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  • Go Popek - Popek & Matheo
    "nie od dziś jest wiadomo o tym że Popka nie da upić się on jest jak superman i wódki, nie, nie boi się mija noc, potem dzień a on dalej tutaj jest kiedy ty poddajesz się zawołaj mnie GO POPEK! nie od"
  • Monster - Monster
    "In the beginning everything was silence You could hardly hear a sound But suddenly you hear a noise that's coming You decide to check it out You can't believe in what your eyes are seeing You can't believe"
  • Monster - Kip Winger
    "I had the impression That deceivingly You dress down so no one But the monster sees The sound I'm hearing It must be a sign... Now my monster is on to you Now my monster is on to you And you knew it would"
  • Monster - Drown
    "I never wanted to hurt you I don't like what I am Father, I blame you She lies bruised and bleeding on the floor A victim of what's inside of me A casualty in this war Well your fist taught me nothing Your"
  • Monster - Bonnie Pink
    "My life has been always too busy It's like a shuffle beat Easier to repeat Can my wrist watch be any louder? Do you think it chimes with you over time? Maybe I'm sad Maybe it's good for you You can decide"
  • Monster - Abby Travis
    "You made me a monster, six or seven arms Still too much to grab for, all your lovely charms You made me a monster, big eye on my face See you beckoning, I will chase Our love is a freakshow, splendiferous"
  • Monster - Gabbie Hanna
    "Laying in the bed that I made all alone Guess I'm not surprised honestly Praying in my head that you stayed and I hope You'll miss me eventually People wanna talk when I'm not around to hear Really they"
  • Monster - Charlotte Martin
    "I'm so uncertain of what's growing in my head That's how it goes when there are ghosts to put to bed What does it want from me, certificates of certainty? There must be help around the bend Ooh, what"
  • Monster - Twiztid
    "Fuck you and you're platinum chains I'd rather rip out your intestines and wear it on my neck just the same Making a charm outta ya Brain And having the gall to give it away To ya moms and pops in a box"
  • Monster, Monster - Lordi
    "Ooh it took me down I'm on the groung tryin' not the breathe 'cause I know I'll be found Dray the lord 'till I'm sore it's pounding me until I'm driven in I would be damned if I ever fell but could I tell I"
  • Monster - Shades Apart
    "Chasing after monsters You become one, too When you're staring into nothingness It's looking back at you Nothing's ever easy Does it come with time? There's a voice of question in your head Always asking"
  • Monster - Killarmy
    "(Intro: ShoGun Assason (Killa Sin)) Yo, uh-huh, Nah, nah, nah, you know how to feel the deal baby? We gon' strike (Killarm' '9-9, 2000) (Chorus: P.R. Terrorist (Killa Sin)) There's gon be a monster when"
  • Monster - MC Ren
    "I'm Ready.... big villain real nigga number one motherfuck guns, my voice bust they run child of the sun, Compton we run when bitches get up and boogie, you niggaz grap one who the fuck tryin' to fuck"
  • Monster - Killer Mike
    "Peace will never tame the hatrid of me I'm too restricted, separated from your society.. I'm a new breed of species, a curse to lift that speak my name I'm different twisted, my mind is not the same For"
    "Siedzę w paranoi W myślach gwałcę prostytutkę Sam gotuję cracka I nabijam nim lufkę Planuję jak wyjebac swoją matkę na 100 Zjadłbym własne dzieci Tylko pokaż gotówkę W świat potwornie ciężkich dragów Wprowadził"
  • Monster Magnet - Monster Magnet
    "Monster Magnet Powertrip Space Lord I've been stuffed in your pocket for the last hundred days When I don't get my bath I take it out on the slaves So grease up your baby for the ball on the hill Polish"
  • I Monster - World War Four
    "Sit and watch the rain as you allocate your pain Your days are all the same, melancholy be thy name. Stand before your god naked like you'd want Forgiven theres no cost when all you had is lost Who'd"
  • Monsters - James Blunt
    "before the turn off all the lights I won’t read you your wrongs or your rights the time has gone I’ll tell you goodnight close the door tell you I love you once more the time is gone so here it is I"
  • ON & ONA - Popek
    "Kochał się w niej od pierwszego wejrzenia I nie wiedział świata poza nią Ona niestety miała męża I z całego serca nienawidziła go Ona chce spełniać swoje marzenia A jedno z najskrytszych to zostawić go Chciała"
  • Monster - L7
    "Come on over,is getting too late Is time to fish,no time to cut bait Foolish passion,you inspire With your kind of trouble, I'll never tire Monster... (monster in me) Bring out the monster (monster"

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