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pouring gasoline

  • pouring - iann dior
    "i just need some space away eclipse over me no sun I just see them shady days … pick it up where I left it off It was you and me we was sellin’ out but you fucked it up when you got involved with them"
  • Gasoline - Catherine Wheel
    "Fuel of fathers' sweat Sweet like baby's breath Strong like superman Stinking up the streets I am The feeling does me in But here I go again I love gasoline I love gasoline Smooth like summer silk Sweet"
  • Gasoline - Audioslave
    "Houses haunted i just want to go for a ride out an on thought i'd set this room a light left alone forever and for crimes unclear with my patience gone someone take me far from here burn that gasoline"
  • Gasoline - The Airborne Toxic Event
    "Five, six, seven, eight! All the time, awake You're still on my mind But we were on our own Almost all the time And she'll step away For a second or two And I close my eyes And I think of you We were"
  • Gasoline - Arden Jann
    "Arden Jann Miscellaneous Gasoline Hold out your heart and on it let the sun shine down Open your mind and through it let the wisdom pour Give me your word and I will give you all my trust Give me a"
  • Gasoline - Slapshot
    "Poor little babe A puppet on a string I can't have gone by my own I'm mad at you Always a screw That don't mean anyone I'm the one I'm the man Take me now By the hand You can see All of me Cut my wrists And"
  • Gasoline - Porcelain And The Tramps
    "Don't get in my face Don't invade my space I'll put you in your place I'll only tell you once I'll never tell you twice And this is me being nice You cross me once and you'll see It's like a match in"
  • Gasoline - Brad Sucks
    "every time we disagree there's a place you go to because i drove you there well i took more than i could take i went underground and i got carried away put my hand on the gasoline then i'm gone where"
  • Gasoline - Sheryl Crow
    "Way back in the year of 2017 The sun was growing hotter And oil was way beyond its peak When crazy Hector Johnson broke into a refinery And the black gold started flowing Just like Boston tea It was the"
  • Gasoline - Seether
    "Last night I saw that beauty queen Watched her paint her face on I wanna be that magazine That she bases life on I wanna waste her monthly blood Wanna get some on my love Wanna get some gasoline And burn"
  • Gasoline - Skillet
    "I'm sitting with my heart out on the table I'm doing a face to face with God He picked up my heat and said, What you want me to do with this? I just blinked my eyes no smile, no laugh, no tears No"
  • Gasoline - E-40
    "Elite alloy candy coated custom paint Verizon wireless phone Jacob watch with interchangeable bands and five time zones Tryin to holla at a redbone Smokin on some cactus Sippin on some super duper extra"
  • Gasoline - Enter The Haggis
    "Outside around the side form a circle forwar I'm an outsider on the side formerly a farm-boy inside I'm on the side i'm divided undecided back then around again second time's a charm boy upside mortified rubber-necking"
  • Gasoline - No Cash
    "no cash you don't wanna f**k with me i burn churches like persons in the 3rd degree with the strike of a match hit the gasoline POP PILLS! drugs kill? it's worth the thrill started in the NAZO pira "QUICK"
  • Gasoline - No-Cash
    "no cash you don't wanna fuck with me i burn churches like persons in the 3rd degree with the strike of a match hit the gasoline POP PILLS! drugs kill? it's worth the thrill started in the NAZO pira "QUICK"
  • Gasoline - The Weeknd
    "It's 5 AM my time again I've soakin' up the moon, can't sleep It's 5 AM my time again I'm calling and you know it's me I'm pushin' myself further I'm just tryin' to feel my heartbeat beat (Beat) I wrap"
  • Gasoline - KMFDM
    "Eye to eye Face to face Soul to soul Blow by blow Piece by piece You get the picture Beat by beat Starting to make sense Step by step You're getting closer Inch by inch Slowly sinking in And you ache And"
  • Gasoline - Glenn Hughes
    "You're the black sheep of the familyAnd what you do is killing meAnd I don't wanna hang with youNow I want you to seeYou know you're living with a one-track mindI'm warning you I'm not that kindYou're"
  • Pouring again - Valery Gore
    "Its pouring againLike the day I came herePouring like your smile down onto acresOf my mindIts pouring, sore sam smelling like theBottom of a rain barrelSewer smelling like the gray of his hairAs I climb"
  • Pouring rain - The Clash
    "I could see as I rode in the ships were gone and the pit fell in a funeral bell tolled the hour in a lonely drunkard slumbering not the twang of the guitar not even the siren wail of pain not the shadows"

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