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  • Polar - Zoe
    "Sexo polar, perfume de pnico, silencio mortal y una lgrima de parafina. Bestia animal, la luna te mata, se hace polvo en tus labios, se desvanece en tus pechos finos, se desvanece en tus pechos finos. Veneno"
  • Polar Bear - Therapy?
    "I'm a polar bear A polar bear in a zoo Pace back and forth Pace back and forth I'm a polar bear Polar bear in a zoo Pace back and forth Pace back and forth Stuck in this cage Stuck here with"
  • Polar Bear - Charlatans Uk
    "Charlatans Uk Some Friendly Polar Bear World's no place to love in She doesn't know what day it is Freezing to death with no clothes on Do you know what you are It took me ages to find my way home Give"
  • Polar bear - Valensia
    "In the bright shop window sits the polar bearMakes the children's eyes light up to see him thereAmongst the tinsel he gives everyone a smileTo see him and he'll be a starLove him from where you areHe's"
  • Polar Opposities - Modest Mouse
    "Polar opposites don't push away It's the same on the weekends as the rest of the days And I know I should go but I'll probably stay And that's all you can do about some things I'm trying to drink away"
  • Polar Opposites - Glasseater
    "So let me knock on this wood once more I hope karma doesn't exist Because if it does... I'll be feeling it real soon on my hands and knees Previous adventures and these types of stories seem to feel"
  • Polar Bear - Smile
    "In the bright shop window sits the polar bear Makes the children's eyes light up to see him there Amongst the tinsel he gives everyone a smile To see him and he'll be a star Love him from where you are He's"
  • Polar Nights - Scorpions
    "(Ulrich Roth) Down, down ... That's bringing me down The stars in the sky Seem to fall to the ground. Time, time ... I'm chasing the time The stars in the sky Seem to be turning round. Is that the wind"
  • Bi - polar - Kottonmouth Kings
    "Wasted awaytrapped in their mazegotta get outMy punk rock's dirtymy hip hop's cleanone side has rust the other triple beamone side is crazy phat the other's pissed and meanhalf of me's got problems the"
  • Polar Bear - Ride
    "She knew she was able to fly Because when she came down She had dust on her hands from the sky She said I touched a cloud She felt so high, the dust made her cry She knew she could fly like a bird But"
  • Bi-Polar - Assemblage 23
    "I haven't felt so alive in years The sun is shining down on me My eyes are welling up with tears Tears of joy, tears of ecstasy Emotions I once kept concealed Now flow freely like a river Life's"
  • Polar Nettles - Neko Case
    "He takes his dinner in the bath Love sickened and infirmed The orderly found him there Fileted on the marble stairs Hat still in hand His smoking remains Blown out by a kiss from the sunday scene"
  • Polar Bear - Queen
    "Open up your mind and let me step inside rest your weary head and let your heart decide It's so easy when you know the rules It's so easy all you have to do is fall in love Play the game - everybody play"
  • Polar bear dance - Tweenies
    "This is how the polar bears Dance the whole night through But be careful when you stamp the ice Or you might fall right through This is how the polar bears Dance the whole night through But be careful"
  • Two Polar Extremes - Zelest
    "Fear and Love Two polar extremes Fear is in the negative energy spectrum And love is in the positive energy spectrum You can't just lump things into these two categories life is not that simple Well life"
  • Polar Bear Club - Silent Majority
    "to me this is a life style and not some silly trend and years from now when they're all gone I pray that we're still friends in the sand at Gilgo beach in the year two thousand and sixteen I'll be 42"
  • Bi-polar bear - Stone Temple Pilots
    "So I'm letting it go again I'm halfway full on Left my meds on the sink today My head will be racing by lunchtime So I'm holding her hand again My palm sweats Hold on Think I've had too much coffee I'm"
  • Polar Bear Summer - I Hate Myself
    "the sun is shining on me, finally. finally. and you walk so gracefully. why don't you walk with me? things are turning green and changing, and it smells sweet. birds have come from out at sea, and they"
  • Polar Bears And Trees - Rheostatics
    "Dave Bidini In a land of nothing But polar bears and trees, The inlet and the drumlin, The lichen and the weeds, The mighty beaver building, The otter and the loon, An eagle on the mountain Dives and"
  • Larry The Polar Bear - Small Fred
    "In nineteen thirty-who at a zoo in Los Angeles a polar bear named Larry performed for the crowd, they'd cheer aloud He'd go slipping and sliding, jumping and diving The people would laugh. They took his"

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