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popovic - slow dance - tekst

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popovic - slow dance - tekst

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popovic - slow dance - tekst
  • Motorhead Slow Dance
    "Woman, what's your name? I know you from somewhere Vixen, playing games Make me think that you care I know what you're thinking Thinking that you're too cool And you know what I'm thinking Just another"
  • Deadman Slow Dance
    "horizon line calls to me stretching wide and serpentine promise me what i adore makes me want you even more even more even more gypsies ride through my room call my name come with us soon travel miles"
  • Natalie Slow Dance
    "Slow dance Slow dance, baby, rhythm make me Slow dance Slow dance, baby, rhythm make me Tonight's the night Once I arrive, ladies, better grab your man Hold onto him tight 'Cause once I catch the"
  • R.Kelly Slow dance
    "Slow dance, slow danceSlowHey mr. DJWhy don't you slow this party down (slow it down)The ladies in here are flyAnd there's one who's caught my eye (one who's caught my eye)I wanna pull her slow to me (pull"
  • R. Kelly Slow Dance
    "Slow (Slow dance) dance Slow dance (Slow) Ohohohoh Hey Mr. DJ Why don't you slow this party down The ladies in here are fly And there's one who's caught my eye (One who's caught my eye) I wanna"
  • Chris Rea Slow Dance
    "Well I screamed at mama, What's that stuff going on Yeah I screamed at mama Where did that feeling come from She said son I don't know what it is But I know that's where you belong Mama looked at me, She"
  • Framing Hanley Slow Dance
    "Pardon me for saying I was afraid She'd never give me the time of day If love is a slow dance I just hope for one chance I hope time could stop It's hard for me to breathe She's really walking over here"
  • Unwritten Law Slow Dance
    "Hey pretty face I'll spin you out of control we're gonna dance dance dance till the end of the show we gotta move baby baby so c'mon lets go I gotta rock in my pocket what you think that is for and we"
  • Keri Hilson Slow dance
    "Come here Baby, sometimes I just wanna dance with you Put your arms around me boy, I got something to show you, tonight. And you know I need your attention baby. Aint no other girl that can rock your world"
  • The Carpenters Slow Dance
    "(Mitch Margo) It's a slow dance Take a little time for some romance Come a little closer baby, slow dance Whisperin' the words I want to hear It's been a long night Now my head is on your shoulder and"
  • John Legend Slow Dance
    "Yea, sing it with me yall, oh yea yea Can we wait just a minute Slow it down for a minute now baby Your talkin loud Your wilding out Don't seem like my old lady Lets go and play the song we used to play Can"
  • Michael Peterson Slow Dance
    "(Michael Peterson/Robert Ellis Overall) Do you remember our first dance together? I prayed for a slow song, it felt like forever Then I made my move You smiled as I reached for you I had this feeling"
  • Public Announcement Slow Dance
    "How come we don't slow dance no more How come we don't hold each other real close Stick together close like hand and glove The way we used to off honey love Hold 'em up, what the deal, bring it back"
  • Senses Fail Slow Dance
    "if you pull too hard then the string will break and if you leave the slack then the string wont hold so how can we find ourselves trapped in our own private hells where we just scream but no one"
  • Płomień 81 Tekst
    "To nie jest kiepskie bla bla, to zabije cię jak Kain Abla Klasyczne jak Duck Down rap propaganda Znamy kilka miejsc niebezpiecznych jak Bagdad Znamy wielki stres z nami dobry tekst, dobry panczlajn Ty"
  • Gyroscope A Slow Dance
    "just give me one dance, one dance with you, ohhhhh just a slow dance so im nearing you, ohhhhh take my hand, then let go just let go take my hand and lets go so lets go did i hear you scream through the"
  • Kenny Rogers Slow dance more
    "Grady Johnson was a common man Four children and some bottom land Early to bed he said well that ain't me I gotta spend some time with my family Left to it's own device May becomes June But children grow"
  • Mary Chapin Carpenter Slow Country Dance
    "(Mary Chapin Carpenter) Out on the floor the couples are swaying To "One Faded Love" on the jukebox tonight You slide in your coins and the music keeps playing A slow country dance on a Saturday night Sweethearts"
  • Mark Lanegan Lexington slow dance
    "Won't break my heart, won't hope to die Before Lexington, could slow down They say a chariot's waitin' Will it get cut loose The place starts swinging When it's me on the noose Mother do you think That"
  • Janis Ian Slow Dance Romance
    "Slow dance romance put your arm around me you make me feel so old Take me to the drive-in movie wont't you move me now before I get too cold Popcorn serenader won't you take her down easy you make her"

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