boy You're hiding something sweet Please give it to me yeah, to me Talk to me some more You don't have to go You're"
  • Pagan Poetry - Bjork
    "Pedalling through The dark currents I find An accurate copy A blueprint Of the pleasure In me Swirling black lilies totally ripe A secret code carved Swirling black lilies totally ripe A secret code carved He"
  • No Poetry - Gary Jules
    ""there's no poetry between us" said the paper to the pen something's burning in the attic that her tongue will not defend through the arc of conversation past the teeth behind the smile down the"
  • Instant Poetry - Golden Earring
    "Washing machine, space age dream Let me serve you, keep me clean Rinse me plain, spin me sane I'll trust my dirt to only you Automobile, see me kneel I'll scrub your back, I'll buy your meal I'll choke"
  • Thug Poetry - Spice 1
    "(Intro) Yeah nigga Game from the mind of some real motherfuckin' thugs (thugs) Fetty Chico up in this biAAtch (biaatch) Bloow !! (blooow) (Chorus) 2x You wouldn't believe all the shit I see (just a thug"
  • Decoded Poetry - Epica
    "Watch as the world turns around While you blink your eyes (Time to awaken) Abandon trivial laws you abide They hinder fulfillment and purpose of life Crusading dreams Fantasies Reality Dark clouds will"
  • Poetry Girl - Eric Benet
    "Sing to me... She was a poetry girl I adored Late at night I'd hear songs from her window Myrrh and frankincense seeped through her door And they lingered on As her fingers caressed her guitar Felt like"
  • Invisible Poetry - Red Cell
    "I have - become invisible Holding on - it seems impossible Nothing seems - to realy matter now My bones have turned to chains of rust Your face - is always in my way Welcome home - revenge is warm for"
  • Erotic Poetry - Esham
    "Yo, check this out... Now some people say that I'm too nasty, The ones that don't know, I say, yeah, when you ask me. The Freakiest brotha on the planet, Sometimes, I don't even understand it, goddamn"
  • Poetry & Prose - Primus
    "I ain't one for poetry, ain't one for prose. Ain't one for the scent of a spring-time rose. But the is one face that I do know, I sure get a kick out of that Beavis and Butt-head show. Other day I turn"
  • New Poetry - Innerpartysystem
    "I used to think that you were pure But now I see that you're just empty Oh, lie to me, it's the new poetry It's the language thay we speak I've become numb I've become numb You know I love you, but you"

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