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pola rise away

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pola rise away

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pola rise away
  • Bad Brains Rise
    "Did you ever question any of the things They thought while you were at school? And did you ever question, "Oh my teacher Why do you take me for a fool?" Rise up, you got to rise up, wake up and rise When"
  • Pretty Maids Rise
    "So many promises From master to slave All lies and emptiness From the cradle to the grave We don't need words but action We want it here We want it now What do you think they're doing For you and me Better"
  • Public Image Limited Rise
    "I could be wrong I could be right could be wrong I could be wrong I could be right I could be black I could be white I could be right I could be wrong I could be white I could be black Your time has come"
  • Disturbed Rise
    "Rise Throw away The charade of your life Let the flame of my heart Burn away Your complacence tonight I command you to rise Wash away The decay of your life Feel the light of your eyes Find the way Through"
  • Josh Rouse Rise
    "Think I'm gonna pass out Think I'll just lay down right here Someone turn the light out I'll cover myself with a jacket And I'll still Catch the last ride on a Brooklyn train Thirty years old and nothing's"
  • Breed 77 Rise
    "You realise What I've seen with these eyes If you could see my pain See my pain with my eyes You'd begin to unlearn You would recognise If you could see my pain See my pain with my eyes But I can see"
  • Tripping Daisy Rise
    "I could be wrong I could be right I could be black I could be white Your time has come your second skin The cost so high the gain so low Walk through the valley The written work is a lie May the road"
  • Superbus Rise
    "Rise, its more enough then And let me entertain you Blind, thats why you laugh at You hate me more than ever You are my mind offender You are my agony I like you more than ever Please, please stay"
  • Saves The Day Rise
    "Lets call it off ive had enough of the games if you could see into me all my veins are tangled up tied in knots My heart beats slowly now, it's emptying into the streets Swirling straight away down"
  • Pawbeats Who we are (ft. Pola Rise)
    "Utwór ”Who we are” pochodzi z albumu zatytułowanego "OUT”, który Marcin Pawłowski - producent, multiinstrumentalista i kompozytor znany jako Pawbeats - przygotował z gościnnym udziałem kilku polskich artystów,"
  • Alison Moyet Rise
    "Baby loose that frying pan You don't live to feed that man Nothing's gained through self-denial 'Cos you weren't born to be servile Don't you know you've gotta Rise - Think about what you do now Where"
  • Origa Rise
    "I'm a soldier, , *Save your tears For the day When our pain is far behind On your feet Come with me We are soldiers stand or die Save your fears Take your place Save"
  • Modern Day Zero Rise
    "I felt it slip away The time we use to take How it got this way I sit and often wonder Why couldn't you stay There was so much more I wanted you to know (chorus) We're in a world that makes us cry We"
  • Corrosion Of Conformity Rise River Rise
    "I remember you seems like yesterday Do you remember me? I got lost on the way Wrong muddy road is nothing new We stand but this river is washing through River rise from tear drops without warning Float"
  • Muniek Staszczyk Pola
  • Dom o zielonych progach Pola
    "Słońce ma się już ku zachodowi, Czerwienią Góry maluje, Przez Biskupi Łan podąża, Brodząc w trawie po szyję. Zanurzam sie w dolinę, Wdycham żywiczy zapach lasu, Jeszcze potok, jeszcze strumień, I będę"
  • Therapy? Rise Up
    "src="../pagead2.googlesyndication.com/pagead/show_ads.js"> Check the shape of your eyes You're taking too much And loosen your smile You're pushing too hard You're lost for words For what it's"
  • Imagine Dragons Rise Up
    "I was hoping for an indication I was seeking higher elevation I've been shaken waking In the night-light I've been breaking hiding From the spotlight The more I stray The less I fear And the more I reach"
  • Martin Jondo Rise Up
    "I saw we rise up and well never give it up Jah never loose Jah power and we never loose Jah love My people rise up out of the evil dust [2x] Born in Babylon but me know me cant stay So me taking Jah train"
  • Alessi Rise Up
    "A man appears to be strong Can start out with nothing And take on the world A girl can take it all away And leave him with nothing, with nothing With nothing to say Chorus: Rise up above And let your heart"

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