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post war dreams

  • Post world war two blues - Al Stewart
    "Was a post-war baby in a small Scots town I was three years old when we moved down south Hard times written in my mother's looks With her widow's pension and her ration books Aneurin Bevan took the miners'"
  • Post War - Jack Bruce
    "Nothing was good or bad enough They never had enough in store When the feast was on the lawn The birds had picked it clean And gone away We used to walk the nights of mystery Once we would swim the length"
  • Post-War Breakout - Anti-Flag
    "BREAKOUT!!! So we breakout I'm a post-war breakout (war breakout) And a post-war breakdown (breakdown, breakdown) I'm a post-war syndrome (war syndrome) And a post-war hero (yeah, yeah, yeah) Just a"
  • Post War Breakout - Woody Guthrie
    "I'ma post war breakout I'ma post war breakdown I'ma post war nervroe And a post war hero I'ma post war skitzoe I'ma post war freenyoe Post war nerve case And a post war face history I'ma psykoe pathy"
  • The Post War Dream - Pink Floyd
    "tell me true tell me why was Jesus crucified is it for this that daddy died? was it for you? was it me? did i watch too much t.v.? is that a hint of accusation in your eyes? if it wasn't for the nips being"
  • Post Modern - Common Rotation
    "Roll over, Beethoven Turn out that light I'm tired of your rhythm and blues Just for one night Yes you were chosen So give it a rest Well I would talk to you but You're going deaf I'm making movements"
  • Post Replica - Twelve Tribes
    "It's been said that progress...that progress is the promise of annihilation. Prayers will burn and war will be a sign of the end until no one is left to medicate humanity of the belief in the cure for"
  • Post Life - Wolverine
    "My life is born in pain Pain weaves fragile threads into dreams, Skies that are annihilated by The infinity of the galaxy Infinity, man's unsolved riddle in eternity But the fairytale of our life That"
  • Post - Post Regiment
    "Coś, co już znasz i co zawsze pozostaje To dopada cię kiedy jedziesz pustym tramwajem Ty, cichy szept w wielkim hałasie, w wielkim tłumie Czy na pewno chcesz coś znaczyć i coś rozumieć Nie masz kurwa dokąd"
  • The Whipping Post - Vengeance Rising
    "Praetorium A garrison Barrabas Dreams of horror Tumult Crucifix Mockery It will end Accusations Guess who's the father of it Some people think, he was weak, so he died He was bad, no one touched him,"
  • War - Bruce Springsteen
    "War hu yeah what is it good for absolutely nothin. war hu yeah what is it good for absolutely nothin say it again y'all. war hu good god what is it good for absolutely nothin listen to me war I despise"
  • War - Edwin Starr
    "War, huh, yeah What is it good for Absolutely nothing Uh-huh War, huh, yeah What is it good for Absolutely nothing Say it again, y'all War, huh, good God What is it good for Absolutely nothing Listen"
  • War - Arachnes
    "I'm going into this world, I'm walking on the pain, I'm going into this old black dream; all the things and all the thoughts, everything is pressing in my head and I'm dreaming a new world without"
  • War - Frankie Goes To Hollywood
    "Oh no-there's got to be a better way Say it again There's got to be a better way-yeah What is it good for? *War has caused unrest Among the younger generation Induction then destruction Who wants to"
  • Post Shave Healer - Taking Back Sunday
    "Get up, get up Come on, come on, let's go There's just a few things I think that you should know Those words at best Were worse than teenage poetry Fragment ideas and too many pronouns Stop it,"
  • Dreams - Tyr
    "I've learned all the lore, I've been told all the tales Ancient legends of war are the wind in my sails The deeds of the brave come alive in the rhyme And the myth is my ship on the ocean of time I can"
  • Dreams - 98 Mute
    "You look at me I look at you. You judge me and I judge you. This is not fair to both of us. Our first impressions you cannot truest. The time has come- right now. To erase- them all. The stereotypes- we"
  • Dreams - The Game
    "I woke up out dat coma, 2000 and 1 Bout the same time Dre dropped 2000 and 1 Three years later the album is done Aftermath presents: Nigga Witta Attitude Volume 1 Rap critics politicin Wanna"
  • War - 504 Boyz
    "(feat. Afficial, Curren$y) Y'all don't wanna war wit us, in this steel we trust When there's beef best believe we bust We can take it how you want it cuz we thuggin over here Pure, uncut, raw butter"
  • The Sons Of War - War
    "Carry with you my anger and hate Be strong and avenge my death always Bear with you my darkest thoughts And punish every weak drop of gods blood Carry with you the memories of our brotherhood Be wise and"

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